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first_imgLula’s café, a popular restaurant and meeting spot for groups in the Notre Dame and the larger South Bend community, was notified early in October that its lease would not be renewed. It must vacate its Edison Plaza location by the end of the month. Owner and 1993 Notre Dane graduate Steve Egan has spent the last month searching for a new home for the café he opened 16 years ago. He hopes to carry over the “essence” of Lula’s to its new location. “Lula’s is a thriving business that was thrown a curve,” Egan said. “My approach has been take a positive stance, Lula’s is going to be bigger and better. We look at this as an opportunity to grow.” When the idea of Lula’s was born 16 years ago, Egan was a public accountant in Chicago. Over dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Egan’s friend and fellow Notre Dame graduate proposed the idea of opening a café in South Bend. Egan’s girlfriend at the time, who is now his wife, was considering taking a job in South Bend, so the timing was perfect, he said. Egan went around to cafés in Chicago to brainstorm ideas and to gather as much financial data as he could. He and a business partner put together a business plan, found a location and got their brand new café up-and-running. “It was a happy accident, really,” Egan said. “Lula’s was a hit right away.” Egan said Lula’s was always intended as a bridge between the South Bend community and the campus communities, including Notre Dame, Holy Cross, Saint Mary’s and Indiana University South Bend. “We want to break down barriers … misconceptions that people from town have about people from campus, and vice versa,” he said. “We want to appeal to all demographics.” When Egan was deciding on Lula’s original location, a main criterion he had was that it was close to campus. “That’s everything in a restaurant business — location,” he said. “It’s huge.” Now, he has already looked at about 40 spaces for possible new locations. He hopes to reopen by Dec. 1. “Certainly, the campus community is vital to who we are, so my first circle drawn is close to here,” he said. Keeping the “feel” of Lula’s is crucial, Egan said. He hopes to retain the same vibe, which he calls “eclectic comfort,” at the new location. Still, he said that given a new space and a new location, some things about Lula’s will inevitably be different. “People don’t like change,” he said. “However, this is an opportunity for us to implement [other things that] customers want to see. We want to keep the core ambience, but also change it and make it different and better.” Egan said there has been an outpouring of support from both Lula’s staff and customers. He said not a single employee has left despite the uncertainty surrounding Lula’s future and he started hearing from customers he hadn’t spoken to in 10 years. “It’s been overwhelmingly positive — it’s like getting to hear your own eulogy when you’re alive,” he said. “I’ve heard so many great stories. ‘I had my first date with husband at Lula’s,’ ‘Lula’s got me through Ph.D.,’ ‘I had my first kiss at Lula’s.’” Over the years, Lula’s has held cultural events to bring the different communities together, ranging from music performances to art openings to poetry readings. One new thing Egan hopes to have at the next Lula’s are guest speakers. Jennifer Stockdale, a graduate student in Creative Writing, has read twice at Lula’s as a part of the series featuring graduate students in the Creative Writing Program. “I often go to Lula’s to write. The atmosphere is conducive to writing and reading — quiet but not too quiet,” she said. Stockdale said she has met other South Bend poets for workshops at Lula’s. “Lula’s has played an integral role in maintaining the community of writers here in South Bend.” Junior Kelsey Clemson also frequents Lula’s and enjoys its welcoming atmosphere. “People there are incredibly friendly and every time I go, there is a new collection of people. I’ve seen older couples, professors, graduate students and families,” she said. “It’s just so easy to feel right at home at Lula’s. I hope they find a new location where they can create that same feeling.” While Egan admitted the sudden change has created stress and uncertainty, he has taken a positive outlook, using the move as an opportunity to improve Lula’s and cater even more to the needs of its customers. “Overall, this is a bump in the road,” Egan said. “It’s a big deal in my work life, but in the scheme of things, it’s not a big deal. Things happen in life. You have to know that things are going to be better four months, six months from now.”last_img read more

