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Diego Costa, Lemar and Thomas determine the future of Atlético

first_imgAnother player important for what may happen in the future is Lemar. The Frenchman has hardly contributed anything this season, although Simeone has always said that he has a lot faith in him. But Lemar does not take off and Atlético will sell him this summer. With a contract until June 2023, Atlético will have to sign a soccer player what hitch between midfield and strikers. Lemar has played 24 matches, has not scored any goals and has not distributed any assistance. The Manchester United seems willing to take over their services and put a good money on the table. Atlético will need it to face possible signings. Right now nobody sees Lemar in the next team. Thomas, Lemar Y Diego Costa condition the Athletic 2020-21. The future of these three footballers is key to making of the rojiblanco team of the next campaign. The intention of the Madrid club is that the go on for more years first in the entity and last two could leave Atlético. The most significant case is that of Thomas. The midfielder has taken a fixed site in the Madrid team and with 26 years nobody disputes the position. Atlético made him several months ago offer renewal who has not yet signed and will have to see what happens in the coming weeks. Thomas has a 50 million clause and in the Premier It has a great poster. Have contract until 2023 and in England they await you with open arms. If Thomas leaves the team, Atlético will have to sign a midfielder, although the idea is that Llorente is catching little by little more weight in the team. Llorente has responded when Simeone has needed him and in Atlético next year he will have more prominence. Thomas is from the who has played the most at Atlético. Has disputed 35 games, with three goals and an assistance. His progression has been very important and at the club they think he has not reached a ceiling. The third footballer in question is Costawhose futuro also seems far of the entity of the Metropolitan. At 31 years old, the forward has contract until June 2021In other words, one more campaign remains. If he Athletic want to get some money for him he has to sell you this summer. The problem is that Costa no longer has the poster from before. The Atlético forward tries to recover from the cervical hernia he underwent surgery. He has played 19 matches this campaign, with two goals and three assists. Figures that do not fit a quality striker.last_img read more

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Ann Sandell Graduates 39 from K-2, 56 from 9th Grade

