What are the advantages of Chongqing pride

because there is a small market demand in Chongqing, the natural development of the surface will be very fast, and the small companies will also want to swallow dandelion seeds, spread all over china. Chongqing Chuangyi Catering Management Co., Ltd. is a set of project development, operation management, training, catering chain of integrated catering enterprises. A restaurant has been adhering to the "customer success, the harvest of their" business philosophy, with its unique "Wanzhou fish", "Chongqing small noodles", "Chongqing Malatang" and "authentic Sichuan halogen", "spicy dry pot" as a core formula as a fundamental, after a long period of study, and constantly improve the proprietary technology and the quality of the products, to help more and more want to engage in the catering industry to realize the dream of wealth

a person of noble aspirations!

What are the advantages of

Yu Chongqing?

Chongqing arrogant Chongqing small noodles taste spicy, and spicy but not dry, seemingly very spicy spicy flavor, but will not be pressed over the surface of the unique flavor, spicy smells bursts without stop, this is the unique taste of Chongqing small noodles.

Yu proud Chongqing noodles? Join the advantages of the following:

1, low threshold, "0" risk

catering industry threshold is low, it is well known. Our R & D team, with the "Chongqing small" core ingredients formula as a fundamental, long-term research, and constantly improve the quality of proprietary technology and products, to resolve the market risk of students.

2, advanced business philosophy and model

Chongqing Chuangyi Catering Management Co., the company has advanced management concept and management mode, the importance of standardization management and operation and production, a variety of standardized manual management rules, is a real small business expert.

3, the core formula to teach

Yu arrogant · Chongqing facet all formulations will not be retained, the core technology to teach. Whether you have experience or not, in the short term, each student can master the skills.

4, theory + practice training model

We use the

training mode theory + practice, let the students experience not easily grasp and supplement business, help each investor comprehensive solid grasp food production process and get timely management experience. In addition, the core of the formula does not keep the teaching so that investors do not need to invest in high cost of finished products, truly independent, truly reduce operating costs.

5, big market, high return

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