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Trail Dog: Rock Castle Gorge Loop

first_imgHi! My name is Jack and I am a 9 ½ year old border collie and I am a trail runner. Like most humans, I found my way onto trail by luck and accident, in need for something to fill the time.  Even though I was born and raised on a sheep farm and trained by the best, I didn’t care for it. I bounced around a lot between farms, anxiety growing at every stop. My people started driving me to trails to run. So I am a certified trail runner dog now. Okay, first trail is one that is close to home for us but it’s Awesome!!!! Doc’s tips for trail running with your dog Owners hoped I would take to their sheep, but I never did.  Don’t force it. Just like I didn’t take to sheep herding as my breed is suppose to, but I love to trail run and hike. They pull my harness out and I get excited and tell them I want to go by wagging my tail and barking. Start slow on wide paths so your human and the dog can get the feel of running and hiking with a leash. Invest in a harness; they can control me better in one. Make sure it fits properly. My favorite is the Ruffwear Front Range Harness Make sure your paw-rents carry water or the route has plenty of spots for you to drink at.   Stay healthy with proper vaccinations for the outdoors and flea and tick preventative.   Most of this section is exposed and it can get hot during the summer. I get excited when we get to the communication tower that is along the trail. That means the last of the cattle cross-over ladders and heading back into the hardwood forest with plenty of water stops for me. I don’t like those wooden ladders and either fight to go under them or have to be picked up and moved over them. They can treacherous then. After the boulder field, we come to the trail intersection with the fire road. We turn left and head down the gorge. This part follows the creek and has great views of the little cascades with the trail. There is one large white house half way down that is privately owned. It is hard to believe that at one time this little gorge was home to over 30 families. I would live there too because it’s pretty and a great place to run and hike. After a steady decline of about 2 miles we make it back to the parking area. Really, I love them all. I just want to run all of them. They’re all great. But here are some of the ones I have run on. So find a furry friend and get out there! Doc is veterinarian and he keeps me healthy. We will share some tips on trail running with your pooch as well. I get mad when we don’t leave in the morning to go run. I now have 2 younger border collie half sisters, I am told that I am responsible for training them on how to run on trail. Geez, they are a handful. So that’s my story and how I ended up loving trail running. I am here to give you my trail reviews. The trails I love. center_img Hope to see you and your human out there. Follow my adventures on Instagram @pawsaroundthepeninsula Jack’s Trail Review February 18, 2019 Rock Castle Gorge Loop; elevation ranges from 3572 at the top of the gorge to 1700 at the parking area off CC Camp Road (VA Rte 605) Blue Ridge Parkway; Rocky Knob National Recreation Area. The pasture section rolls up and down. There are some rock outcroppings and we pass one of the old AT shelters. This part of the trail was part of the original AT before it was relocated in the 1950s. There is a great view of the valley and Bull Mountain from the overlook just above the shelter. The second day I was at their house, they took me hiking up a mountain. I thought I was going to die! I didn’t know I was so out of shape. But it was so much fun! I loved it! I wanted to do it again! We started running on the local rail trail. It was paved, but I was out there. Little by little, they would take me for running on the trail and other routes they said were safe from cars and other dogs. We start descending rather quickly after we cross the cattle fence. It’s about a 875 foot drop in elevation through hardwood forests and a really cool rock outcropping, known as Bare Rocks. It’s awesome and fun to to maneuver through the boulder field, except when the rocks are wet. Once we climb, the trail opens into the pasture that parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway. Doc says the views are great. I can only see the 3 feet off the ground, so I can see the gorge overlook views, but take his word that the Piedmont and countryside views are great Sometimes there are cows in the pastures. That’s a little scary since they are scared of me and act like they want to charge. The trail is narrow and steep, with rock outcroppings that I sometimes need help getting up and over. There are plenty of drinking pools for me as we cross creeks and runoff locations up the gorge. A few spots to look out into the gorge of hardwoods. It’s my favorite. Rock Castle Gorge Trail. It is a tough trail and definitely not a beginner trail for human or dog. The loop is 10.8 miles with steep climbing. We always start at the base of the gorge, off CC Camp road. The start of the trail here is a gated fire road, once around the gate, we immediately turn right onto the the single track. This follows along the creek for about a mile and then starts the heavy climbing. Over 1,000 feet in 3 miles. After a few years of taking it easy on a hobby farm in Virginia, I was given to some of their friends. I was concerned that this would be like all the other home changes, but my new paw-rents (Jonathan, who we call Doc, and Rebecca) were different, they went running. last_img read more

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Compliance: NCUA legal opinion on contiguous boundaries

first_img continue reading » 10SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr NCUA’s latest legal opinion letter addresses contiguous geographic boundaries, recognizing that several Hawaiian islands can be contiguous for the purposes of the agency’s rural district regulation, despite being separated by a body of water.NCUA General Counsel Michael McKenna points out that the opinion is limited to the “unique factual circumstances” described in the letter.According to McKenna, the proposed geographic area met the criteria required.NCUA’s chartering manual provides that an area of any geographic size qualifies as a rural district if:The area has well-defined, contiguous geographic boundaries;The total population of the district doesn’t exceed 1 million;last_img read more

