NFL Fines Titans Bernard Pollard 42K for Hit

Tennessee Titans player Bernard Pollard was fined $42,000 by the NFL for his hit on Andre Johnson on Sunday. The Houston Texans’ wide receiver suffered a concussion as a result of the collision.Pollard tweeted Wednesday that he was contacted by the NFL, where they told him the amount he would have to pay.“So @nfl said I did “everything right” but 42k later I still get fined. Wow! It’s called football but they want 2 hand touch. #TitanUp#”An NFL insider confirmed to ESPN that Pollard was indeed fined $42,000 for the hit. Pollard was penalized for hitting a defenseless receiver in the head with his shoulder, according to the source. Pollard made an effort to not hit Johnson excessively; he turned his head to avoid a helmet-to-helmet contact on the hit. As a result, the referees didn’t call a penalty on the play.Pollard will reportedly appeal the fine. The NFL will make an official announcement about the fine on Friday.

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