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NBA To Allow In-Person Draft Workouts

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSEACAUCUS, N.J.-Per a Monday announcement, the NBA confirmed it will allow in-person draft workouts.In news from ESPN draft expert Jonathan Givony, each team will get 10 live workouts with draft-eligible players.These include former BYU power forward Yoeli Childs and former Utah State star shooting guard Sam Merrill.From October 16-November 16, teams may schedule ten visits of up to 4.5 hours with draft-eligible players for the purpose of in-person evaluations, interviews or medical evaluation per a statement from Givony.Givony also said all teams will be permitted to send three team personnel representatives and one physician to the city where a prospective draft pick resides.Furthermore, Givony said draft-eligible players may also host multiple teams at their workouts.However, the team’s attendance would count toward one of their 10 workouts.In addition to notifying the league of their intention to view a player’s workout, teams must show they have tested negative for covid-19 leading up to the visit.Givony said “test results for team personnel must be provided to the league office for verification.”The NBA will still conduct a virtual draft combine over the coming weeks as the top players in the draft report to league markets.They will undergo medical examinations, physical measurements, athletic testing, interviews and basketball activities.The 2020 NBA Draft is slated for November 18. October 12, 2020 /Sports News – Local NBA To Allow In-Person Draft Workouts Written by Tags: NBA Brad Jameslast_img read more

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Oxford fourth for student experience

first_imgThe University of Oxford has risen to fourth of 117 universities in the newly released rankings of 2016 Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey, up one place from fifth last year.Loughborough University tops this year’s survey, rising from second last year. New entrant Harper Adams University and the University of Sheffield take second and third places, respectively, with Sheffield retaining the same position as last year. Last year’s table topper University of Bath has dropped to fifth, while Cambridge has dropped five places to ninth.The survey is entirely student-based. Over 15,000 undergraduates at 117 institutions took the survey, ranking their universities in 21 student-suggested attributes. These attributes range from quality of tuition and course structure to social experience, communal atmosphere and quality of facilities. Oxford has come first, or joint first, in several individual measures, namely “High quality staff/lectures”, “Helpful/interested staff”, “Good community atmosphere” and “Personal requirements catered for”. Some students believe that Oxford’s performance in the survey does it justice. A second-year Oriel undergraduate remarked that “there is something for everyone” in Oxford and that Oxford has “a good community atmosphere” and “amazing” tutors. Some others, however, think otherwise and feel that Oxford’s rather high ranking is not reflective of their experiences at Oxford. “Half of my tutors do not prepare for our tutorial[s] at all. Work is not marked and [those tutors] are clearly not familiar with the problem sheets [they give us]”, complained a second-year Christ Church Mathematics undergraduate. He also notably singled out the Iffley Sports Complex as being a “disappointing” facility with “poor ventilation and crowdedness”“I’ve found Oxford to be extremely satisfying in terms of intellectual growth, but not as satisfying in terms of feeling as a part of the university”, said a Wycliffe Hall postgraduate. He attributed the lack of a sense of community to the “decentralized system of having separate colleges with their respective traditions”A Magdalen postgraduate told Cherwell that while it is good to see that Oxford is perceived in the survey as having provided “a rich and nourishing student experience”, issues that cause some students to have “largely negative and even painful experiences of their times here” should not be overlooked.The Media and Information Office of Oxford has declined to comment on Oxford’s performance, with its spokesperson telling Cherwell that the Office is “not in the habit of commenting on league tables, mainly because there are just so many of them.”OUSU President Becky Howe and the Oxford branch of Student Minds, a prominent student mental health charity, were also unavailable for comment.last_img read more

