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25 Free Sans-Serif Fonts for Motion Design

first_imgThese 25 typefaces for motion design are much cooler than Helvetica and all 100% free.If you’re anything like me, one of the most frustrating parts of motion graphic design can be finding the right fonts to use in your projects. Because motion design is so different from still graphic design, many fonts don’t work well. This makes finding a useful typeface pretty challenging, especially in an overwhelmingly large library like daFont.To help with this problem, we consulted motion design experts and scoured the Internet in search of 25 of the best sans-serif fonts to use in motion graphic design. In the comments below, let us know if there are any additional typefaces that should be added to the list!Quick Note: While all of these typefaces are 100% free for download, different typefaces have different licensing agreements. Please reference the license for each font to confirm any possible usage restrictions.Start building your sans-serif font library! Here’s the Helvetica-free list:1. Kelson SansKelson Sans is a remake of the original Kelson type family. The block-style ascenders and descenders add a level of minimalism to the rounded design.Key Features: Consistent weight, minimal design, complete typefaceArtist: Bruno MelloDownload Kelson Sans2. NorwesterNorwester is a geometric sans-serif typeface that draws its inspiration from classic Americana design. Its thick weight and clean edges make it easily legible for viewers.Key Features: Full typeface, Americana design, thick weightArtist: Jamie WilsonDownload Norwester3. SciFlySciFly is a full typeface that has an inviting yet etherial design. Large open space in the letters make it to read.Key Features: Simple shapes, sci-fi undertones, wide countersArtist: Tommy HaaparantaDownload SciFly4. VincentVincent is a free font that was impressively created in 24 hours. Slanted edges and block design give homage to classic collegiate design.Key Features: Collegiate design, defined edges, extended x-heightArtist: Ben SuarezDownload Vincent5. DenseDense is an industry standard font that blends vintage and modern design. Dense comes in 3 different weights; all of which are extremely easy to read.Key Features: Geometric designs, sloped descenders, modern feelArtist: Charles DaoudDownload Dense6. LoveloLovelo is an bold typeface with an art deco style. The heavy weighted typeface also features a couple lined based iterations for added design elements.Key Features: Art Deco style, 2 line versions, geometic designArtist: Renzler DesignDownload Lovelo7. FairviewFairview is a condensed industrial sans-serif with both caps and small caps variations. Like Norwester, Fairview has classic Americana undertones that have notably square counters.Key Features: Industrial design, small caps, square countersArtist: Riley CranDownload Fairview8. LangdonAn uppercase-only typeface with a simulated drop shadow version. Langdon offers a very predictable but useful design.Key Features: Uppercase only, drop shadow version, consistent weightArtist: Steven BonnerDownload Langdon9. NexaNexa is an extremely bold, eye-catching typeface that is perfect for all things epic! Though Font Fabric features Nexa as a minimal font that is ideal for magazines, Nexa’s simple shapes make it easily maskable in After Effects.Key Features: Symmetrical letters, consistent weight,Artist: Font FabricDownload Nexa10. ArchiveArchieve is a playful, contemporary font that features rounded edges making it a little less “serious” than most sans-serif typefaces.Key Features: Rounded corners, circular stemsArtist: Slava KirilenkoDownload Archive11. Rambla AltRambla Alt is an alternative version of the classic Rambla font. It is notably distinct for it’s rounded counters and high heights.Key Features: Large counters, high x-heightArtist: Martin SommarugaDownload Rambla12. BariolThe artists who created Bariol says it is the perfect blend of formal and laid back. Bariol’s thin weighted fonts feature more formal edges, while heavier weighted fonts have a more playful tone.Key Features: Font variety, curved edges, formal toneArtist: AtipoDownload Bariol13. Moderne SansModerne Sans is a 1920’s inspired font that features both upper and lower case characters. Hints of art deco are mixed with modern greek letters.Key Features: Sharp edges, wide curves & countersArtist: Marius KempkenDownload Moderne Sans14. BikoBiko is a typeface designed to blend modern fonts with african design. The font features wide counters and higher-than-usual x-heights.Key Features: Tall x-height, upper & lower caseArtist:  Marco UgoliniDownload Biko15. FabricaFabrica was designed to be the most legible font in the world. Simple shapes and modern design give Fabrica a recognizable yet distinct feeling.Key Features: Thin design, basic shapesArtist: Alvin KwanDownload Fabrica16. NevisNevis is a typeface that tries to blend bold design with friendly curves. Its geometric shapes make it extremely easy to read.Key Features: Bold design, friendly toneArtist: Ten by TwentyDownload Nevis17. SansationWhile Sansation is considered a sans-serif typeface it looks somewhat like a serif font. It’s sloped ascenders give it some added ‘fun’.Key Features: Sloped ascenders, upper & lower caseArtist: Berned MontagDownload Sansation18. Adam.CG ProAdam is a font inspired by Futura. It draws on an art deco style to create an easy to read typeface.Key Features: Sharp edges, rounded counters, modern designArtist: Shrenik GanatraDownload Adam.CG Pro19. TracionAn extremely thick weighted typeface, Tracion is great for trailers and everything epic. As you can see in the example above, Tracion has some kerning issues so be prepared to adjust it.Key Features: Thick weight, serious tone,Artist: Marcus Lien GundersenDownload Tracion20. Code ProCode is an increasingly popular typeface used in every aspect of graphic design. It’s wide counters allow it to be easily masked in After Effects.Key Features: Rounded contours, symmetrical glyphsArtist: Font FabricDownload Code Pro21. Bebas NeueBebas Neue is an extremely popular typeface that can easily take your designs to the next level. It’s blocked-style letters give it a theatrical look.Key Features: Modern design, soft toneArtist: Ryoichi TsunekawaDownload Bebas Neue22. SimplificaSimplifica is a thin typeface that includes both upper and lower case letters. It plays homage to industry through it’s uniform design.Key Features: Thin weight, symmetrical designArtist: K A I W ADownload Simplifica23. KirvyNot quite as curvy as the name implies, Kirvy is a symmetrical typeface with a higher-than-usual x-height. It is a good blend of modern and urban design.Key Features: Urban undertones, sharp anglesArtist: Youssef HabchiDownload Kirvy24. BosunBosun is a modern fun interpretation of sans-serif typefaces. It has over 250 glyphs that can be used for your designing pleasure.Key Features: Fun design, slanted descendersArtist: Kid GrandiosDownload Bosun25. GoboldGobold is a good blend of epic and modern. Although it may be a little too elongated for most design situations, it’s simple shapes allow it to be easily manipulated.Key Features: Heavy weight, elongated heightArtist: Situjuh NazaraDownload GoBoldIf you are interested in learning more about using typefaces or want to take your motion graphic design skills to the next level, we highly suggest checking out the After Effects and Apple Motion sections of the PremiumBeat blog.Any fonts that should have made the list? Have you had any luck with these fonts? Share in the comments below.last_img read more

