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Law professor explains legal models of sex trafficking

first_imgIn the keynote address of a symposium sponsored by Notre Dame Law School, adjunct professor of law Alexandra Levy said the drama of sex trafficking makes it a “good story” for news outlets to cover. In the lecture, Levy sought to answer the question “why is sex trafficking a crime?”“Maybe more than any other crime, sex trafficking makes a great story,” she said. “The popular narrative that is told and repeated by the media shocks us with its gory details and seduces us with its promise of justice. It’s an entertaining story, as far as it’s all drama and violence and greed and rescue. “It’s a satisfying story because, at least in the most popular discourse, it has bad guys who are very bad and good guys or girls who are very good. It’s an addictive story, because it’s about sex and virtue and protection.” In her presentation, Levy detailed the three models the law community considers when discussing sexual trafficking: the traditional model, the rescue model and the labor model. First, Levy compared the traditional model and the rescue model, both of which argue that commercial sex, even if it isn’t trafficking, is harmful to societal values. They differ, however, in how women are involved — the traditional model holds women accountable for being prostitutes whereas the rescue model does not.“Unlike the traditional model, the rescue model assumes that women cannot consent to participation in commercial sex, that they are direct victims and therefore, as a matter of justice and efficiency, they cannot be subject to punishment,” she said. Levy explained the difference by using an example case in which a pimp and his “bottom” girl, or most trusted prostitute, worked together to bring an underaged girl into prostitution. Under the traditional model, the “bottom” girl can be punished, but under the rescue model, she cannot because she is also a victim.The first two models were also put into historical context. According to Levy, sex trafficking used to be considered almost anything outside the sexual norm: Interracial relationships, religious-based polygamy and other nonconformist sexual behavior was considered sex trafficking. Levy said interracial relationships in particular were frowned upon, with some even calling sex trafficking the “white slave trade.” “The women and children were nominal victims — their interests were rarely considered and never talked about,” she said. “Instead, the same ‘common good’ trumpeted by the Bitty court [US v. Bitty, 1908] animated the talk against the ‘white slave trade’ and also the talk against prostitution.” The final model, the labor model, is different from the first two in that it does not see the existence of consensual commercial sex as problematic. Rather, it is only sex trafficking that is the problem. Levy said this model views commercial sex as a labor the prostitute should be paid for and, in the case of of sex trafficking, receive restitution for. Levy said the story of sexual trafficking, as the media presents it, is contradictory in nature because it is designed to pull viewers in to witness a sensitive and private topic.“It’s an alluring story because it’s a bit pornographic,” she said. “But it’s a great story because it’s a story about sexual assault determination told in the language of pornography. It’s a story that calls on us to turn away, to respect boundaries by resisting the voyeuristic allure.”Tags: journal of legislation, law symposium, Notre Dame Law School, sex traffickinglast_img read more

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Conservation tillage

first_imgUniversity of GeorgiaAnyone can learn about the benefits of conservation tillage at the “Conservation Production Systems Training Conference” Feb. 7-8 at the University of Georgia Conference Center in Tifton, Ga.”The conference is designed for farmers to discuss and learn about conservation tillage systems topics from U.S. Department of Agriculture and UGA personnel and researchers in an interactive setting,” said Gary Hawkins, a UGA Cooperative Extension engineer.Registration is $100, or $200 with lodging. Farmers may be eligible for scholarships before Jan. 23.For more information, call (229) 386-3416. Or go to the Web site ( read more