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Commentary: Hindsight Shouldn’t Be 2020

first_imgCommentary: Hindsight Shouldn’t Be 2020December 20, 2019, |   Posted by: jlkrull59By Abdul Hakim-ShabazzIndyPoltics.Org With 2020 just a couple of weeks away and the Governor, Indiana lawmakers and even some county and local governments spelling out their legislative agendas for 2020, I figured I may as well jump into the mix and offer up a few thoughts on what I think lawmakers should also pursue next session.   By the way, I have no pride in ownership, so if you’re a government official feel free to adopt these as your own. By the way, some of this I pulled from “Black Agenda” for Indianapolis that I unveiled earlier this summer.Abdul Hakim-Shabazz is an attorney and the editor and publisher of IndyPoltics.Org.MarijuanaStart drafting a plan for legalization.Medical and recreational marijuana is coming to Indiana, eventually, so lawmakers should start the process now of working out what the “infrastructure” should look like for its sale and distribution.  There are least 33 states that have some form of legalization so why wait to map out a game plan?  Indiana should get off the pot so it can get on the pot.Decriminalize possession for less than an ounce.  Marijuana may still be illegal, but that doesn’t mean we have to continue to clog up our jails with low-level non-violent offenders.  The law should be changed so that simple possession under less than an ounce is at best a ticket with a minimum fine.Teacher PayMake Indiana K-12 public school state employees.For some strange reason, the more vocal advocates for increasing teacher pay can’t seem to grasp the concept that a teacher’s salary is set by the school board and whatever agreement they reach with the collective bargaining unit. So, since that’s what these people think, then make it so. Make Indiana’s more than 61,000 teachers state employees. And the state can have full responsibility for determining salaries and because they are state employees, collective bargaining won’t be necessary and school districts can simply be pass-throughs for pay and administering benefits.  And the state can eliminate all collective bargaining for educators since the teachers now work for them and teachers can be paid accordingly.In the alternative of making teachers state employees, the state should give school districts the direct power to levy an income tax to pay their employees more money or rework the state’s tax increment finance laws (TIF) to allow more funds to flow to school districts and allow those dollars to be used exclusively for teacher pay.Local GovernmentCreate TIFs for local road fundingJust like tax increment financing can be used for economic development, there’s no reason why it can’t be used for local road projects as well.  A portion of the sales tax on gasoline that’s sold in certain neighborhoods (particularly those designated economically depressed) can be designated specifically for street and sidewalk repair in those areas.Change county/local income tax distribution systemOne of the big issues in Indiana is that when counties collect income taxes the money goes back to the county where the person lives, not where it’s earned.  That should be changed so the income tax will stay in the county where it is earned. However, realizing that there are a lot of bond projects that were financed with those dollars, the best thing to do would be to give counties the ability to increase their COITs, but the increased revenue will stay in the county where the income is earned and that way, past projects are paid for, but locals get the revenue they need for day to day operations.Crime/Violence/Criminal JusticeTougher Penalties for Crimes Committed in “Economically Challenged” AreasSince people who live in low-income areas are more likely to be victims of crime than other parts of the city, the state should work with local “economically challenged public safety zones” (which can be based on census data) and increase the penalties for offenses committed in those areas.Creative post-conviction sentencingThe state should work with the criminal justice system and implement a program where non-violent, first-time offenders are sentenced to school as part of their probation. A judge under state law (IC 35-38-2-2.3) as part of probation, can order a defendant to “Work faithfully at suitable employment or faithfully pursue a course of study or career and technical education that will equip the person for suitable employment.” This will be cheaper than incarceration, and the long-term result is a productive citizen who is repairing homes and automobiles instead of breaking into them.Attainable HousingIncrease development in economically challenged areasEncourage developers who receive state/local tax incentives also to build, where feasible, in select areas that have economic challenges.GentrificationWork with local governments to protect long-time homeowners from skyrocketing increases in property tax assessments due to gentrification by freezing their assessments in neighborhoods experiencing gentrification until the home is sold or transferred.These are just a few thoughts. Feel free to do with them what you will.Abdul is an attorney and the editor and publisher of IndyPoltics.Org. He is also a frequent contributor to numerous Indiana media outlets. He can be reached at [email protected]Print Friendly, PDF & EmailFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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Commentary: The Richard Lugar Who Walked Among Us