first_imgASIS Proprietor, Leabeh Gbowee celebrates with the Ann Sandell School graduatesThe Ann Sandell Independent School (ASIS), located in the Police Academy Community, over the weekend graduated 39 students, who had completed the prescribed Ministry of Education (MoE) study guidelines for both Kindergarten and 9th grades.The graduation ceremony, which was also interspersed with the school’s official closing ceremony, was held at its main campus where scores of parents and guardians as well as siblings gathered to celebrate the modest success of their relatives.Prior to the coming on stage of the guest speaker, the students thrilled their audience with beautiful selections and recitations, specifically the composition of the country’s judiciary, beginning with the Chief Justice and the four Associate Justices.Reverend Martha Partor, Associate Pastor of the Frontline Baptist Church in Zubah Town, Paynesville, who served as the guest speaker, lauded the graduates for the sacrifices that led to the early success, but noted that there is still a long way to go in their educational sojourn.Rev. Partor, a mother of five, informed the graduates that, “Please remember that the educational ladder does not stop here, it goes far beyond what you have acquired, so continue to go for higher education and let the sky be your limit.”She told them that they are truly future investments for their parents, and so they should strive to make their parents proud. “To send a child to school nowadays is not a small thing. It is very expensive, so please do your best to make them proud of their sacrifices,” the preacher encouraged.The eloquent and charismatic Liberian female prelate also shares the pulpit with her husband, Reverend John S. Partor. Both are the founders of the church.“The purpose of our gathering here has its roots in the Bible — Proverbs 22: 6, which says: “Train up a child in a way that he/she should go that when he/she is old, he/she will not depart from it.” The Ann Sandell K-2 graduating ClassShe said that in the field of education, one may say, “Early education is good for every child, but the Catholics would say, give me a child until he/she is seven years old, and I will show you a man or a woman. And this is why we are here to celebrate the good beginning of your academic success.”She added that the gathering was meant to celebrate four groups of people, including the school administration, parents, teachers and the graduates.Parents are the decision makers for their children’s education and future. It is parents who instill the importance of education in their children, not just by spending the money that will have them in schools but by making them know the rewards that come when one obtains quality education.The graduates are those who make such days possible by their many sacrifices. They are willing to make many sacrifices.The valedictorian, Phebe Varpilah (9th grade), challenged her colleagues and those following their footsteps to be encouraged as they climb the academic ladder, “because of education’s importance, people left their busy schedules today to witness each of us leaving the walls of Ann Sandell Independent School.”Ann Sandell Independent School (ASIS)ASIS is a community-based, K-9 institution with low registration fees that are competitive with government schools. There are a number of students who, unable to pay the modest but required fees, enrolled through scholarships.  A high percentage of the students are not living with their natural parents. The guardians of some of the children have little interest in their education or general well being, due to their struggle to provide a living for their own families.ASIS was established in 1998 by Mrs. Leabeh Gbowee, who lost her family during the Liberian civil war. She started by tutoring and counseling children in her neighborhood who were traumatized by the war. The school’s compound now consists of 13 buildings made of mud bricks and plastered with cement. There are about 800 students from kindergarten through 9th grade. The school caters to students from poor families in the community. Many of them are not living with their biological parents and are often subject to neglect and abuse.Pastor Ann Sandell of Lovepower Ministry in Minnesota provided the funds for the first classrooms and continues to assist the school. Africa Community Exchange (ACE-Liberia) assists the school with teachers’ salaries and training, school supplies, and professional expertise. ACE-Liberia Board Chair, Dr. Sophie Williams, and several of her entourage attended Saturday’s closing ceremony.ACE partners with Links, Incorporated, to build and equip a library and improve other facilities at the school.Other organizations, such as The Links, Incorporated, have also donated resources including books, supplies, and the establishment of a school library.Train-the-TrainersSince 2007, ACE has provided staff development training for teachers. In 2010,  It received funding from Plan International to conduct teacher training at ASIS, but partnered with The Link, Incorporated in 2013, and conducted a Train-the-Trainers seminar for participants from the MoE, the University of Liberia, ASIS, The African Methodist Episcopal University (African Methodist Episcopal University) and School for the Blind in Virginia, outside Monrovia.The Principal Eric Gboe, a trained accountant, expressed gratitude to those working behind the scenes, including the teaching and support staff for  making the ASIS second to none in the community.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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2 New Scholarships Established for Ricks Institute

