Successful people experience sharing you see it

is a famous dating site Facebook, enter the line of sight is everyone touted by the majority of users, so their staff have a kind of experience, I hope to share with you, every developer after reading this article, are able to benefit from it.

variable human to effective more than 10. We need more quantifiable. We want to make a lot of things better than machines. Thus we set up a vision to replace our main rules for machine learning models. This vision has driven us to add a PhD in the field of machine learning and another engineer with similar hands-on experience before joining facebook. The stakes are huge, but the future needs this.

2 and the best cooperation

expert and expert just want to work together. When they get together, they’re even stronger. First class people can’t tolerate second rate goods. What determines the "best man"? I understand that those who can do their best to know, learn what they can not do, and thus far more than expected. Their instinct is to exceed expectations, even their own expectations. For them, good enough is never good enough. There are many advantages to being the best person in the team.

1 which makes you more willing to support.

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