first_imgCommentary: The Richard Lugar Who Walked Among UsApril 28, 2019, By John INDIANAPOLIS – Richard Lugar had a sweet tooth.His childhood friend Marianne Tobias told me a story.John Krull, publisher, TheStatehouseFile.comShe and Lugar took piano lessons from the same piano teacher when they were young. The two did a recital together.The refreshments included a plate of cookies. The cookies disappeared.“He ate them all,” Tobias said, laughing. “I know he did.”Another friend of Lugar’s, former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn, D-Georgia, told me a similar story. When Lugar and Nunn had formed their historic partnership to persuade the former Soviet Union to part with its weapons of mass destruction, they went to that dissolving nation as part of a delegation to tour a biological weapons facility. They inspected labs in which botulism, the bubonic plague and other horrors were produced.They had to go there early in the morning, Nunn said. Because of that, everyone missed breakfast.Their hosts knew that. That’s why, right in the middle of the death labs, there was a spread filled with pastries.Wary of botulism and plague strains all around them, Nunn and most of the delegation opted not to eat.Not Lugar.“Dick dove right in,” Nunn chuckled.Lugar himself once told me another story.When he was a sports columnist for the student newspaper at Shortridge High School in the 1940s, he wrote a piece about how members of the basketball team were drinking. The drinking was affecting their play.Lugar’s column enraged the basketball team and got him into hot water with the school principal.But, Lugar said, the drinking stopped.And the team got better.Lugar’s high school classmate and friend, the author Dan Wakefield, told me the episode loomed larger in Lugar’s mind than it did with anyone else. Most people were shocked, Wakefield said, because “it was the only time he ever got in trouble.”Still, Wakefield said, people admired Lugar’s courage for standing up for what he believed.Years later, Wakefield said, he saw a similar scene acted out on a much larger stage.By then, Lugar as a Republican U.S. senator from Indiana had gone to investigate whether corrupt and autocratic Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, a close ally of the United States, had tried to steal an election from Corazon Aquino.President Ronald Reagan, Lugar’s fellow Republican and a man Lugar admired, said Marcos had won the election.Lugar disagreed. He said Reagan was mistaken – that Aquino had won. Marcos was trying to rob her and the Filipino people of the victory.“Man, that took some guts,” Wakefield told me. “But, again, Dick stood up for what he believed.”Richard Lugar died Sunday. He was 87.Most of the tributes that have flowed since his death have focused on his huge, history-shaping achievements. The role he played in making the world a safer place. The 36 years he spent in the Senate, establishing himself as the most informed voice on foreign and agricultural policy. The eight years he labored as the transformational mayor of Indianapolis, the man who guided the city away from being a culturally and economically isolated backwater into being a regional powerhouse.All these tributes are fair and deserved.But the tendency with a man who accomplished as much as Richard Lugar is to view him as if he were a historical monument, not a flesh-and-blood human being.This is particularly true in Lugar’s case because he was so disciplined in his expression. He was not a man to let his guard down with anyone but those closest to him.But he also was not a monument.That’s why in these early hours after his passing, I find myself thinking not of the Richard Lugar who will loom large in the history books, but of the Dick Lugar people told me about.That Dick Lugar indulged a child’s craving for sweets even while he, as a grown and great man, battled to save thousands, even millions of lives. That Dick Lugar learned as a stripling what it meant to stand alone in defense of a principle and put the lesson to use decades later to remind both the good and the corrupt of what justice demanded.That Dick Lugar walked our streets long before he strode the world’s stage.He was one of us to the end.May he rest in peace.FOOTNOTE: John Krull is the director of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of journalism and publisher of, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.Print Friendly, PDF & EmailFacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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first_imga lifelong resident of Bayonne and a graduate of Bayonne High School, passed away on June 7, 2013. Daughter of the late Ernest and Alma Johnson. Sister of Lorraine and Cheryl. Also survived by other relatives and friends. Funeral arrangements by GREENVILLE MEMORIAL HOME, 374 Danforth Ave., Jersey City.last_img