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5 Filmmaking Projects That Can Improve Your Own Work

first_imgOne of the best ways to get some new filmmaking perspective is to study what others are doing. Here are five examples to get you started.Industry interviews can be useful for keeping up with production trends and forthcoming projects, but they’re also treasure troves of useful advice that can improve your workflow. We curated five of our favorite interviews to package some filmmaking advice you can use to change you how you see your own projects. From filmmakers shooting new types of horror movies to documentary DPs who capture real life in powerful moving images, here’s what they had to say about their craft.Daniel Levin, DP of Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin StoryWhen you’re trying to document an incredibly important story in recent American history, it takes a keen eye to make sure all of the details are in order. Daniel Levin and his team tirelessly worked to bring this story to the screen in a honest way:I have been fortunate enough to work with the directors, Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason, previously, and we had a strong working relationship going into this project. For this series, we wanted to portray the textures and feeling of the real environments that this tragedy and subsequent story took place in. We wanted to feel the atmosphere and nuances of Florida, the Retreat, where the shooting happened, Sanford, Goldsboro, Miami Gardens, America . . . they all had unique aspects, which we wanted to capture for the audience.We also wanted to present the parents of Trayvon Martin, Tracy and Sybrina, in a light that not only showed their strength and courage, but that also reflected the media pressure they have lived with since this tragic event took place — this was part of the reason we captured them on a sound stage, with the footprint of production visible.Trying to convey a message to the viewer was also one of Levin’s goals; he personally wanted the audience to connect with the film the way he did:To work on such a socially impactful story was extremely gratifying as well as emotionally intense. To dive deep into the Trayvon Martin story was to not only look into America’s racist past and present, but it also further informed me on the current climate we live in today — something I hope viewers will take away from this series, as well. To me, the beauty of the documentary experience is that as filmmakers and as the audience, we gain a new insight and understanding of stories that can hopefully create a dialogue and an opportunity for change.You can find the full interview here.HutcH and the challenges of shooting on film stockIn the current digital age, it seems like a step back for some cinematographers to choose film over digital. For many of those projects that stick with film stock, as the DP for Yen Tan’s 1985 did for HutcH, film lends a certain quality that digital can’t offer:When we were first starting out on this project, Yen Tan (the director) and I sat down and looked at a lot of different format options. We chose to shoot on Kodak Double X negative film, which is the oldest film stock still made to give our film a timeless aspect. The story and the characters are the most important part, not just the era, so we wanted to put all the focus on that aspect so the audience wouldn’t be distracted by the era.Why shoot on the oldest film stock available? Because of that warm, fuzzy grain:We specifically chose the grainiest film stock that we could find. We knew there would be quite a bit of static camera work in the film, which can be difficult for modern audiences to embrace. Having a heavily textured image can subconsciously add motion through the dancing film grain that creeps into even the most static of shots to give viewers something to latch onto.One giant problem with shooting on film is accessibility — with digital, you can monitor settings and previews through the camera. With film, there are some major challenges to work through:Most digital cameras today have 14 or more stops of dynamic range. Our film stock, however, had 3 stops — which is similar to an old VHS camcorder from the ’80s. This is what gives the film its stark appearance.We didn’t really have dailies per se; instead, our scanning process involved sending in our reels to a cinelab in Boston, who used a 4K HDR scanner before sending us back footage in batches for us to review and edit. We’d get footage back about once a week, so instead of having dailies, we had weeklies.You can find out more about HutcH‘s analog workflow here.Creating retro ’80s action with filmmaker Benjamin CombesWhy try to create a realistic action movie when an ’80s-styled one just looks like so much more fun? That was Benjamin Combes‘s thought when he decided to create the sythwave-styled Commando Ninja.To start this project, I went back and re-watched every ’80s action movie I could remember. What stood out was that the action was always very clear and you could always understand what was happening on-screen. Stunt work and choreography was key as the camera was almost always stable on a tripod with minimal dolly movements.’80s action movies were violent, sexy, and (most of all) fun! Commando, Lethal Weapon, Die Hard, and RoboCop were all ’80s blockbusters that embraced a sense of humor. It’s a great way to defuse all the violence you sometimes witness with funny punchlines and tongue-in-cheek dialogue to help detach and enjoy all the blood and gore.When recreating ’80s action flicks, the best way to get the look is in production itself. That includes lighting setups, SFX, and shooting styles.If you want to look like an ’80s movie, the film look is maybe the most important thing. We shot digital on a Panasonic GH4, so we tried to set everything we could to match film quality. Of course that means thinking about lighting, depth of field, focal length, focus, and shooting at 24fps [with] shutter speed [at] 1/48 to get the right motion blur.When you think of the ’80s, you think of neons and pastel colors like pink. Action movies from the ’80s were no different, and we worked hard to bring retro lighting setups to life. Of course, we didn’t want to abuse it, but we tried to bring