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Time to staff schools with armed guards

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, Opinion Just a few short weeks after the Parkland massacre we have another shooter walk into an unguarded door in a school in Maryland and shoot two students.Most of the solutions offered over the last couple of weeks to solve this problem involve gun control. That issue makes our politicians feel good, but doesn’t solve the problem at all. Let’s face it, we’re never going to get guns out of the hands of people who want to kill us. Let’s bite the bullet and spend the money necessary to control the access to our schools and secure them with metal detectors and armed guards. We don’t need any more of our kids getting killed in school.In my opinion it’s the only solution to this problem that is going to work.RON BELLISchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Schenectady’s Lucas Rodriguez forging his own path in dance, theater, musicSchenectady, Saratoga casinos say reopening has gone well; revenue down 30%Schenectady department heads: Budget cutbacks would further stress already-stretched departmentsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesSchenectady police reform sessions pivot to onlinelast_img read more

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Saddling up for marketing video aids $1.6m sale

first_imgThe home at 14 Cannington Court, Samford.A cowboy riding across the backyard of a Brisbane home has contributed to its million-dollar sale.The man on horseback starred in a marketing video for 14 Cannington Court, Samford Valley, with the property selling after just three weeks on the market for $1.6 million.NGU Group chief executive Emil Juresic said strategic and effective marketing was essential to a successful property sales campaign, which was run by sales agent Rachael Savic.More from newsFor under $10m you can buy a luxurious home with a two-lane bowling alley5 Apr 2017Military and railway history come together on bush block24 Apr 2019The sprawling property at 14 Cannington Court, Samford.The sale of the large four-bedroom, two-bathroom acreage home was Ms Savic’s second successful property deal in as many months. “We had multiple buyers and the sellers were stoked in the end,” Ms Savic said.“They were happy enough to open up a couple of bottles of champagne with Emil and I.” The kitchen at 14 Cannington Court, Samford.In the video, a man is filmed riding in on a horse from nearby mountains before a final close-up shot captures two children patting the beast — luring the local buyer to purchase the property. The 1.43ha property neighbours South Pine River and is surrounded by horse trails, walking tracks and bike paths. The property sold on May 27.last_img read more

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Gerrard: Reds need Champions League

first_imgLiverpool captain Steven Gerrard has made it his personal goal to restore the allure of the club by getting them back into the Champions League. “I think the only person who knows what’s happening is Luis himself,” said the England captain. “He has a huge decision to make and, as his team-mate, I have to show him respect and give him space to make whatever decision he wants to make. “But I think everyone knows how highly I rate him and how much I want him to stay, and what we can achieve this season basically depends on whether he stays or goes, I believe. “While I’ve still got a couple of years left – and maybe a few more who knows – I have to make the most of it. And that is about adding more medals to what I already have and to leave this club in the Champions League. That is the challenge for me personally. “It is not the same club (I joined) because we are not in the Champions League, so it becomes an awful lot more difficult to attract the top players. “But I think the club’s history and size – we’ve just been on a tour which has seen us play in front of nearly a quarter of a million people in 10 days – means the pull is still here. “We need to break back into the top four to get back the pull we had four or five years ago when we were comfortably in the Champions League year in, year out and challenging to win it. “Players who come and get the club back into the Champions League will experience some of the biggest nights of their career, because playing European football in front of this crowd is different to any other.” In spite of Gerrard’s insistence Saturday’s testimonial is a serious affair, there have been a couple of concessions in the form of the recently retired Jamie Carragher and former Reds striker Robbie Fowler, who will both get a few minutes towards the end. Carragher has opted for a career in television punditry but manager Brendan Rodgers hopes to see more of Fowler at Melwood. “I love Robbie, he’s a great guy and he’s good to have around,” he told “We’re obviously looking to get him involved in the football club in terms of the coaching side which I think he’s got a lot to offer. “He never left the football club in maybe the way he wanted to so it’s a nice opportunity for him to play in front of the crowd again and give the Kop a real round of applause.” On Carragher, Rodgers added: “They (Carragher and Gerrard) are very close friends and they’ve gone through many battles on the field together and obviously with Stevie out injured towards the end of last season they never got the chance to play together, so it will be a nice moment for them.” Striker Luis Suarez’s desire to leave Anfield in order to play in Europe’s premier club competition and the Reds’ failure to sign Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan last month have only served to highlight the problems faced. Gerrard has told the Uruguay international he wants him to stay despite two bids from Arsenal, but admits until they regain their top-four place they will always have to fight such battles. Press Associationlast_img read more