Hank Sauce is Super-Hot in Sea Isle

first_imgBy Donald WittkowskiIt was impossible for him to know back then, when Hank Ruxton was plucking vegetables from his dad’s backyard garden for the ingredients for his homemade hot sauce, that he had found the recipe for what would become a booming Sea Isle City business.“It was easy to take fresh ingredients from my dad’s garden and make something I enjoy,” Ruxton recalled of the early versions of his self-named Hank Sauce. “Now, I’m glad that everyone else enjoys it.”But it was not until Ruxton joined up with two Sea Isle buddies, Matt Pittaluga and Josh Jaspan, when they were all students at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fla., that Hank Sauce actually became a brand.As part of a college project, Pittaluga, a graphic design major, created the logo and label for the distinctive square-shaped Hank Sauce bottle. Suddenly, the hot sauce was ready to be marketed to the public.After college, Ruxton, Pittaluga and Jaspan moved back to the Sea Isle area and began selling the hot sauce at South Jersey farmers markets and retail outlets. Then, the three college students-turned-business partners reinvested the money they were making from their word-of-mouth sales to open a Hank Sauce restaurant in March 2012 in Sea Isle’s Townsends Inlet section.The logo and label for the distinctive Hank Sauce bottles were designed by co-owner Matt Pittaluga for one of his college projects.In a major expansion of their business this past May, they opened a manufacturing facility in Millville, Cumberland County, that allows them to produce enough Hank Sauce to meet the robust demand.“We realized how much we were selling, so we needed a place to make more,” Pittaluga said. “This is something that we needed for so long. It took us two years to build it. It’s definitely a game-changer.”The Hank Sauce brand is now found in 650 stores, mainly along the East Coast from New Jersey to South Carolina, but as far away as Seattle and California. That is double the number of stores that carried Hank Sauce just last year, Pittaluga said.Meanwhile, the restaurant at 8605 Landis Ave. has never been busier. The casual eatery serves up Angus beef burgers, Hawaiian pork tacos and other surf-inspired food flavored with – What else? – the popular Hank Sauce brand.“It’s been a great summer. Our biggest yet,” Ruxton said.Hank Ruxton gets ready to use his sauce to flavor a dish.The seasonal restaurant is open from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend during Sea Isle’s bustling summer tourist trade. This year, the plan is to cut back the hours after Labor Day, although the restaurant will stay open on some weekends in the fall, Ruxton said.Ruxton, Pittaluga and Jaspan, all 31 years old, have been talking about the possibility of opening a year-round restaurant, perhaps in Cape May. But that is only in the talking stages.“We would love to open a new place,” Pittaluga said.The three have combined their individual strengths to create the Hank Sauce enterprise. Ruxton, an accomplished chef, oversees the cooking and restaurant operations. Pittaluga specializes in marketing and social media to promote the business. Jaspan, a business major in college, handles the day-to-day business odds and ends.“If we didn’t all get along, we wouldn’t have made it this far,” Pittaluga noted of their friendship.The Hank Sauce restaurant’s dining room features a casual atmosphere.Their friendship was solidified when they were roommates at Flagler College. It was then that Ruxton started making his hot sauce for Pittaluga and Jaspan.Hank Sauce’s popularity stems from the fresh ingredients used to make it, Ruxton said. It is the same philosophy Ruxton adopted years ago when he picked fresh herbs and vegetables from his dad’s garden for his then-homemade hot sauce.There is one other thing to know, though. Ruxton’s formal name isn’t Hank. It’s Brian. Hank was the nickname given to him in college by Pittaluga and Jaspan, thus inspiring the Hank Sauce brand.“Hank Sauce has a nice ring,” Ruxton said, smiling.Hank Sauce restaurant is located at 8605 Landis Ave., Sea Isle City. For more information about the restaurant or Hank Sauce, call (609) 486-5132 or visit restaurant opened on Landis Avenue in Sea Isle’s Townsends Inlet section in 2012. From left, co-owner Hank Ruxton, his wife, Kaitlin, and business partner Matt Pittaluga.last_img read more

