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How to choose the location of investment furniture store

furniture is our daily necessities, each household can not be separated from it, so at this stage, the investment of a furniture store is a good choice, but in the shop before the site? These problems have been plaguing you, so everyone in the shop when the will to solve this problem after brain injury, so today Xiaobian specially access to information, for everyone to find a shop in the time, how can better for everyone in this location, is also very helpful for all of us, so I hope we can take two minutes to take a good look at the shop, for everyone is very helpful, so Xiaobian today and we talk about. This is also very helpful for everyone. read more

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What are the advantages of Chongqing pride

because there is a small market demand in Chongqing, the natural development of the surface will be very fast, and the small companies will also want to swallow dandelion seeds, spread all over china. Chongqing Chuangyi Catering Management Co., Ltd. is a set of project development, operation management, training, catering chain of integrated catering enterprises. A restaurant has been adhering to the "customer success, the harvest of their" business philosophy, with its unique "Wanzhou fish", "Chongqing small noodles", "Chongqing Malatang" and "authentic Sichuan halogen", "spicy dry pot" as a core formula as a fundamental, after a long period of study, and constantly improve the proprietary technology and the quality of the products, to help more and more want to engage in the catering industry to realize the dream of wealth read more

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Three poor thinking makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to succeed

do not know if you have found that, in fact, a lot of rich bosses have poor thinking, that is, his wealth and his thinking is not synchronized. It is not because you are rich, your mind is the rich man’s mind, nor is it because you are poor now. So, what thinking is the boss of the poor thinking?

One of the poor thinking

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Guangzhou city issued the avian influenza warning information

recently received mobile phone people in cases of infection in Guangzhou city of bird flu, let people see the threat of avian flu, we call on the people of Guangzhou must not be captured in poultry and poultry, do not have direct contact, at present, more than 30% of the Guangzhou market H7N9 avian influenza virus contamination of different degrees.

yesterday morning, many people have received a warning issued in Guangzhou center of the "emergency notice": "Guangzhou City Emergency Office of health and Family Planning Commission to remind you: the winter season is the peak season for bird flu infection, at present a number of domestic city reported cases, I found the cases had contact history of live poultry. For you and your family’s health, please avoid contact with live poultry, poultry products, such as the need to choose fresh poultry products. Guangzhou Early Warning Center released in February 9th." read more

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After 90 college students to sell the annual income of 2 million 500 thousand Taiwan cake

college students since graduated from that moment, you should learn to take life, become the most important issue, can not enjoy the hand clothing to eat a ready-cooked meal life, but to find a suitable job is not easy, many students choose to start their own business. College students from Chongqing 10 square meters of shops, selling hand cake just two years of income of up to $2 million 500 thousand!

! read more

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How to open a yogurt chain

now, our demand for yogurt has been very hot. Want to start a better choice of a good project is very important. So, business with a small capital entrepreneurs, how to choose a yogurt chain?

yogurt has been making green, nutritious and healthy food, up to 80 year old and 3 year olds have become a guest scholar Ji yogurt fan, not only because of health and nutrition, but also because of the unique flavor and taste creamy yogurt has captured the hearts of consumers, yogurt plus AU has broad business opportunities, only 15800 yuan, the entire store home, yogurt stores is a shortcut to get rich you hot. read more

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The spring of 2010 to start today Xining city traffic safety in the first place

for a period of 40 days in 2010 spring work started from January 30th, the city transportation departments at all levels from the source to the thorough investigation of passenger vehicle safety, strengthen the management of the driver, and the road check efforts to ensure traffic safety during the spring festival.

January 29th, held the city traffic bureau of the city’s road transport industry in the spring of 2010 work mobilization meeting was informed that, in recent years, Spring Festival passenger volume is expected to rise, passenger volume during the spring of 2010 over the same period last year increased by about 3%. City traffic bureau for city bus company and the taxi company to strengthen the management of bus and taxi management, requires safe operation, maintain good working order; the bus station strictly abide by the "three in five could not stand" system, namely dangerous goods not stop, do not stop, who is independent of the vehicle does not stop, the overcrowded bus station, not the security check out unqualified bus station, the driver does not meet the eligibility requirements of a bus station, a station and the documents are not complete "outbound registration form" unaudited signed out of the station; for long-distance class line is equipped with dual class drivers, driver fatigue driving is prohibited and sick. To strengthen the dynamic monitoring of the passenger train operation way, illegal behavior to detect and correct the driver. At the same time, the city Department of transportation will also check and improve the key sections of the highway bridge smooth, increase the Luqiao conservation and management inspection efforts; pay close attention to weather changes, improve road transport safety work to deal with the snow storms and other inclement weather, and actively take effective measures to eliminate the traffic safety, ensure traffic safety during the spring festival. read more

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The province has achieved remarkable results

in recent years, the Qinghai provincial price certification authority to strengthen the rule of law as the starting point to determine the price, to promote the administration according to law, the price determination work achieved remarkable results.