back some nostalgia with colored gels for dark and night scenes and bright neons when we could.For me, real squibs is a huge detail that always stood out to me from the classic ’80s movies. We were able to hire some professional stuntmen who could handle things like squibs, grenade explosions, and swordfights. We also made an effort to use awful-looking dummies and fake body parts as they would in the ’80s for any stunts where people are exploded or thrown from balconies. Likewise, real locations [and] practical SFX were also the best part of the shooting days, and actors loved that. I remember actor Philippe Allier was particularly excited to be chased by a full-scale velociraptor.To find out more about Combes’s workflow for creating retro action, read the full interview here.Shooting in remote locations with The Ritual DP Andrew ShulkindHow do you get a full crew and a giant load of gear deep into the woods? Lots and lots of planning, including the use of Google maps, according to the DP of Netflix’s The Ritual, Andrew Shulkind:First of all, it was a UK production, and so there was a different kind of health and safety department that is committed to this kind of production. We are on steep mountainsides. The grips rigged a pulley system with a motor and a wench that was taking gear up the steep hill.Another thing was, of course, as you are scouting, you’re preparing people for the level of challenge they are going to have to endure. For example, This is going to be an insane cable run, or How can we land the generator easier? We are looking at Google maps to find other roads that might be nearby. We relied heavily on balloons. We also built some custom LEDs that we can use with battery power and not have to run some insane cables to get some good depth in the background.Image via Netflix.A DP’s camera choice can often define a movie’s feel. Here’s why Shulkind went with the Canon C-series C300 and C700:So, the C700 wasn’t available when we first started. We then had a pre-production model, a kind of prototype model that had a bunch of these Japanese characters on the outside. Even if I had access to that camera from the beginning, I wouldn’t have used it for everything we did because we were running around — we did a bunch of Steadicam and other lightweight gimbal work. That was where the C300 really killed it. I had done a movie with that camera prior, and the C200 too, and just knew what we could get out of it. I knew what was possible in terms of low light. The Alexa was something that we used all the time.Image via Netflix.Based on his experience in the industry, this is his advice to new filmmakers:  I think our business is growing in a different direction. There is a big opportunity for up-and-comers like there may never have been before. Now we are kind of entering a new space which includes interactivity, and it includes mobile-first activity. The fact is that movies are not the gold standard that everyone thought they were 65-70 years ago. So, I think in terms of getting out there, getting your work seen, you have to be able to really hone your craft.You can check out the rest of his interview here.Making a documentary cinematic with The Trade cinematographer Matt PorwolImage via Our Time Projects/Showtime.Episodic documentaries have become a staple of streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO. On Showtime, viewers are exploring the opioid epidemic through the The Trade, with cinematographer Matt Porwoll shooting some of its pivotal moments. When shooting documentaries, reducing the crew’s footprint is an important part of the process for Matt:One thing that we very purposefully did on this film was we tried to limit our footprint as much as possible. It made everybody a lot more comfortable because we only had two people in the field per team. I had a producer, and it was just the two of us for the entire time. So through that consistency, where we weren’t changing out crew members every trip, we weren’t adding people, removing people. And so, I think through that there was a level of just comfort that we established pretty early on. Much of being a documentarian doesn’t really have a lot to do with the camera — it just has to do with how you present yourself and how you explain why you’re there and how you approach these difficult and delicate situations in a respectful way. We are people behind the camera, and we care for you, and we understand everything that you’re going through, and we just want to understand it more and share that with the audience. I think that motivated a lot of people. Especially with the families that we filmed.Image via Our Time Projects/Showtime.Shooting documentary-style also means that you’ve got to be prepared for any type of lighting conditions — and be ready to go at a moment’s notice for shooting:One thing that we really wanted to do was, again, in minimizing the footprint, to come up with style guides for the show. We focused on almost building a set of limitations to work within. Instead of bringing a bunch of gear and having every focal length and the perfect camera, we kind of focused on reining it all in and saying we’re only going to really have with us what we can carry without having to go back to the car. On all these storylines, you have to be flexible — you have to be ready to go. And so, we shot on the Canon C300 Mark II, which I’ve been working with since the day it came out. It’s really solidified itself as the perfect documentary camera: it’s small, it’s lightweight, it has incredible image quality, and it’s just flexible and ergonomic for documentary use. It doesn’t ever fight you — the last thing you want in a camera is having to spend time thinking about where a button is, how to access something, or having complicated menus.You can find out more about shooting episodic documentaries here.Cover image via Daniel Levin.Looking for more industry interviews? Check these out.Interview: Outspoken Comedian Tess Rafferty on Getting PoliticalInterview: Composer Federico Jusid Makes Some Noise in HollywoodInterview: Tips for Crowdfunding Over $100,000 for Your Documentary ProjectsInterview: Tracy Andreen on the Romance of Writing for HallmarkScreenwriter James V. Hart on Career, Coppola, and Creating a Methodlast_img read more

