How to choose the location of investment furniture store

furniture is our daily necessities, each household can not be separated from it, so at this stage, the investment of a furniture store is a good choice, but in the shop before the site? These problems have been plaguing you, so everyone in the shop when the will to solve this problem after brain injury, so today Xiaobian specially access to information, for everyone to find a shop in the time, how can better for everyone in this location, is also very helpful for all of us, so I hope we can take two minutes to take a good look at the shop, for everyone is very helpful, so Xiaobian today and we talk about. This is also very helpful for everyone.

bustling commercial street, choose to shop in this position, because the rent is very high, so the area should not be too large, it is recommended not more than 40 square meters, it is better to be more practical, more novel goods based. In this kind of lot because the location is good, do not need to invest too much can even reduce advertising funds, the most important thing is to promote sales, there must be a variety of promotional tools to attract customers.

supermarket rental area, this kind of position and the first class is very similar. Good is the general renovation costs less, mostly can rent monthly or quarterly payment, because the business a long time there may be a need to shift the salesperson, the types of goods business sometimes need to listen to the supermarket management can not be independent and so on. To the supermarket shopping customers generally do not want to buy high commodity prices, so in this position is to operate the price is easy for everyone to accept the goods, if the salesman performance will do things carelessly, every day a lot worse, losing money is the

can hardly be avoided;

large shopping malls, which is also a good choice, but the general approach difficult, many places need to brand, quality and other certification materials. Management difficulty and the amount of investment novice can be relatively easy to adapt. In the mall can be set up with a higher starting point to establish the brand’s influence, which will set up a good foundation for the future in other locations to lay a good foundation. The market is paying attention to you and limiting your variety. After the test can slowly increase the variety, and properly handle the relations and management;

how to furniture stores choose a good location for all of us is very good, so everyone in daily business, must be able to have a good location, to be able to choose a good location for their own shops, so everyone in the shop when we must think over the location of the problem. This is great for everyone’s help.

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