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48 Hours in Loudoun County, Virginia

first_imgEnd the day with dinner and a show in downtown. Craft beers and local wines pair well with American cuisine at Trungo’s, located on Loudoun Street. After dinner head over to Tally Ho, a 1930s movie theater that was renovated into a live music and theater venue. It offers regular performances and acts in genres across the board.  See a list of upcoming shows at Get some more steps in for the day as you explore the picturesque streets of historic Leesburg. With multiple parking options, including free parking at Liberty Street Lot, access to downtown is quite easy. Grab a mid-day bite at Señor Ramon Taqueria where the owners have brought the authentic taste of Mexican street food to this quaint little town. Spend the rest of the afternoon sipping cocktails and smashing golf balls at Top Golf’s Ashburn location, just a short drive from downtown Leesburg. Giant targets cover the driving range and microchipped golf balls allow you to put a special spin on this classic game. With a full dining and drinking menu, heated bays, and comfortable seating, Top Golf is a destination fit for an afternoon full of fun. Hotels: Sneak back into downtown for a savory midafternoon snack from Mom’s Apple Pie Bakery where the butter pecan apple crumble pie is to die for. After enjoying a yummy slice, pop right across the street to check out the historic Marshall House, which was home to prominent U.S. Army General and statesmen George C. Marshall from 1941 to his death in 1959. Homewood Suites by Hilton Only 10 minutes from downtown Leesburg, the Lansdowne Resort is perfect for the traveler looking to add some luxury to their getaway. They have farm to table dinning, miles of hiking and biking trails, and sprawling views of the Potomac River. Photo by: Famartin Day Two Downtown Leesburg offers a multiplicity of dining options. Check out Lightfoot on North King Street for an elegant evening of classic American food. Take advantage of your proximity to the Atlantic by heading over to King Street Oyster Bar, located on South King Street, where fresh seafood meets quality service for a great meal. From breakfast, head out to the Red Rock Wilderness Overlook Park to burn off the morning’s calories on the numerous trails throughout the park. A number of historic building and informational plaques greet you in the well-maintained and sizeable parking lot. From there, all the trails break away from the same parking lot and all link back up at multiple spots that overlook a wide, meandering section of the Potomac River. A full loop of the park on the white-marked trail will put just over a mile of steps under your feet, although it is possible to make it out to the overlooks with less than a half a mile of walking. Be sure to stay on trail as the park is home to a number of native, wild plants and animals. Day One Where to stay: Downtown Leesburg has ample options to start your day with a good cup of joe and a healthy breakfast but it’s hard to top the delicious, local food from Cowbell Kitchen. Located on East Market Street in downtown, Cowbell Kitchen works with farmers from Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. to create a made from scratch menu, which changes each week based on what’s available from local producers. Whether in a private cabin or a campsite along the Potomac, the Harpers Ferry Adventure Center provides a relaxing environment for both seasoned outdoor aficionados and those trying to escape the city for a calm weekend. Each campsite features a picnic table, grill and fire pit and there are on site bathhouses and a small market. Comfort Suites (ask about their bike package) Start Day Two with a peaceful walk or bike ride through the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Regional Park (W & OD). The parks paved trail runs nearly 45 miles from Shirlington to Purcellville and covers both urban spaces and the stunning Virginia countryside. The W&OD Park also offers a 32-mile horse trail that is sure to keep any equestrian occupied. There are a number of different access points along the 45-mile trail, some of which are actual parking lots while others are roadside pull-offs. Check the Northern Virginia Parks website for more information. Lansdowne Resort and Spa A fancy burger from Melt Gourmet Cheeseburgers, located on East Market Street, should hold you over as you take a casual stroll through Morven Park, a historic 1,000-acre park just outside of Leesburg. The park features walking trails, beautiful gardens and a grand mansion that was formerly home to Virginia governor Westmoreland Davis. The park does offer tours of its multiple museums but only on Saturday and Sunday. Ticket prices can be found at In Virginia’s northern corner, with the beautiful banks of the Potomac River to the north and east, and the West Virginia state line to the west, is historic Loudoun County. Home to roughly 400,000 Virginians, Loudoun County has plenty to entertain outdoor enthusiasts, history lovers and wine connoisseurs alike. Any wine lovers out there? If so, you’ve found yourself in the right spot. Loudoun County, which is home to 40 plus different vineyards and tasting rooms, is often referred to as “D.C.’s Wine Country”. Check out for a full list of wineries and their descriptions. Harpers Ferry Adventure Centerlast_img read more