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Your Dream Client’s Constraints Become Your Failures

first_imgLeft unaddressed, your dream client’s constraints become your failures.Your dream client doesn’t want to invest the money necessary to produce the results they say that they need. Without making the right investments it will be incredibly difficult to execute. When you fail to produce the results you promised to deliver, you will have failed. It won’t be because you had bad intentions. It will be because you made your prospect’s constraints your own.Without gaining the consensus of the stakeholders within your dream client’s company, it will be difficult to stand up your solution so it works as it should. Your contacts within your dream client’s business don’t believe that it is necessary to involve the other people who are going to be impacted by the decision to change, believing that you will be risking your ability to gain approval if you involve them. When these stakeholders resist the change, dig in their heels, and stop just short of sabotaging your solution, it won’t be because your solution wasn’t right. The trouble will be the result of you having allowed your customer’s constraints to become your failures.There are a list of things that you know your prospect needs to change to move from their current state to their desired future state. The thing is, they really have no interest in changing these things. They don’t want to change the way they do things. They don’t want to try anything new. Every suggestion you make is shut down with the answer, “We can’t do that.” You can get ink on paper, but when you fail to deliver, it will be because you have allowed your dream client’s constraints to become your own.If you want to execute, you have to be honest and help your prospective clients deal with their constraints. Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

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What You Do This Week Matters

first_imgLet’s say your average sales cycle from target to close is 90 days. That means that the opportunities you create this week will be won in the first week of April. If you decide not to prospect this week, you will pay for this decision months from now.Maybe your sales cycle is longer, call it 180 days, twice as long as the example above. The prospecting you don’t do this week will not come back to bite you until July. With a 180-day sales cycle, there will be nothing you can do to create the opportunities you need.For some of you reading this, your sales cycle can be a year or longer. You won’t have any negative repercussions from not prospecting now until an entire year has passed.The problem with prospecting and opportunity creation is that there is no penalty for not doing it today. You show up tomorrow, you still have your job, no one notices that you didn’t do any prospecting, and no one expected you to win an opportunity on any particular day (unless you forecasted the deal). The penalty for not prospecting comes much later, at some date that is so far away that you are misled into believing that you have time to make up for lost time. But the more days you go without doing the work, the more the penalty multiplies, creating a gap that cannot be overcome by even the most valiant and determined effort.It’s worth reviewing the math. If you have a 1,200,000 quota, you need to win $100,000 business each month. If you have a 50 percent close rate, you need $200,000 worth of opportunities each month. If you fail to produce those opportunities in a single month, your number doubles to $400,000 in new opportunities the following month. That means those opportunities will be won a month later than they would have been had you done the work when you needed to.The first rule of getting out of a hole is to stop digging. This is why it is important to keep the disciplines that produce success consistently over time. What you do this week matters, even if you won’t see the results until well into the future.last_img read more

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Success: Your Scoreboard Always Tells You the Full Truth

first_imgThe score you see written on the scoreboard is always accurate. It will never protect your feelings, nor does it have the power to change the score it presents to you. Your scoreboard only tells you the full truth.About Your Theories and BeliefsYou might believe with all your heart that you should be able to generate a result in a certain. The theory you have about what is necessary to create the result seems perfectly reasonable to you. But the results are not forthcoming. Instead, you languish without the desired effect, stubbornly clinging to your theories and your beliefs.It is early in the morning, and you are facing West, watching for the Sun to rise.The scoreboard will tell you that your beliefs and your theories are incorrect. If you want to change the score, you have to change your beliefs and assumptions that don’t produce the result you want. If you don’t change your expectations and your theories about how things work, you are not growing. Growing is necessary for you to improve your score.About Your EffortYour theories and beliefs are accurate. You are still not producing the result you want, as indicated by the scoreboard. The scoreboard may be telling you that you are not putting forth enough effort to improve your outcomes. Your work ethic is one of the variables of success that is wholly within your control.You want the better result, but you also want to sleep for twenty-seven more minutes, and so you hit the snooze button three times. You want to focus on your priorities, but instead of doing the work, you stare blankly at your computer screen.Your scoreboard is of no help to you. It doesn’t recognize your good intentions as being worthy of an increase to the score. The scoreboard is detached, impartial, and clinical, only reflecting your actual results—or your lack thereof. Should you want a better result, it will require effort, and likely more than you think.About Your StrategiesThe way you go about something, your strategy, maybe wildly different than someone else’s. But one of you might produce a much more significant result while the other produces no result at all. Whether the strategy works or not is of no concern to the scoreboard.Your strategy is to rely solely on inbound marketing to reach your goals, no cold outreach. Your plan for making more money is to get rich on the internet, executed by your buying get rich on the internet programs from people who only got rich by selling get rich quick schemes on the internet.Your scoreboard doesn’t judge you (or the people who sell picks and shovels outside the gold mine). It’s a completely neutral party. While I am rooting for you (and so is your Mom), the scoreboard isn’t. If it doesn’t see results, it refuses to change. If you want the score to improve, you may have to change your strategy.About Your ExecutionSo your beliefs and theories are excellent and correct. You are putting forth the effort. And your strategy is a proven recipe that countless people before you have used to find success and run up the score. The scoreboard, however, has not changed. You believe it isn’t giving you the score you deserve. To put up points, you have to execute.You are mostly doing what other people to produce the result you want, but your execution is poor. It could be that you need more time to improve your competency, or it could be that you are trying to cheat by taking shortcuts, avoiding the difficult but necessary components of execution. The recipe is well-known, but you are not using the ingredients as prescribed.The scoreboard knows excellent execution when it sees it. When everything is done right and produces a result, it changes the score. When it is done poorly and fails to provide the result, it refuses to change. If you want the scoreboard to reflect a better rating, you have to execute well enough to produce the result.About the Fact That You Need to ChangeThe scoreboard will tell you that you need to change. It will tell you that your score isn’t what you want it to be, and it will also provide you with an indication as to how others are doing as a comparison. It is the most neutral of all parties, never blaming you or criticizing you. It merely reflects the score.By providing you with your score, it gives an objective view of how you are doing. Maybe you are happy with your score. But if you are not pleased by the score it provides, you are getting feedback that what you’re doing isn’t working and that you need to change. The game doesn’t change for you because it doesn’t change for anybody.If you want the scoreboard to change, you have to go first. It will not change unless and until you change. This is true when what got you to this point is inadequate for the improved score you want now. The higher the score, the more you are going to have to do to produce the result. The result is the only thing the scoreboard measures.The Truth About Your FutureThe scoreboard tells the truth about your future. It shows you where you are now, and it provides a glimpse of your trajectory. You can see your direction and your velocity.Your score is not immutable; you have the power to change the score, change your trajectory, and change your velocity. You are capable of pulling results forward in time, but you can just easily push them into the future, a future that is moving towards you faster than you might imagine.It is within your power to change the score. But your scoreboard is only capable of telling the truth. If you want it to show a better result, you have to provide it with the better result you want it to reflect. Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