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In Short

first_imgGallani to leave BCCCBarbara Gallani is to step down from her position as sector manager for the Biscuit, Cake, Chocolate and Confectionery Sector Group and take up a new role. From January 2010, she will be the new director of Food Safety and Science at the Food and Drink Federation.Greggs winnerBakery manager Paul Norman has taken the title for Greggs East’s Instore Baker of the Year competition. Norman, who manages Greggs’ Bedford store, also won two individual categories for the best jam doughnut and large bloomer. Greggs supplier ADM sponsored the first prize a trip to Paris for Norman and his wife, which includes tickets for a show at the Moulin Rouge, a visit to a bakery exhibition and a tour of a French bakery.True Taste successThornhill Farm Shop, near Cardiff, won Gold in the Baked and Confectionery Small category at the True Taste Awards for its lemon drizzle cake. South Caernarfon Creameries topped the Large Producer category with its Pot au Citron and Pot au Chocolat desserts.Ginsters’ palm pledgeGinsters is the first savoury pastry brand to join the GreenPalm scheme to support the production of sustainable palm oil in Indonesia. See pg14 for a full analysis of how ’green’ palm oil is affecting the baking industry. Diet helps mentalityA high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet could improve your psychological state, according to recent research in the Archives of Internal Medicine journal. The study also revealed no difference in weight loss when compared with a high-fat, low-carb diet, similar to the Atkins diet.last_img read more

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Statement to Parliament: Ministerial correction to closing speech on Thameslink upgrades across the south east

first_img As part of this upgrade, a fourth track and other improvements are being built north of Bedford, which will provide space for an additional train path from December 2020. Unfortunately, until these works take place, some difficult decisions have to be taken. East Midlands Trains’ fast peak-time services will not call at Bedford or Luton from May 2018 to December 2020. I wish to inform the House that an error has been identified in the closing speech of the End of Day Debate: Thameslink upgrades across the South East, Official Report, 18 April 2018, Vol. 639. The correct information should have been:last_img read more

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TAUK Announces 2019 Tour, Shares New Video For ‘Let It Ride’

first_imgThe members of the prog-rock jam outfit TAUK have announced an eight-date, east-coast winter tour. In support of the upcoming concerts, they’ve also shared their new music video for “Let It Ride”, one of the singles from their instrumental sci-fi concept album, Shapeshifter II: Outbreak. Similar to the album’s theme and previously shared music video for “Recreational Outrage“, the band once again takes viewers into a Terminator-themed world of shape-shifting robots and armies of cyborgs. The entire video, which showcases some brilliantly detailed animation design by Dugan Warmoth and Damon Milstead, can be watched in full below.The album’s sci-fi narrative to go with themes of extraterrestrial life and artificial intelligence are immediately showcased from the opening shots of the five-minute video. The first minute alone really begins to establish the futuristic setting before the robotic characters start taking over around the 1:10 mark. As the visually-thrilling journey plays out with armies of robot drones, it’s almost impossible not to get sucked into this apocalyptic world created by Warmoth and Milstead, which is realistic enough to impress even the biggest science fiction junkies. It always helps as well when the artist provides music that is equally cinematic and energizing to help fuel what is unfolding before the viewers’ eyes.TAUK – “Let It Ride – Official Video[Video: TAUK] TAUK also took the opportunity to share a new batch of east coast tour dates on Wednesday, which are scheduled for early 2019 as an extension of their ongoing Shapeshifter II: Outbreak Tour. The newly added run of eight winter concerts will begin on January 30th, almost immediately following their time on JamCruise 2019. The run begins with a show at the Portland House of Music in Portland, Maine, and continues for just over a week until a closing performance on February 9th at the Salvage Station in Asheville, North Carolina. Five of TAUK’s eight newly announced shows along the eastern U.S. will feature support from People’s Blues of Richmond, as detailed in the full schedule below. Tickets for the newly announced 2019 dates will go on sale this Friday, November 16th.2019 TAUK Tour DatesJan. 31 Portland House of Music Portland, MEFeb. 1 Brighton Music Hall Boston, MAFeb. 2 Ardmore Music Hall Ardmore, PAFeb. 5 The Southern Charlottesville, VA*Feb. 6 Boathouse Live Newport News, VA*Feb. 7 Lincoln Theatre Raleigh, NC*Feb.  8 Visulite Theatre Charlotte, NC*Feb. 9 Salvage Station Asheville, NC** w/People’s Blues of RichmondView All Tour Dateslast_img read more