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NAFCU’s Berger: Data security top challenge for credit unions

first_imgNAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger will outline the top cyber- and data security challenges for credit unions and will provide legislative solutions during a hearing this morning before the House Small Business Committee in which he will serve as the only financial institutions witness.Berger will testify before the panel alongside witnesses from Intel Security Group and the National Small Business Association. The hearing, “Small Business, Big Threat: Protecting Small Businesses from Cyber Attacks,” will focus specifically on what Congress can do to help combat the increase in recent cyberattacks and data security breaches.Berger will emphasize that credit unions and other financial institutions already protect consumers’ personal data under the provisions of the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. He will note there is no comprehensive federal regulatory structure similar to GLBA for other entities, such as retailers, that handle sensitive personal and financial data. In a recent survey, NAFCU members said they spent $136,000 on data security measures in 2014, and that the estimated costs associated with merchant data breaches in 2014 were $226,000, on average, per credit union. Berger will also emphasize the devastating impact breaches can have on consumers and small businesses.In addition, Berger will discuss the full range of concerns that could be addressed by federal legislation, including NAFCU’s key data security principles for inclusion in any comprehensive cyber and data security measures. continue reading » 19SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

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Prabowo to soon decide on Gerindra candidate for 2024 race, not ruling out himself

first_imgGerindra Party chairman Prabowo Subianto will soon decide on the candidate for the party to endorse in the 2024 presidential election, a party top official has said, adding that Probowo himself is ready to run again.A decision on the nomination would be made soon after the party’s national leadership meeting on June 4, which was attended by party executives from across the country.”Regarding the presidential candidate nomination, Prabowo will immediately decide,” Gerindra Party secretary-general Ahmad Muzani said in a written statement on Tuesday, without further elaboration. A survey commissioned by pollster Indikator Politik Indonesia revealed that Prabowo’s electability dropped dramatically amid the pandemic from February to May.According to the February survey, Prabowo, the rival of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo in the presidential races of both 2014 and 2019, was a strong lead among the top potential candidates with an approval rating of 22.2 percent. However, the defense minister only garnered the backing of 14.1 percent in the May survey.At the same time, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo and West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil are trending upward as potential candidates for the 2024 presidential race.The pollster’s executive director, Burhanuddin Muhtadi, said regional leaders had more “electoral incentives” amid the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two months, as they had the platform to show off their policies on managing the health crisis, which subsequently affected politics at a national scale.“Prabowo’s position as defense minister doesn’t give him direct control over COVID-19 handling,” he said.Read also: Prabowo could still become president: GerindraExperts have stated there was a possibility of Prabowo and House Speaker Puan Maharani, the daughter of PDI-P patron Megawati Soekarnoputri, running together for the 2024 election. This would be in line with Megawati’s political pledge in 2009, also known as the Batu Tulis pact, in which Megawati reportedly promised to support Prabowo as a presidential candidate in the 2014 election.The pledge, however, was broken when the PDI-P eventually nominated the Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla pair for the 2014 presidential race, while Prabowo paired with former National Mandate Party (PAN) chairman Hatta Rajasa.Topics : He said that Prabowo, who currently serves as defense minister, was considering running again in the 2024 presidential election if he garnered support from the party’s cadres and members of the public.”If he is healthy and if the party and people ask him to run, of course, he will consider it and make the right decision later,” Muzani said.Read also: Prabowo keeps a low profile, Gerindra simmers in uneasy alliance with JokowiPrabowo, Muzani said, had asked all party cadres to be patient.last_img read more