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9 Terrible Mistakes Sales Leaders Make And Their Cures

first_imgThere aren’t too many jobs more difficult than effectively leading a sales force. It is a tough role, with as many ways to get things wrong as there are to get things right. There are, however, common mistakes that awareness will allow you to avoid. Here are nine terrible mistakes sales leaders make and their cures.Not Modernizing the Sales Force: The world of sales has changed more over the last ten years than the preceding forty years. Some would have you believe that nothing valuable in the past is still right today, a wrong idea—and the source of poor results. Evolution tends to transcend and include what came before, integrating and improving things. Modernizing the sales force means providing them with new processes, new methodologies, increasing business acumen, the ability to manage change, and leadership. Win customers away from your competition. Check out Eat Their LunchLagging Indicators over Leading Indicators: Some sales leaders believe the only things that matters are the numbers at the end of the quarter or the year. They absolve themselves of doing the real work of leading the sales force by insisting that people reach their goal without their day-to-day involvement. Lagging indicators are an autopsy. The body is dead, and there is nothing you can do about except determine the cause of its demise. Careful management of the leading indicators is what allows you to make changes while there is still time to improve your results.Underestimating Low Activity as a Cause for Poor Results: No one wants to be micromanaged. Nor do very many leaders want to micromanage their teams. For some reason, many sales leaders don’t like to look at low activity as a root cause for poor results, even in the face of unassailable evidence. They don’t want to require their sales force to prospect and schedule the meetings that result in new opportunities, the prerequisites to winning opportunities. When activity is a problem, more action is the right solution.Allowing Poor Hiring Practices: ”They have experience.” That statement alone is often enough to justify hiring the person applying for a position. If that isn’t enough, then “They have industry experience,” will surely do the trick. Neither of these is enough of a reason to hire a salesperson. You are recruiting for a set of attributes and skills that cannot be evaluated by looking at their resume. There is not a more important decision than the people you hire to acquire and take care of your clients.Learn Anthony’s core strategies & tactics for sales success at any level with The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever NeedBelieving Training and Development Isn’t Necessary: While we are on the subject of hiring, why is it that we want to think that because the person has worked in sales they need no training or development? If you believe their prior employer trained them, you are almost sure to be wrong. If you think their experience is enough to make them effective, you are mistaking time for growth and development. If you are not getting better, you are falling behind.Diminishing Accountability: The numbers used to be public. There used to be consequences for not doing the work necessary to produce the results that deliver your goals. Now, not so much. It’s more challenging to let people go, even when they are failing—and even when they are bad actors. Too many managers would rather keep a poor performer than hire a replacement. If you want better results, there is no better place to start than accountability.Making Changes Too Frequently: Some salespeople suffer from whiplash their leaders change things so often. Last year it was this methodology; this year, it is that one. Now it’s a new initiative to replace the initiative that was never executed. Instead of going all-in on a transformation and spending three years standing it up, like fashion, the changes follow the seasons. Make a good decision and spend the time and energy executing it.Not Protecting the Culture from Negative People: Negative people will turn positive people negative. Positive people don’t turn a negative person positive. Negative people are more committed to their beliefs and speak to anyone who will listen long enough that they flip them. Misery loves company so much that it spends all its time recruiting. Ask a sales leader who on their team is negative, and they will point to them without hesitation. If you allow them to stay, you are allowing them to whittle away at your culture. Protect your culture from all threats.No Commitment to Coaching: The best and highest performing sales organizations tend to place a high premium on coaching. When this is true, two things also seem to also be true. First, the leaders all coach. Second, the sales manager is provided with a framework for effective coaching. In General James Mattis’s book, Call Sign Chaos, the word that occurs most often as it pertains to his leadership is coaching. The best performers all have coaches.If you want better sales results, reversing these mistakes is an excellent place to start a transformation. Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