first_imgDr. Menjay (2nd from Left) poses with members of the RIAA-USA during their recent courtesy visit to his Ricks Office in Liberia.The chairman and head of the Ricks Alumni Association (RIAA-USA) said members of the Association have established two new scholarships for need-based boarding students.Mr. John Elijah Scott, II (Class of 75), made the disclosure on Tuesday, October 8, 2019, when he paid an official courtesy call on Ricks Campus in Virginia, outside Monrovia to meet with the Principal/Chief Administrative Officer, Dr. Olu Q. Menjay. He was accompanied by Deacon Samuel Liberty (Class of 71), Deacon Aaron Marshall (Class of 71), Ms. Alphonzi Myers (Class of 2005), and Mohamed Lavalie (Class of 2002).Their discussion focused on finding effective and efficient means for reliable partnership and collaboration with Ricks administration, the RIAA-USA and the RIAA-Liberia. Also, discussion of some pending projects by the RIAA-USA was highlighted when Mr. Scott mentioned that their RIAA-USA new support strategy for the institution is project-driven.According to Scott, the scholarships are worth US$6,000, one of which is in honor of Ms. Johnetta Rebecca Minor, while the other is in the memory of Moses U. Ricks, in whose honor the the school is named. Ms.Minor, who served as principal of Ricks from 1975 to 1989, currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island, USA, while Mr. Ricks resided in Clay Ashland, Montserrado County.Shortly after the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention (LBMEC), established Ricks Institute (formerly Zodakai Misson) in 1887, Mr. Ricks, a successful coffee farmer, donated US$500 to support the new educational ministry of the LBMEC.According to Mr. Scott, the RIAA-USA has made plans to purchase new sporting gears for all teams at the institution. The Ricks Institute sporting teams are identified as the Dragons.He also conveyed RIAA-USA’s renewed pledge to provide infrastructure improvement on the main educational building, named in honor of President William V. S. Tubman. Specifically, the RIAA-USA will restore the broken bricks on the building, as well as restore the bathrooms of  William V. S. Tubman Educational building. The main educational facility was erected in 1963. The pending projects will cost the RIAA-USA more than US$50,000.In recent times, according to Dr. Menjay, the RIAA-USA has invested more than US$55,000 on changing all the windows at the educational building and purchasing of a brand new 100KVA generator for the school campus.On behalf of the school, Dr. Menjay, who is also the President of the LBMEC, expressed his sincere gratitude to Mr. Scott and the membership of the RIAA-USA for all its relevant support over the years.Dr. Menjay added, “Throughout my tenure as principal of the Institution, the RIAA has consistently supported the Ricks Institute meaningfully and thoughtfully. RIAA is honestly a bearer of the school’s motto, ‘Not for self-But for others.’ We are thankful.”The RIAA-Liberia, through its representatives at the courtesy meeting, renewed commitments to collaborate with the administration, and the RIAA-USA in supporting the school as they outlined activities of the pending “2019 Homecoming.”Friday, October 25, 2019 is the RIAA-Liberia general elections of officers; Friday, November 29, 2019 is the homecoming program on the main campus; and Saturday, November 30, 2019 is the Ricks run/walk from VAMOMA House in Sinkor, Monrovia to SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville.Accordingly, the homecoming activities will be climaxed with a worship service at the Washington Chapel on Ricks’ main campus.About RicksRicks Institute, a grade school from K-12, is a learning and faith community of the LBMEC, Incorporated. The school was established in 1887, and has more than 500 students. Ricks Institute, located in Virginia, Liberia, is a boarding school that seeks to achieve a distinction throughout the country and beyond in offering a balanced, and integrated education of the head, heart, and the hands by providing its students with a firm foundation for life and the inspiration to serve others.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

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Finance Minister tours Banks DIH

first_imgFinance Minister Winston Jordan described his most recent visit to Banks DIH Limited’s Thirst Park headquarters, as one that makes the case for the promotion of local products and local enterprises.He told the Department of Public Information after the more than one-hour tour, that the trip is, “consistent with the Government’s promotion of local businesses and continuing efforts to make sure these businesses are strengthened, and allowed to grow so that they will be part of the diversification of the economy.”Noting that “quite a lot is happening at Banks,” Minister Jordan said Government is quite happy that sales have been growing “to such an extent that they have a very extensive programme to align their products to international standards and their plants and machinery also.” He added that the company has been doing quite well in certain overseas markets with “critical products” and “we applaud them for this.”He stated that wherever Banks can be supported in its expansion, the Government will be “quite happy to do so.” The Finance Minister reiterated that Government isFinance Minister, Winston Jordan along with Banks DIH Chairman Clifford Reis and executives of the companykeen on widening the “Grow local, buy local” campaign so it will put local companies on the footing where they can compete with foreign competitors “fairly and effectively.”The visit was welcomed by Banks DIH’s Chairman Clifford Reis. He said during the tour, the company’s future plans were discussed, saying “We explained to him that we have a programme for the next five or seven years, which is going to take us into 2025.” Reis explained that some these plans include expanding its ice-cream plant, product lines, delivery services and a 400-capacity elevated car park with distribution outlet below.The issue of certain taxation measures was also raised with the Finance Minister. Reis added, “not only with Banks but with other companies and he has given us the undertaking that he will review these areas to see what the possibilities are.”The Banks DIH Chairman emphasised that he is “bullish” about the beverage giant’s future given that its planned expansion is estimated to be around $2 billion but which will also be funded in-house.The visit was another in a series conducted by the Finance Minister to local manufacturers to get a first-hand look at their operations and have frank discussions with their management teams.last_img read more

