Shanghai nternational Children’s book fair concern children’s books cited thinking

children’s education has always been the attention of parents, whether it is the focus of school education, or the choice of children’s books, are reflected in the hearts of parents eager to love. The Shanghai International Children’s book fair, which has just been closed, has attracted the attention of millions of parents and children, and the parent-child reading has become a scene of the exhibition.

Shanghai International Exhibition of children’s books have been published Chinese Book closing, children’s book retail market analysis report shows that now more than 500 national publications published 40 thousand annual variety of children’s books, children’s books, the first three quarters of this year the domestic total sales of about 500 million copies, 10 billion to 12 billion price estimates, an increase of more than 10%.

in the vast sea of books, guidance and screening of professional rationality is particularly urgent. Talking about some children’s book publisher more than the creation of the "hardcore" phenomenon, a senior editor bluntly, children’s book publishing business more and more, but a few publishers cater to popular taste, vulgar, even bloody horror plot appears in some low market sales of children’s books, worthy of attention.

cheap sensory stimulation, can not enhance the child’s aesthetic cultivation

statistics show that over the past ten years, the children’s book market with an average annual growth rate of 10%, the proportion of children’s literature reading continues to expand, accounting for over 40% of the share of the book. But there are a few big publishers bluntly, "minefield" books: a boy Adventure theme in the book series, out there, killings and other details of the description of the tomb, there are parents for comment "in the book to encourage scientific exploration in the book platform, but render too appalling, could be struck dumb uncomfortable," a comic series; and the network game story book, simply repeat some nonsense joke saying, "shit fart" flying; and some animal novels, to depict the wild male and female perspective of anthropomorphic wolves with deep affection, explicit language, playing pornographic edge ball……

said the children’s book "is not to completely avoid controversial topics, some classical works will also appear in adventure, fighting, negative emotions, but this expression relates to the degree of certainty, more advanced narrative skills, more aesthetic consciousness. Good children’s literature often assume the function of shaping the child’s world outlook, how to feed sugar all day?" Lu Jun, general manager of the small CITIC division, said children’s books need to be based on different ages of children’s physical and mental development to promote scientific development. There are children Shuren remind, "urine fart" Guazaizuibian is a common physiological young children’s psychological development in the process of knowledge of demand, but the demand should not be distorted, there are also some spoof, from the angle of the body science answering face vivid picture. Held during the exhibition of children’s books of the first picture book award era forum, "big time" children’s book author, senior publisher of children’s books about flying sea, facing the "minefield", parents should be cautious judgment, value orientation not only adults take simple denial, "after all, we want to create the vacuum is not recommended

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