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Student protest flares up again in Jammu and Kashmir

first_imgAt least 15 students were injured in fresh clashes in the Kashmir Valley on Saturday as demonstrations against the police action against the students of Government Degree College, Pulwama, on April 15 entered its third week.Students of Government Degree College, Handwara, hit the streets in the forenoon and hurled stones at the security forces, resulting in clashes.Medical Superintendent, District Hospital, Handwara, Dr. Aijaz said around 50 students, including three girls, were admitted in the hospital for treatment and around 15 had sustained injuries. Most of the students had fainted from suffocation caused by tear-smoke shells and were discharged, said an official.Senior Superintendent of Police, Handwara, Ghulam Jeelani Wani accused the students of “resorting to heavy stone pelting”. Hit by pelletsSecurity forces allegedly fired from the pellet guns and injured a 14-year-old boy in south Kashmir’s Qazigund area after clashes between local youths and CRPF there.Reports suggest locals of Churrat village hurled stones on a CRPF cavalcade. The CRPF allegedly responded with pellets, injuring Zeshan Farooq Shah. “Pellets hit the boy in the back and the left arm,” said a doctor. The incident sparked more stone pelting in the area.Students also held protests in Pulwama district against alleged detention of students in the district. Clashes erupted in Pulwama when the students of Government Higher Secondary School, Newa, staged a protest rally. The security forces used smoke shells to disperse the students.Mehbooba’s pleaMeanwhile, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Saturday said that only Prime Minister Narendra Modi can resolve Kashmir issue “as he has the support of the whole country.”“If anyone can solve Kashmir issue it’s PM Modi. He has a huge mandate of the people of the country. So whatever decision he will take the nation will support him,” Ms. Mehbooba said in Jammu. She said earlier Prime Ministers wanted to go to Pakistan but it was Mr. Modi who went to Lahore. “This is a sign of his strength,” she said.Meanwhile, Ms. Mufti called for tough action against “forces trying to disrupt communal harmony in the Jammu region”.last_img read more

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AAP expels senior leader Upkar Sandhu

first_imgAam Aadmi Party on Wednesday expelled its senior leader from Amritsar Upkar Singh Sandhu over alleged anti-party activities, a day after he criticised the decision to make Sangrur MP Bhagwant Maan as the party Punjab unit chief.Mr. Sandhu, who had unsuccessfully contested for Amritsar Lok Sabha seat by-poll, had on Wednesday opposed the decision of the party high command to appoint Mr. Mann as the convenor for the party’s Punjab unit.Mr. Sandhu has been expelled for his activities against the party, Mr. Mann said in a statement. “Volunteers are the backbone of the party, but anti-party activities would not be tolerated,” he said.Meanwhile, Gurpreet Singh Waraich, outgoing convenor of the Punjab unit resigned from AAP’s primary membership, saying the party has deviated from its principles.Mr. Sandhu had resigned from SAD on October 24 last year. He rejoined the party a month later. Before joining AAP, he had defected to the Congress from SAD.On Tuesday, Mr. Sandhu said the AAP high command should consider appointing MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira as the party’s state chief.Earlier on Monday, in a meeting chaired by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the party appointed Mr. Mann as the convener and party MLA from Sunam, Aman Arora as the co-convener.Shortly after the decision, AAP spokesperson and the chief whip of the party in the state Assembly, Mr. Khaira had asked Mr. Kejriwal to remove him from the posts.“I have asked (Arvind) Kejriwal to remove me from the posts of the party’s chief whip in the Assembly and party spokesperson with immediate effect,” the Bholath MLA had said.last_img read more

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Have revived investor confidence, says Punjab CM Amarinder Singh

first_imgAs the Congress government in Punjab nears six months in power, Chief Minister Amarinder Singh in an exclusive interview with The Hindu has said the revival of investor confidence and industrial development is one of the biggest achievements of his government. The crackdown on drugs and the farm loan waiver are other key accomplishments he mentioned.Captain Amarinder said Punjab’s new industrial policy is close to finalisation, which will focus on further simplifying the systems and procedures for doing business and ensuring a level playing field for new and existing industries.The Chief Minister dismissed accusations of going “soft’” on the drugs menace given the lack of action against former revenue minister Bikram Singh Majithia of the Akali Dal in a case allegedly involving drug dealing.Also Read Exclusive | Full interview with Punjab CM Amarinder Singh  “As far Bikram Singh Majithia is concerned, let me reiterate what I have maintained all through, even during my election rallies. That my government will not indulge in any vendetta politics, but at the same time, anyone found guilty of any crime or misdemeanour will not be spared,” he said.Accepting that the State’s poor financial situation has forced the government to slow down the pace of fulfilling a few of its promises, Captain Amarinder said, “We had expected a financial debt burden of ₹1.5 lakh crore, as against which we are actually faced with ₹ 2.08 lakh crore of debt. This gap in our estimation and reality has forced us to go slow on some of our promises, including farm loan waiver, which we have only been able to implement in part so far,” said Captain Amarinder.“However, neither before the polls nor since forming the government has the financial situation deterred us from our commitment to fulfil our promises, including the farmers,” he added.Commenting on Centre-State relations, Captain Amarinder said, “As the Prime Minister of India, Modiji is as much responsible for the welfare of Punjab as I am and his political affiliations are really not material when it comes to the betterment of any State or its people, including Punjab.”Asked about the fact that few Congress MLAs have been complaining that the bureaucracy has been made “powerful” while legislators have hardly any say in governance, the Chief Minister said, “As elected representatives, MLAs are accountable to the people and I will not allow anyone to undermine their importance. But I also want to curb the tendency of political interference which, all these years, led to the erosion of all important institutions in the government.”Defending Minister Rana Gurjit Singh, who is facing allegations of corruption in sand mining, Captain Amarinder said the media and other political parties should wait for the Narang Commission’s report to be made public before baying for the Minister’s blood.The Chief Minister accused the Akali Dal of playing politics with religion. “The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhadhak Committee chief Kirpal Singh Badungar himself has been at the forefront of this gameplan of the Akalis. The SGPC leadership has become a virtual mouthpiece of the Akalis and has been indulging openly and brazenly in politics,” he said.On the recent violence in Haryana and Punjab after conviction of Sirsa based Dera Sacha Sauda chief in a rape case, Capt. Amarider said, “A huge mistake was made by the Haryana government in allowing such a large group of Dera supporters to gather in Panchkula.”last_img read more