"to strengthen the people’s livelihood price regulation, good price dispute mediation, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the" price ", put forward several opinions" the CPC Central Committee and State Council on promoting the reform of the price system in the province, the Price Bureau certification according to law and justice that identified as the goal, actively play the price determination disputes mediation price the work function, effectively carry out the relationship between the government in the construction of key projects, land acquisition compensation price is beneficial to the people’s livelihood disputes mediation work, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the key projects, played a positive role in serving local economic and social harmonious development. At the same time, strict price positioning functions and responsibilities identified boundaries, by creating "three mechanisms", taking the "three principles" for a series of higher degree of social concern, the people concerned about the major cases of price determination, the public security organs in a timely and effective fight against crime, judicial organs impartial conviction and sentencing, provided an important basis for maintaining social fairness and justice. read more

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Jiefang Road city community to carry out the Xining Jian day activities

August 25th is the thirty-fourth in Xining "the construction of national sanitary city", in order to consolidate and enhance the architectural achievements, the implementation of long-term management, to create a clean, beautiful and comfortable living environment, the comity Street office Jiefang Road community organizations of all community workers in the area to carry out a comprehensive investigation focus earnestly to establish long-term consolidate achievements "as the theme of" Jian Wei day "health campaign. read more

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Xining this year to do practical projects have been fully completed

in Xining municipal government attaches great importance to and vigorously promote, in 2012 the municipal government to determine the top 10 categories of 47 livelihood projects do practical projects, has been fully completed.

municipal government in 2012 to determine the livelihood of the people to do practical projects, plans to invest 3 billion 500 million 630 thousand yuan. At the end of November, the whole village poverty alleviation projects, afforestation projects, new rural building lighting projects 19 projects over the completion of project construction tasks, projects accounted for 40% of the total; the contiguous rural environment remediation projects, city and rural residents issued temporary subsidies, an engineering project of primary and secondary schools, Nanshan green barrier two project 22 projects to complete the objectives and tasks, accounting for 47% of the total project; smooth project, flood warning and command center project, new and renovation of urban drainage network project, comprehensive service project of the two phase of the project, Xining city business incubator project, "two wastes" center construction project 6 construction projects has completed the annual fixed asset investment targets, next year will continue to accelerate the project plan. After the adjustment of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Technology Laboratory Project, has been fully completed and put into use. read more

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Beijing shared bicycle theft incident

we all know that cycling is sharing social resources, if people want to use, according to the specification of the deposit can be at ease use, but most of the time, because people are selfish, want the public resources for himself, will receive legal sanctions. Beijing Changping District City, a man sharing the bicycle has 5 times will be parked in a university at the entrance of the ride home, and themselves, eventually shared bicycle company found and alarm.

One day in November,

2016, a bicycle company’s bicycle alarm system suddenly received an alarm signal, showing that the bike was illegally moved, the company staff found the vehicle was stolen. After a few days to find, the staff according to the bike comes with GPS positioning system, lock the stolen bike is located in a rented room, then the alarm. The police after receiving the report, immediately rushed to the scene, found 5 stolen bike sharing in the rented room. read more

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How the cosmetics market fiery Market

we all know that the cosmetics market has always been a very hot market. There are a lot of franchisees, business like agent cosmetics. We all know that love delicacy woman’s nature, good choice of cosmetics, is a stepping stone for us to success. So, are you ready?

1, foreign brands have entered the China years, domestic consumer psychological maturity, not blindly foreign goods (overseas cosmetics quality inspection frequent quality problems, from New Zealand to Japanese cosmetics, to some extent broke the consumers for foreign brands of domestic consumers; superstition) is facing the generational change, consumption trends are changing after 90, 80- become the main consumer groups, this does not exclude domestic. read more

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As a webmaster you suffer from mental illness

"Internet addiction clinical diagnostic criteria" of the "standard" I believe we have heard in recent days, many friends of the fifth QQ signatures are changed to "wake up, become mental disease". The others will be deducted without any cause or reason on a "mental illness" hat, I want to put this who are not happy. The fifth is now to talk about the so-called "standard".

"Internet addiction clinical diagnostic criteria" by the health department of General Logistics Department of General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, and led the development of the organization through the "expert" argument, it also shows that the implementation of standardization in our country will be "Internet addiction". Internet addiction is defined in this standard as a mental disorder caused by repeated use of the internet. The definition of this behavior has seven criteria, one of the quantitative indicators is the average daily use of the network for more than 6 hours or more, and the symptoms reached or exceeded for 3 months. read more

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Grassroots webmaster a wonderful article a week 11 16 11 22

rookie Adsense to understand the success of the four principles

now Chinese website a lot of people, but do not have a lot of success. Many of my friends give up halfway. I’ve been standing for over a year. Not successful, but a steady monthly income. I will sum up my experience, I hope useful for some friends.

summary of the airline ticket website traffic sources

we often make plans for the site’s traffic, mainly to improve the performance of the site and search engine optimization, etc.. This is because we as SEO or that operators often think about, not too much spending in the bidding advertising investment, so we start from the access log as necessary to research data; moreover, to understand the actual operation of station resources and plan from the soft and offline promotion and so on; there is because the performance of the website promotion and search engine optimization is more specific and objective, enhance the space it is easy to see, and SEO players do more, I hope everyone can express their opinions and suggestions. read more

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Electricity supplier is a generation of industrial revolution missed no exciting

CEO (CE Xu earth Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco February 17th news network CEO Xu said in his speech the earth policy policy of the 2012 network electricity supplier annual meeting today, every era has its own wonderful, but the electronic commerce is our generation only to be able to catch up with the time with vigour and vitality of the industrial revolution, missed no wonderful.


network strategy business school network policy 2012 years business will be held in Shanghai Garden Road Hotel today. In the electricity supplier industry as a whole, the current situation of the capital environment tends to be dangerous, the theme of the annual meeting was identified as potential, to the road". read more

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