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Come home and invest – AMCHAM tells diaspora

first_imgPresident of the American Chamber of Commerce of Guyana (AMCHAM) Zulfikar Ally urged a gathering in the United States to come back home and invest in what they do best or fulfil a need that they see currently existing in Guyana.Ally was at the time speaking at a business meeting and reception in New York on Monday.He informed the gathering that the mission of AMCHAM is to promote trade and commerce between Guyanese and American companies with their specific mandate being the representing of US business interests in the Guyanese market.“We recognise that Guyanese companies face challenges in keeping up with the standard and pace of the global business environment due to a number of constraints including technology, financing, availability of skilled labour, high energy and other importation costs, to name a few, and as such, AMCHAM supports initiatives that help to overcome these hurdles,” he explained.A section of the gathering at the Intercontinental Hotel, New YorkHe noted that these include initiatives aimed at building capacity, connecting venture capitalists with businesses seeking capital for growth, expansion or improvements and at advocating for transformation or optimisation, as the case may be, of systems which reduce the bureaucracy associated with conducting business in Guyana.AMCHAM Guyana envisions itself as the leading, influential voice that drives a business-friendly policy in Guyana. Ally said that they are focused on playing their role in fostering an enabling business environment in which both investors and Guyanese companies can maximise value and enjoy the gains which flow from their investments.He noted that since the organisation was formed, they have interacted with numerous companies, many of which are in the process of establishing themselves in Guyana. The organisation has served as an information hub to companies and has guided them throughout the process and through the linkages AMCHAM has formed in order to make this process more efficient for the investor.“What I can guarantee is the full support of the chamber if you choose to invest in Guyana and become a member. Our members support each other, and we use our network and our voice to ensure no business is fighting its own battles. We are here to support you as you conduct business in [a] manner that is sound, professional and adds value to the US-Guyana trade and business relationship, and to the country’s development,” he assured.He said that with the current preparations for first oil in 2020 as well as what is to come post first oil are reasons enough to come back and invest across all spectrums.He further informed that with the dawn of a new era comes new public investments, despite the Government of the day, resulting in large public and social infrastructure projects, health, education and transportation improvement projects.“Lessons learnt from oil-dependent economies have served to guide nations in the direction they take at this very critical juncture of development, that is, the transition into an oil economy. The major stakeholders in Guyana, as well as AMCHAM Guyana Recognisance Fund, is of paramount importance to reduce the economy’s dependency on oil revenues through secure investments and diversification,” Ally said.The investment climate, he noted, is ripe for non-traditional industries and services since there are tax concessions available through the laws of Guyana and is mandated through the Guyana Office for Investment GOINVEST.“If you ask us what are some of the business opportunities that exist in Guyana today, we will tell you they reside in almost every sector. From providing goods and services including housing facilities for the growing expat community, financial and accounting services, provision of equipment and advisory services and the list goes one,” he added.The American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana, known as AMCHAM Guyana, was launched in August 2018 with a Board of Directors comprising of 17 members.These members comprise of some of the largest corporations in Guyana.last_img read more

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Inconnu membership numbers up 25 per cent

first_imgAnother swim season is underway for the Inconnu Swim Club. Membership in the club is at a peak level as it has reached maximum capacity given the available pool space.Overall the club has seen a 25 per cent increase in their numbers compared to last year.The Inconnu’s first regional meet is in Prince George on November 21st and 22nd, with the local meet being held on the last weekend of November on the 28th and 29th.- Advertisement -Nine athletes within the club will be participating in the Swim BC 12 & under regional training camp this weekend in Prince George, in which they qualified for through their accomplishments in the 200 metre individual medley event last season. Senior athlete Skyeler Kerr had qualified to attend the Swim BC youth/junior camp earlier this month as he prepares to represent the community at the 2016 Olympic Trials later this April in Toronto.last_img read more