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Until vaccine is found, no better prevention than health protocols: IDI

first_imgEditor’s note: This article is part of a public campaign by the COVID-19 task force to raise people’s awareness about the pandemic.Topics : “There are nine doctors who died of the disease during the first two weeks of October.” The deceased doctors include 71 general practitioners, 63 specialists and two resident physicians from 18 provinces and 66 cities and regencies, he said. East Java has recorded the highest COVID-19 death toll among doctors at 32, followed by North Sumatra at 23, Jakarta at 19, West Java at 12 and Central Java at 9. The remaining doctors died in South Sulawesi, Bali, South Sumatra, South Kalimantan, Aceh, Riau, East Kalimantan, the Riau Islands, Yogyakarta, West Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, Banten and West Papua. Ari added that the death rate of Indonesian medical workers had become more alarming.  The Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) has called for comprehensive cooperation of both the government and the public in implementing health protocols, so that medical personnel and health workers can continue their work without putting their lives on the line.“Not just the public, but we, too, want this pandemic to pass quickly. This situation will never be resolved if there is no full cooperation from the community as the front guard,” IDI mitigation team deputy head Ari Kusuma Januarto said in a statement on Thursday.He revealed that 136 doctors in the country have died of COVID-19 after four doctors succumbed to the respiratory disease this week. “Hundreds of medical workers throughout the country have died of COVID-19. This is a very critical situation in public health,” he said. “Every health worker has the right to feel safe while working. The government and the public must continue to cooperate to enforce health protocols,” Ari added. Separately on Wednesday, an expert member of the national COVID-19 task force, Dewi Nur Aisyah, told that discipline in mask-wearing, hand-washing and physical distancing was the only way the public could contribute to breaking the chain of COVID-19 transmission.”Meanwhile, the government’s part is to maximize testing, tracing and treatment by ensuring capacity of hospitals and human resources.The head of the health guidelines and protocols team of the IDI mitigation team, Eka Ginanjar, said many people still seemed half-hearted in complying with health protocols, for example by putting a mask under the chin, gathering without wearing a mask, rarely washing their hands, neglecting to change their clothes after activities outside the home and more.”Right now, people who are infected with COVID-19 but have no or only mild symptoms [and] have never been tested for COVID-19 are carrying out activities outside the home, ignoring health protocol and passing the virus on to other susceptible people,” Eka said.Eka added that the virus had spread rapidly throughout the world, including Indonesia, and had taken many lives quickly. “Please note that, although most people are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, the virus cannot fly on its own, but humans carry it everywhere. And until an effective and safe vaccine is found, there is no better prevention than complying with health protocol – for your own safety, and for that of those around you, the people you care about, your relatives, coworkers and society.” (aly)  #covid19taskforce #mothermessage #wearmask #keepyourdistance #washyourhand #socialdistance #avoidcrowd #usesoaplast_img read more

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Varun’s Gas Carriers Sold for Scrap

first_imgThe six liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carriers owned by the insolvent Varun Shipping have been sold for demolition in the second auction round.The sale was finalized last week, according to cash buyer GMS, and the ships fetched a price of USD 361 per lightweight tonne (ltd).The very large gas carrier (VLGC) Maharshi Bhardwaj was auctioned off on an ‘as is’ basis for delivery to Kochin, while the rest of the smaller LPG carriers were all sold on an en bloc ‘as is’ basis at Kandla.These include Maharshi Devatreya, Maharshi Krishna Treya, Maharshi Bhavatreya,  Maharshi Shubhatreya and Maharshi Mahatreya.The sale was ordered by Bombay High Court on the grounds of a lawsuit launched by Darya Shipping, which was entrusted with the management of the six ships by the Insolvency Resolution Professional (IRP) and the Committee of Creditors (CoC), after Varun filed for insolvency.Namely, IRP and CoC failed to provide Darya Shipping with financial means for the maintenance of ships, along with the basic provisions for dozens of seafarers manning the LPG carriers and their salaries since December 2017.Due to improper maintenance, the LPG carriers were dubbed “time bombs” as they posed a danger of exploding, risking the lives of the seafarers as well as the marine environment.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more