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TAUK’s Isaac Teel Leads ‘The Funk Sessions’ With Members Of The Disco Biscuits, TAB, The Nth Power, & More [Full Video/Photos]

first_imgOn Tuesday, Live for Live Music presented the fifth edition of monthly residency The Funk Sessions at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colorado. Each edition of The Funk Sessions features a rotating cast of players from across the funk and jam scenes playing in unique and creative lineups, with the lineup centered around a host artist and a curated group of friends and musicians whom they admire.Tuesday night’s May edition of The Funk Sessions was hosted by recent Colorado transplant and TAUK drummer Isaac Teel. Isaac was joined by bassist Marc Brownstein (The Disco Biscuits), Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band/Ghosts of the Forest) on trumpet/vocals, Nick Cassarino (The Nth Power) on guitar/vocals, Joey Porter (The Motet) on keys, and Nicholas Gerlach (Michal Menert & The Pretty Fantastics) on sax. The one-time-only group also welcomed a slew of surprise guests throughout the evening including Lyle Divinsky, Adam Deitch, Mikey Carubba, Deshawn Alexander, and Will Trask.The all-star cast of musicians offered up a genre-bending performance, working through pop, R&B, Reggae, and soul classics while always—of course—keeping it funky. Lauryn Hill‘s “Doo Wop”, The Meters‘ “Ain’t No Use”, Aretha Franklin‘s “Rock Steady”, Bob Marley‘s “Exodus”, Zapp & Roger‘s “More Bounce To The Ounce”, Chaka Khan‘s “Tell Me Something Good”, The Whispers‘ “Rock Steady”, Kings of Leon‘s “Sex On Fire”, Bonnie Raitt‘s “Love Me Like A Man”, and Steve Wonder‘s “Superstition” all got the Funk Sessions treatment throughout the course of the memorable night.Luckily, you can watch a full pro-shot video of May’s edition of The Funk Sessions courtesy of Ninja Video and check out a beautiful gallery of photos courtesy of photographer Dave Vann below:Live For Live Music Presents: The Funk Sessions – 5/21/2019 – Full Pro-Shot Video[Video: Live For Live Music]Setlist: L4LM Presents The Funk Sessions ft. Isaac Teel, Marc Brownstein, Jen Hartswick, Nick Cassarino & More | Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom | Denver, CO | 5/21/19Set: Aint No Use, Doo Wop (That Thing), Tell Me Something Good, Sex Is On Fire, More Bounce To The Ounce, Love Me Like A Man, open jam (with DC Go Go vibes)*, Exodus > War > Exodus, Rock Steady (Aretha), Rock Steady (The Whispers)^Encore: Superstition*with Adam Deitch (Lettuce/Break Science) on percussion^with Lyle Divinsky (The Motet) on vocalsMarc Brownstein is sticking around Colorado’s Front Range this weekend, as The Disco Biscuits return for their annual Bisco Inferno run featuring a two-night run at the Ogden Theatre on Thursday and Friday, May 23rd and 24th, followed by a Red Rocks performance with PNUMA Live on Saturday, May 25th.The Funk Sessions with Isaac Teel | Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom | Denver, CO | 5/21/2019 | Photos: Dave Vann Load remaining imageslast_img read more

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