Why would the LED display

in this age of technology, the LED display has penetrated into the lives of countless people, engaged in LED display business is constantly increasing, and make money at the same time, will form a lot of items, which makes businesses are very distressed. So, why LED display poop?

The characteristics of

LED display with a customized and differentiated, whether manufacturers LED display to custom mode or in LED mode display unit wholesale dealers, there will always be a different number of items, such as lights, tail plate, tail box etc..


1) characteristic of the lamp. Due to the different batches of LED lamp with brightness, wavelength, viewing angle and other differences, in order to pursue high quality, the same screen are generally used in the same batch of LED lights. Therefore, as long as the raw materials of the current batch did not run out there will be.

2) the formation of poop spare parts. Whether it is a project or wholesale unit board, will retain a certain amount of spare lights or spare parts module. If the LED display failure rate is uncertain, the spare parts may be formed.

3) changes in customer demand. Some items in the LED display screen factory after signing the contract, in accordance with the contract procurement of raw materials and production, once the customer during the contract modification, quantity increase or decrease will produce different degrees.

4) customer returns. Some LED display project after the installation is complete, may be due to quality failure, does not meet the requirements of customers, will be returned, LED display returned often to recycled recycling, which will produce.

5) exhibits or samples. The LED display exhibits or samples often represent the latest research and development level, has the characteristics of small amount, fast updates, once new exhibits or samples, these samples exhibit or will become the.

Potter has been plagued by many LED display manufacturers, if not timely treatment will not only take up the poop, perennial piled up, and will cause a waste of money, with the passage of time may be not worth a hair. Reasons vary Weihuo produced, but the treatment is the same, or is the price to sell to the requirements of the customers and sell some specialized recycling LED display screen, no matter what kind of way, clearly not maximize the value of these items.

now there are many preparation LED display business people are very strange, why this industry will have poop? Once the items, do not let the economic damage? So, with a little more than the introduction, and now if you are ready to engage in LED display business, you know

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