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HK braces for ‘busy’ protests ahead of China National Day

first_imgHONG KONG –Pro-democracy protesters were planning to rebuild “Lennon Walls” ofanti-government graffiti on Saturday as they mark the fifth anniversary of the“Umbrella” street movement that gridlocked the Chinese-ruled city for weeks. The unrestsparked amid what protesters see “as a creeping Chinese interference in HongKong,” which returned to China in 1997 under a “one country, two systems”formula intended to guarantee freedoms that are not enjoyed on the mainland.(Reuters) Anti-government protesters attend a rally at Edinburgh Place to show solidarity with detained political activists held at San Uk Ling detention center in Hong Kong, China on Sept. 27. center_img A series ofprotests – in more than three months of unrest – were planned ahead of the 70thanniversary of the People’s Republic of China on Tuesday, including at theconsulate of former colonial power Britain.  last_img read more

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Luis Suarez renews marital vows with wife

first_imgRelatedPosts Suarez agrees Atletico terms Vidal lands in Milan to complete move from Barca to Inter Barca president Bartomeu says he won’t go to war anymore with Messi FC Barcelona striker, Luis Suarez, has renewed marital vows with his wife, Sofia Balbi. The event took place on the 10th anniversary of their wedding. Luis, 32, and Sofia, 30, looked like newlyweds all over again during the Boxing Day ceremony at a five-star hotel in their native Uruguay – a decade after they first tied the knot. The athlete rocked a sparkly ‘SB’ band in honour of his childhood sweetheart, while Sofia donned the matching ‘LS’ version.They also posed on the red carpet in front of a black wall decorated with an ‘S hearts L’ pattern. Naturally, the guestlist read like a who’s who of the football world, with Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba all making an appearance. Luis and Sofia’s love story is pretty darn cute, seeing as they started dating when they were just 15 and married years later. The sportsman previously got all soppy explaining how Sofia helped him take football seriously.“At 15, I found a girlfriend that sorted my head out. It helped me realise how [important] soccer was for me,’ he told the Liverpool Echo. Luis went on: ‘I was going out at night, I didn’t enjoy studying, and I wasn’t dedicating myself to football. “There were some people around me who were a bad influence. “She gave me a lot of confidence and helped me believe in myself.” They now have three children – a daughter Delfina, nine, and sons Benjamin, six, and Lauturo, one.Tags: FC BarcelonaLuis SuarezSofia Balbilast_img read more

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Joshua considers Emirates Stadium for Pulev fight

first_imgRelatedPosts Runarsson joins Arsenal on four-year deal Tyson Fury to Anthony Joshua: Don’t risk fighting Usyk Arsenal, Wolves want Michael Olise Anthony Joshua’s clash with Kubrat Pulev could be the first fight to be staged at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium. That is if promoter Eddie Hearn can convince the Bulgarian to travel to the UK. Pulev is the mandatory challenger for Joshua’s IBF belt and the British heavyweight star wants the fight in the UK. Promoter Eddie Hearn said last week a number of venues are in the running, including Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Principality Stadium, Twickenham and the Emirates. Spurs’ new ground was the front runner immediately after Joshua regained the WBA, IBF and WBO titles against Andy Ruiz Jnr in December. But it is now understood Arsenal’s home is the new favourite to host the clash, which will be staged in late May or early June. Tottenham also want the fight but Hearn said last week that the dates were “difficult” at the stunning new stadium. Hearn has held talks with Arsenal about the availability of the Emirates and it is understood now to be the preferred choice although they have yet to book the venue. Gunners officials are starting to put in place plans for the event should they get the deal over the line in the coming weeks. Hearn still needs to convince Pulev to travel to the UK as the Bulgarian is aware more money is on the table to stage the fight in Saudi Arabia or the Far East. They must come to a financial deal before Friday to avoid it going to purse bids which would allow any promoter to put in an offer to stage the bout. But an agreement on the venue could wait with Hearn aware how much the bout will generate in the UK so it won’t differ what outdoor stadium they book.Tags: Anthony JoshuaArsenalEddie HearnEmirates StadiumKubrat PulevUKlast_img read more

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