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Hazard sets Chelsea target to make top four

first_imgThere has been constant speculation of player unrest, while Maurizio Sarri’s position has also been called into question.However, following back-to-back wins over Tottenham and Fulham, the situation looks far rosier.Hazard says that, ahead of Sunday’s 2-0 win at Fulham, the Blues discussed taking advantage of Tottenham and Arsenal dropping points in Saturday’s North London derby.“We talked together in the dressing room about Arsenal-Tottenham. Both lost two points,” Hazard told Chelsea TV.“Top four is a hard war, because we’re not only four teams, we’re six teams.“Now we have 11 games to play till the end of the season. We’ll try to take the maximum points.”The win over Fulham leaves Chelsea two points adrift of Manchester United in fourth spot with a game in-hand on each of their top-four rivals.Chelsea’s next Premier League fixtures are against Wolves, Everton, Cardiff and West Ham, before the trip to title-chasing Liverpool on April 14. Their game in-hand is at home to Brighton.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Hazard sets Chelsea target to make top fourLONDON, United Kingdom, March 5 – Eden Hazard says Chelsea may have to win all of their remaining games if they are to finish in the top four this season.The Blues have had a tough time in recent weeks after being hammered 6-0 by Manchester City, then losing to Pep Guardiola’s men in the Carabao Cup final.last_img read more

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Five Man United RB targets! Red Devils to beat Liverpool to BIG signing?

first_img 5 5 1. Santiago Arias – The Colombia international represents a wildcard, but, as we have seen during Louis van Gaal’s previous transfer business, the 63-year-old is not afraid to dip his toe into the Eredivisie market. – Many fans will not be aware of the 23-year-old, despite the fact he featured in three of Colombia’s fixtures at the World Cup last summer. He has also gone on to develop himself as a reliable member of PSV Eindhoven’s side after joining the Dutch outfit in 2013. Louis van Gaal has already returned to his homeland to sign Memphis Depay, Arias’ former team mate, this summer and is likely to have kept tabs on the best young talent the Eredivisie has to offer. Arias is not yet the finished article, but could be moulded into a fine player. 5 2. Stephan Lichtsteiner – The experienced Switzerland international is settled in Turin, but few players in world football would require less of a bedding in period than the Juventus stalwart. Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see more potential Manchester United transfer targets – The 31-year-old is not a long-term solution. Although he is currently one of the best right backs in Europe at present, question marks will remain over his longevity, as they do with every player. However, Lichtsteiner could add instant experience to Manchester United’s rearguard. The defence lacked a senior head last term and the Juve man could provide it. The reigning Serie A champions will be keen to retain his services, while the player himself is settled, but the Red Devils are an enticing prospect. 4. Seamus Coleman – The Everton defender does not represent a star signing yet he has undoubtedly been one of the most consistent performers in England’s top tier for several years. Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see more potential Manchester United transfer targets – The Irishman is now 26 years of age and on the verge of his peak years. His attacking mentality, combined with sound defensive ability in his own third of the pitch, appears to suit Louis Van Gaal’s philosophy. The Toffees will be desperate not to allow yet another one of the jewels in their crown join Old Trafford, but a tidy profit on a player that cost the Merseysiders a paltry £60,000 would be difficult to turn down. 5. Nathaniel Clyne – The England international is likely to be a costly addition, but he has proven Premier League quality. Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see all of Manchester United’s right back transfer targets – Liverpool have already tested Southampton’s waters with a £10 million bid, which was duly knocked back, so the Red Devils know that the Englishman is not available on the cheap. However, given the manner in which Clyne has thrived under Ronald Koeman, he could prove to be a sound investment. The 24-year-old has a regular Three Lions place in his sights and would relish an opportunity to test himself in the Champions League too. 5 5 3. Gregory van der Wiel – The 27-year-old is well known to Louis van Gaal given that the pair have worked with each other extensively at international level with the Netherlands. Click the yellow arrow above, right, to see more potential Manchester United transfer targets – The heavily tattooed Dutch international has reportedly told PSG that he is prepared to leave the club this summer, despite their domestic success. Meanwhile, given that the defender has just one year remaining on his current contract, Laurent Blanc is expected to cash in on his services now, rather than risk losing him on a free transfer next summer. A fee of £7 million has been touted as the fee that could be enough to secure Van Der Wiel’s signature, which is an excellent price for a proven European international. Brazilian defender Dani Alves has rained all over Manchester United’s parade. The Red Devils had been tipped to become the beneficiaries of the 32-year-old’s contract uncertainty, only for the Samba star to perform a U-turn and commit his long-term future to the Camp Nou.So, just who will Louis van Gaal decide to fill his problematic right back position with next season?There are plenty of options out there and talkSPORT is here to bring you the men that could be worth breaking the bank for.Click the yellow arrow above, right, to find out five alternative right back transfer targets for Manchester United.last_img read more

