How to prevent job related crimes in the field of poverty alleviation in Lu’an

life in many areas because of the economic conditions can not keep up, so the local people’s life is more difficult, so we need to rely on government relief to maintain life, but in the relief process, some of the staff took advantage of his position from a distorted mind. Reporters learned from the Lu’an Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Lu’an prosecutors continue to deepen this year to punish and prevent job-related crimes in the field of agriculture related crimes, as of now, a total of 47 such crimes investigated and dealt with by the 79.

it is understood that in recent years, with the introduction of a series of national agricultural policy and the implementation of precision poverty strategy, a large number of special funds into the agricultural and rural areas, the amount is growing, more and more projects. Some grassroots cadres with power and information asymmetry advantage of agricultural subsidies, poverty alleviation funds, corruption and misappropriation, embezzlement or crime, or dereliction of duty, illegal operations, resulting in rural poverty alleviation fund "paomaodilou".

in view of this situation, since this year, Lu’an prosecutors continue to deepen the punishment and prevention of job-related crimes, rural poverty alleviation as of now, a total of 47 79 people investigating such crimes, among them, 37 cases of corruption and bribery 62 people, malfeasance cases 10 17 people; and 8 section level cadres, cadres 1, the formation of a high pressure situation of rural poverty alleviation and the deterrent effect of crimes.

According to reports from

, and the agricultural poverty alleviation jobrelated crimes, the incidence of the reasons of both factors of management system is not perfect, also supervised control problems, and policy advocacy is not in place, lack of legal awareness and other factors.

how to prevent job-related crimes in agriculture related areas? Through the above reports we can see that Lu’an has adopted a series of regulatory measures, while increasing the intensity of the crackdown, to some extent, to curb such crimes is very effective. To this end, Lu’an City prosecutors in rural poverty alleviation and resolutely investigate and deal with crimes at the same time, increase the crime prevention efforts, take various effective measures to the source of governance, and actively strengthen internal and external communication, efforts to form a punishing and preventing duty crime in the field of agricultural poverty alleviation work force.

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