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Southampton striker Charlie Austin: I always back myself to score

first_img “Times change but that’s behind me now and I’m all about concentrating on Southampton and playing in the Premier League because this is where I want to be.” Sullivan seemed to cast doubt on Austin’s credentials by pointing out that “a few” (three) of the striker’s 18 goals came from the penalty spot during his maiden season in the Premier League. The forward insists he never doubted his ability to perform at the very top of the game, however. “I always back myself to score, wherever I go,” he said. “For any striker moving in January is tough and to get that first goal is very important so I’m just delighted to get it so early on. When asked why no other club had made a serious bid to sign him this month when QPR’s asking price dropped to £4million, Austin said: “I don’t know whether I was credited enough for what I did at QPR. “Maybe that was just it but now I have come to a club like Southampton they are only going one way and I want to be part of that journey.” Austin is refusing to start contemplating whether he can make a late surge into the England squad again. “The Euros are at the back of my mind,” he said. “If it happens, it happens, but at the moment I just want to continue performing for Southampton.” “Whenever I come on the pitch I always try to score and luckily enough the chance came to me and I was delighted to put it away,” the 26-year-old said. “It’s crazy, I know.” Crazy just about sums up Austin’s professional career to date. Six years ago, Austin used to lay bricks in the day and turn out for Poole Town at night in the Wessex League, where he was spotted by Swindon before he moved on to Burnley and then QPR. Austin was a big hit at Rangers, scoring 18 goals in his maiden Premier League campaign, which led to an England call-up. Then, all of a sudden, interest in the frontman started to dry up. No top-flight club saw fit to meet QPR’s £15million asking price and Austin started the season playing away to Charlton, rather than Chelsea. And then came David Sullivan’s ill-advised claim that West Ham would not sign the player because he had heard the player had “no ligaments” in his right knee. Sullivan later apologised for the comment after Austin threatened legal action, branding the claims of the Hammers co-chairman as an “outrageous slur”. “Everybody has got their opinion and they are entitled to their opinion. I just do what I can do and that’s that,” Austin said when reminded of the criticism he had received. “I just let people do the talking. I do what I can and I can only control the controllables and coming on the pitch and scoring the winner is something I can control. Press Association Austin wrote another chapter in his journey from bricklayer to Barclays Premier League star on Saturday when he scored the winner on debut for Southampton at Manchester United. Just seven days after signing from QPR in a £4million deal, the 26-year-old powered home James Ward-Prowse’s free-kick in the 87th minute to seal Saints’ second successive win at Old Trafford. Charlie Austin’s doubters may have been vocal in their questioning of him, but the Southampton striker had no doubts he would be able to turn on the magic again upon his return to the top flight. last_img read more

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Campbell, Green combine to bowl out Red Force for 243 on Day One