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Humboldt State football adds mix of veterans, youth to 2016 coaching staff

first_imgARCATA >> The Humboldt State football program will feature several new faces on the sideline this fall. Head coach Rob Smith announced the addition of eight new coaches to complete the staff for the 2016 season.Darren Arbet (linebackers/assistant head coach/special teams), Aaron Price (offensive coordinator/quarterbacks), Cory White (offensive line), Bo Montgomery (defensive line), Taylor Mitchell (linebackers assistant/co-recruiting coordinator), Markelle Martin (corners), Austen Jacobs …last_img read more

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Spekboom, the plant with a carbon fixation

first_imgClimate change is an increasing problem globally; and South Africa is among the top 20 largest producers of carbon emissions in the world. Reducing our carbon footprint is more important than ever. The Wonder Plant social enterprise and the Spekboom Foundation have just the plant for the job.Spekboom, indigenous to the Eastern Cape, has remarkable carbon fixing properties that have the potential to offset greatly our carbon footprint. (Image: Bradley Dennis)Mathiba MolefeThere was a time when it covered vast sections of the landscape in the Eastern Cape, spreading for kilometres in every direction. But today, as a result of overgrazing farm animals, spekboom, Portulacaria Afra, is limited to small patches scattered loosely throughout the province.Indigenous to South Africa, spekboom is considered by some to be a wonder plant of sorts. Given its remarkable ability to draw large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, it is no surprise that it is regarded so highly.With climate change a growing problem worldwide, there are widespread efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Tapping into the under-utilised potential of local flora such as spekboom may be part of the answer.Most of South Africa’s energy is still generated by burning coal and this, coupled with the country’s energy- and carbon-intensive mining and industrial sectors, made it the thirteenth highest producer of carbon emissions in the world in 2008, according to data collected by the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre (CDIAC).This also makes South Africa the largest producer of carbon emissions on the African continent, with more than 460 metric tons of CO2 produced in 2011.According to the Spekboom Foundation and the Wonder Plant social enterprise, spekboom can absorb nearly 10 times as much carbon dioxide per hectare than any tropical rain forest on the planet.Offsetting carbon emissionsBradley Dennis, a conservationist from the Samara Private Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, said “fortunately, environmental awareness is ripe and many people and organisations are actively working towards counteracting these threats.“One such way to combat these emissions is through carbon sinks.”According to the Spekboom Foundation and the Wonder Plant social enterprise, spekboom can absorb nearly 10 times as much carbon dioxide per hectare than any tropical rain forest on the planet.This is because spekboom functions differently from other plants in that it continues to photosynthesise during the night, thanks to its ability to store solar energy. This, together with its ability to grow in some of the country’s harshest conditions, makes spekboom the ideal plant to help offset our carbon footprint.“The plant is extremely water-wise and requires very little attention. It can tolerate long periods of drought,” Dennis explains.“And best of all, besides being very attractive and blooming wonderful little pink flowers, it is easy to grow.”Organisations such as the Spekboom Foundation and Wonder Plant offer members of the public easy access to this amazing plant, so you can play a part in actively lowering South Africa’s carbon footprint.“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now” – an old Chinese proverb. Above, volunteers planting spekboom saplings at the Samara Private Game Reserve.Get involvedThere is an old Chinese proverb that says “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”.If you would like to get your hands on a spekboom plant, support local business and reduce your carbon footprint, you can visit either the Wonder Plant website or the Spekboom Foundation website to find out how.“Making a difference, even if it’s as small as planting a tree in your backyard, has a bigger impact than one realises,” says Dennis.Play Your PartAre you playing your part to help improve the lives of those around you through your everyday actions? Do you know of anyone who deserves recognition for improving South Africa and its people?If you do, then submit your story to our website and let us know what you are doing to improve the country for all; we want to hear it.If we don’t get actively involved in creating a better future for South Africa, then who will? Step up and play your part in our country’s journey to greatness.Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See Using Brand South Africa material.last_img read more

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