What a good wash toiletries in winter

the cold winter is coming, we face care has become very important, in the winter, we should choose what kind of toiletries wash well? In the concept of traditional wash face, everybody is to wash a face with clean water or wash a face, but the cleanness of the skin is really in place? Everyone has scores. Want your skin healthy and clear, brush face is the first step. Face wash clean, skin care effect will be twice the result with half the effort. You know the beauty of it? In addition to brush face soap and facial cleanser, we have a lot of brush face material, can make the face wash more beautiful.

A, Green Tea brush face method steps: 1 first wash with soap or Cleansing Cream face; 2 water rinse with warm water to the face, at the end of 3 with Green Tea; Green Tea seriously beat the face 2~3 minutes, water sanitation; 4 finally, cleaning face with cold water. Function: 1 remove the skin aging material; 2 whitening, bright skin; 3 governance acne and other skin inflammation.

two, soybean powder brush face method: Step 1: make Cleansing Cream soap or facial wash. 2 grind the fine flour and mix it well. Wipe the face for about 30 seconds. 3 clean face with warm water. Wash your face with cold water. Function: 1 can eliminate the aging skin and sebum; 2 has the effect of acid fast; 3 can provide skin nutrition. Pay attention to: soybean meal large, will stimulate the skin, be sure to grind the fine flour; health should be serious, in order to prevent the residual powder particles clogging pores.

three, rice water brush face method steps: 1 with soap or Cleansing Cream wash the face, smear with washing water for 1~2 minutes. 2 rinse with cold water. Function: 1 supply skin nutrition; 2 control 3 mole; improve the skin condition. Pay attention to: first times Taomi Shui to be abandoned, will be the second and the last time a few hot water into the water, the water temperature and the surface temperature of the epidermis to coincide; do not let the rice into the eye of the eye.

four, salt water brush face steps: 1 the first face wash; 2 warm water into the appropriate amount of salt; 3 eyes with multiple brush face melting. Wash face with cold water. Function: 1 use antiseptic effect, control inflammation. 2 hold skin lubrication.

five, 1 steps: first sake brush face wash your face. 2 warm water into the sake of about one hundred ml. 3 with good water brush face 1~2 minutes. 4 wash face with water. Function: 1 the use of alcohol to clear pores blockage, conducive to skin disinfection. 2 cause blood circulation, can make health blood. 3 perfect skin posture. Attention: to select pure rice wine fermentation, the more Chen more than good; alcohol may stimulate the skin, dilute it well; sensitive skin with caution.

six, 1 steps: the first milk brush face cleaning face. 2 moderate milk heating, if you choose a slight deterioration of milk, because lactic acid has been >

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