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Ahmednagar court awards death sentence to accused in 2014 rape-murder of minor

first_imgA local court in Ahmednagar district on Friday awarded capital punishment to three men convicted of raping and murdering a minor girl in Parner Taluk in 2014.The Ahmednagar District and Sessions Court sentenced Santosh Vishnu Lonkar (36), Mangesh Dattatrey Lonkar (30) and Dattatrey Shinde (27) to death by hanging for the heinous crime that occurred on August 22, 2014.While pronouncing the verdict, Judge Suvarna Kevale stated that the victim was done to death with “extreme brutality”. Earlier, pushing for maximum punishment, Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam had said in court that the trio had conspired from the start to chase and molest the 15-year-old girl, who was on her way home to the Loni Mawala village in Parner.Following the gang-rape, the convicts beat the minor to death using stones and sharp instruments. They later attempted to obscure evidence by smearing the body with wet mud.last_img read more

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Suspected cow smuggler killed in encounter: Rajasthan Police

first_imgA suspected cow smuggler hailing from Haryana was killed in a late-night encounter with police in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, the latest incident of violence in the region over claims of cattle smuggling. The incident took place in the Janta Colony area on Wednesday night. A group of five to seven people were seen transporting cows in a “stolen” mini truck. When police tried to stop them, they opened fire at the policemen.“The policemen informed the control room following which separate teams tried to intercept the vehicle at SMD circle, Kali Mori overbridge, and college circle but the accused opened fire and fled towards the Maujpur House road,” Superintendent of Police of Alwar Rahul Prakash said. he police opened retaliatory fire, and one person identified as Talim, a 22-year- old, was killed. The other people fled the spot. Efforts are on to locate them, Prakash said.“Talim’s body was found in the truck, while the other people abandoned the vehicle when police were chasing it,” said O.P. Galhotra, Director General of Police (DGP). Five cows, with their legs tied up, were found in the mini truck. One of them was found dead, he said. A country-made pistol, a mobile phone, a diary and live cartridges were found in the vehicle. Police suspect the cows were made to drink acid to prevent them from making noise. The DGP said it was a “stolen vehicle and the accused had concealed it chassis number.“The encounter killing was being probed by the CID-CB according to the guidelines of the Supreme Court and the National Human Rights Commission. The post-mortem on the body could not be conducted today as government doctors went on mass leave.“The post-mortem could not be conducted as the government doctors were on mass leave today. His family members are ready to accept the body and the post-mortem will be conducted tomorrow,” SHO Aravali Vihar police station Shishram Meena said. In April, a dairy farmer, Pehlu Khan, had allegedly died after being thrashed by a mob of cow vigilantes in Alwar. In November, cow vigilantes allegedly shot dead 35-year- old Ummar Khan, and critically injured his fellow passenger transporting cows in the district’s Govindgarh area.last_img read more

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IIM Ahmedabad to have a case study on blockbuster film ‘Baahubali’

first_imgThe Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) is working on a case study on blockbuster “Baahubali” to highlight how art, business and technology combined to deliver a hugely successful film franchise.Being authored by IIMA alumnus and visiting faculty Bharathan Kandaswamy, the case study is part of an elective course on movie business offered to the second year students of the institute’s flagship programme in management.“Baahubali is a path-breaking Indian movie that combines art, business, and technology in a brilliant way. Most of the time, films are creative and artistic but are not able to do good business. Sometimes the technology is not used effectively enough,” Kandaswamy said.“At times the story is great but is not executed well. And then, sometimes, we have mediocre stories that get a decent opening due to good marketing, but the movie does not sustain due to the weak story,” he added.“In the case of Baahubali, the three elements of art, technology and business have come together and that is the reason why the movie and its sequel have been successful,” he said.He said his case study would focus on “Baahubali- The Beginning” and its sequel, “Baahubali- The Conclusion”, and would attempt to unravel its “success mantra.”Both the films were directed by SS Rajamouli and earned over ₹1,000 crore at the domestic and international box office.Kandaswamy, who is associated with a south Indian production house, Kavithalayaa Productions, which made films like Mani Ratnam’s “Roja” and Kamal Haasan starrer “Ek Duje Ke Liye”, is the brain behind an elective course called ’Contemporary Film Industry-Business Perspective,’ which was launched at the IIMA in 2008-09.The case study, to be completed in another four months, is part of a course that focusses on the business of the Indian film industry, starting from selection of scripts to the films hitting the screens, Kandaswamy said.“The course covers all aspects of a movie, from selection of good script to its post production. Film financing, how to raise funds, how to deal with movies, are covered. There are also sessions on marketing, distribution, and promotion of films,” he said.Last year, a chapter was added on how entities like Amazon, Netflix and Hotstar were causing digital disruption in the film industry, he said.The course has produced three case studies so far related to the film industry including one on the film “Roja” and another on the success of Rajinikanth-starrer “Muthu” in overseas markets like Japan.last_img read more