first_imgKINGSTON, Jamaica (CMC) – John Campbell and Derval Green proved Jamaica Scorpions had little reason for concern at the loss of inspirational captain and champion left-arm spinner Nikita Miller in their return match against Trinidad & Tobago Red Force in the Regional 4-Day Championship yesterday.Campbell grabbed 4-40 from 17.5 overs with his flighty, part-time off-spin and fast-medium bowler Green snared 4-45 from 19 overs, as the Red Force were bowled out for 243 in their first innings, about half-hour prior to the close on the opening day of their sixth-round match at Sabina Park.The Scorpions entered the match concerned about losing Miller, whose 23 wickets and stubborn lower-order batting in the last two matches had sparked their revival.He flies out of the Caribbean this week destined for New Zealand, where he will be a part of the West Indies One-day International squad for a three-match series against the hosts.But Campbell and Green eased worries about the bowling, as Jeremy Solozano hit the top score of 62 for the Red Force, Ewart Nicholson supported with 50, Amir Jangoo made 39 and Tion Webser added 29 before they folded.Campbell returned to finish not out on 14 and fellow left-handed opener Trevon Griffith was not out on two, as the Scorpions reached 16 without loss when stumps were drawn in fading light.Red Force started solidly with Jangoo and Solozano sharing 71 for the first wicket, but the visitors stumbled to 110 for two at lunch.Jangoo was lbw to leg-spinner Damion Jacobs and fellow left-hander Yannic Cariah was caught close to the wicket off Campbell for 14 in the final half-hour before lunch.After the interval, the Scorpions bowlers made scoring a little more difficult and the resulting pressure saw the Red Force reach 188 for five at tea.Ewart Nicholson came to the crease and roughed up the Scorpions’ bowling in-between periods of circumspect batting, ushering Solozano to his 50 from 103 balls before he brought up his own landmark from just 64 balls.He added 73 for the third wicket with Solozano before he was caught behind off Green from the next delivery he faced, triggering a mini-collapse that saw Red Force captain Denesh Ramdin caught behind four overs later, off the same bowler, who also had Solozano caught in the slips three overs later.Nicholson struck four fours and two sixes from 65 balls and Solozano cracked seven fours from 148 balls.After tea, there was token resistance from the rest of the Red Force batting, as Green and Campbell worked their way through the tail and tightened the Scorpions’ grip.Red Force made two changes, bringing Solozano and Nicholson in to replace departing West Indies One-day pair of Kyle Hope and Jason Mohammed.Scorpions have brought wicketkeeper/batsman Aldaine Thomas and former West Indies Under-19 World Cup-winning fast-medium bowler Odean Smith in to replace struggling former United States captain Steven Taylor and Miller.Red Force – entering the match second on 61.8 points – earned just one batting point, butScorpions – starting third on 55 points – added three bowling points and one pace bowling point.RED FORCE 1st inningsA. Jangoo lbw b Jacobs 39J. Solozano c King b Green 62Y. Cariah c Palmer b Campbell 14E. Nicholson c wkp. Thomas b Green 50D. Ramdin c wkp. Thomas b Green 6T. Webster c Jacobs b Campbell 29R. Primus b Green 8I. Khan c wkp. Thomas b Smith 5K. Pierre b Campbell 12D. St Clair c Leveridge b Campbell 8B. Charles not out 2Extras: (lb-2, w-3, nb-3) 8Total: (All out, 82.5 overs) 243Fall of wickets: 1-71, 2-94, 3-167, 4-175, 5-176, 6-190, 7-216, 8-224, 9-232.Bowling: Green 19-5-45-4 (nb-1, w-1), Leveridge 8-0-29-0 (w-1), Smith 8.1-2-22-1 (nb-1, w-1), Campbell 17.5-8-40-4, Jacobs 27-4-90-1 (nb-1), Allen 2-0-12-0, King 0.5-0-3-0.SCORPIONS 1st inningsJ. Campbell not out 14T. Griffith not out 2Total: (without loss, 5 overs) 16Bowling: Primus 1-1-0-0, St Clair 1-0-9-0, Charles 2-0-6-0, Khan 1-0-1-0.Position: Scorpions trail by 227 with all first innings wickets standing.last_img read more

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Q’finalists Emerge in 2019 BOA Lawyers’ Football Tournament

first_imgALP/SPA Ajibade that drew 0-0 with Pinheiro moved into the quarter final with a slim 1-0 scoreline from the second leg fixture while Lagos State Ministry of Justice (LSMJ) also rode on the back of BA Law/Probitas to the next stage with 1-0 result.Templars defeated AELEX 2-0 to also book a place in the quarter-finals while Punuka will have to wait for next edition after crashing 1-2 to Advocaat.Former champions Falana & Falana also sneaked into the last eight with 1-0 defeat of DOA Law/ Grey Chapel Legal. Both teams drew the first leg goalless.Despite losing the reverse fixture 2-3 to Banwo Ighodalo last Sunday, Udoma Udoma & Belo Osagie (UUBO)/ACAS scrapped through to the quarter-final stage 5-4 aggregate. However, that result is on hold for the organisers to decide on an outstanding protest.In the fixtures for the quarter final stage released by the organisers of the tournament, Templars was paired to clash with Falana & Falana while Olisa Agbakoba Legal have a date with Advocaat. ALP/SPA Ajibade is to take on SOOB/NICCOM.The last quarter-final fixture involves the Lagos State Ministry of Justice and the winner of the protest between UUBO/ACAS Law and Banwo Ighodalo.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Olisa Agbakoba Legal didn’t have any stress cruising into the last eight of the ongoing 2019 BOA Lawyers Football Tournament.It consolidated on the 4-0 victory of the first leg with another 2-0 spanking of Aluko & Oyebode to hit the quarter-final stage this Sunday at the AstroTurf 2000 facility in Ikoyi, Lagos.Similarly, SOOB/ACAS also defeated George Etomi/FRA Williams 2-0 to consolidate on the 3-1 result from the first leg.last_img read more

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