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Araria LS by-poll to see keen contest between NDA and Grand Alliance

first_imgThe bypoll for the Araria Lok Sabha seat, that will see a keen contest between the National Democratic Alliance and “Mahagathbandhan” (Grand Alliance) candidates, will be held on Sunday. While the NDA’s candidate is highlighting the development works done by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, the RJD candidate, who is hoping to draw the Extremely Backward Class (EBC) votes to its traditional Muslim-Yadav electoral bank, is relying on Mr. Kumar’s “betrayal” of the Grand Alliance, making it his selling point of the campaign.State BJP President Nityanand Rai, addressing a public meeting on Friday, said that Araria would turn into “an Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) hub if Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) wins the by-poll”. Araria is a Muslim-dominated constituency (41% of the population) of north-east Bihar in Seemanchal area. The bypoll was necessitated by the death of RJD MP Mohammed Taslimuddin. RJD has fielded Sarfaraj Alam, son of Mohd Taslimuddin, while the BJP has given the ticket to Pradeep Kumar Singh, who won the Araria Lok Sabha seat in 2009 parliamentary poll.Earlier on Wednesday, at a public meeting in Raniganj of Araria, senior State BJP leader and Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said that “Nitish Kumar’s development works in Bihar and Narendra Modi’s across the country would continue in Araria too if the BJP candidate wins the bypoll. Mr. Modi reminded the people how both Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar had provided the much-needed relief to the flood-affected people of the district. To scotch rumours that local party leaders were scuttling the chances of Pradeep Singh, Mr. Modi pointed to party MLA Vijay Kumar Mandal and said he too had come with them. In 2014, Vijay Kumar Mandal had contested the Araria Lok Sabha seat on JD(U) ticket and got 22.73% vote. He is now BJP MLA from Sikti assembly constituency and was hoping to get party ticket for the Lok Sabha by-poll.“If Pradeep Kumar Singh wins the seat, the party will repeat him in 2019 Lok Sabha poll as well. But if he loses the poll, the chances of leaders like Vijay Kumar Mandal to get ticket in 2019 gets brighter”, explains Nitesh Kumar of Raniganj. Besides Mr. Mandal, some other local BJP leaders too are said to be scuttling the chances of the party nominee Pradeep Kumar Singh. Even the local unit of The Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), student wing of the BJP, has allegedly set-off campaign on social media against BJP nominee saying, “candidate hai chhota, vikalp hai NOTA (the candidate is not worthy, choice for you is NOTA)”.A few kilometres away, at an another public meeting at Haat Maidan in Simraha of Forbesganj block, Mahagathbandhan leaders like rebel JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav, Ali Anwar, former five-time MP from the constituency Sukhdeo Paswan and others slammed chief minister Nitish Kumar for his “betrayal” of the RJD and attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi government for practicing “divisive politics.”last_img read more

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Wrong on Sidhu’s part to hug Pak. Army chief, says Amarinder

first_imgPunjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday said that it was “wrong” on the part of Cabinet Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu to hug Pakistan Army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa during the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Imran Khan.Personal visit“Mr. Sidhu had gone to attend the swearing-in in his personal capacity. It has nothing to do with us. But what I think was wrong is that, given the fact that everyday our soldiers are getting martyred on the borders… to hug their [Pakistan] Army chief is something I do not favour,” Capt. Singh told journalists in Chandigarh.Capt. Singh dismissed the demand of the Opposition parties for Mr. Sidhu’s resignation, saying “they can demand whatever they want, that’s not an issue.”“Mr. Sidhu should have avoided indulging in such a gesture when Indian soldiers are getting killed every day on the borders. After all, it is the Army chief who gives the orders to kill, with the soldiers merely following the same…To say that you didn’t know Gen. Bajwa…it is written on the uniform,” he said.Seated next to PoK ‘president’ As for Mr. Sidhu sitting next to the ‘president’ of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), Capt. Singh said the Punjab Minister possibly did not know who he was and in any case the sitting arrangement was not in his hands.Meanwhile, Mr. Sidhu returned to India via the Attari-Wagah border. Interacting with journalists, he said he had gone as a guest to the swearing-in-ceremony of Mr. Khan and sat where he was asked to sit. “When you go somewhere on an invitation, you sit according to arrangements.” Responding to a question on his act of hugging Gen. Bajwa, he said, “If someone [Gen. Bajwa] comes to me and says that we share the same culture and he wants to share a good news. And then says that they [Pakistan] are contemplating to open the Kartarpur border on Guru Nanak Dev’s 550th Prakash Parv..If somebody takes the name of Guru Nanak then what else I could I have done.”last_img read more

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NGT to inspect Panipat refinery

first_imgFollowing a plea alleging air pollution by the Indian Oil Corporation Limited’s Panipat refinery, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has constituted a committee to carry out inspections.A Bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel constituted a joint inspection team comprising of representatives from the Central Pollution Control Board, Haryana State Pollution Control Board and Deputy Commissioner, Panipat.‘Report within a month’“The team may monitor ambient air and start monitoring at various locations in the vicinity besides taking water samples in the area. The report may furnished to this tribunal within one month from the date of receipt of a copy of this order…The nodal agency will be the Haryana State Pollution Control Board,” the Bench said.The directions came following a note received by the green panel from the Gram Panchayat Singhpura in Panipat that alleged that the operation of the refinery was leading to air and water pollution around Bohli Dadlana, Sithana and Panipat.The letter from sarpanch Satpal Singh further alleged that the air pollution was adversely affecting a large number of people.last_img read more

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Civilian killed in cross border firing in Kashmir’s Rajouri

first_imgA civilian was killed due to the firing of Pakistani Army on the Line of Control (LoC) in the Pir Panjal valley’s Rajouri district on Wednesday afternoon.The incident took place at 12 p.m. “The Pakistan Army initiated an unprovoked firing in Nowshera Sector and resulted in death of a civilian,” said Army spokesman Lt. Col. Devender Anand.The civilian was identified as Bodhraj, 55, a resident of Deeing in Nowshera. “The Indian Army immediately evacuated the injured for medical aid. However, the individual succumbed to his injuries,” said the Army. He said Indian Army replied to the Pakistan’s “belligerence in a befitting manner”. “The Army authorities have promised all possible assistance and help to the family of the deceased,” said the Army.last_img read more

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