Two projects suitable for College Students

different entrepreneurs, due to different personalities, different ages, different experiences, different funds, suitable for entrepreneurial projects will naturally be different. In this context, we only choose to really fit the entrepreneurial opportunities, to be able to make their future entrepreneurial path to go more easily. So, what are the projects for college students? Let Xiaobian to recommend to you two.

now the threshold of entrepreneurship is very low, and therefore, a lot of college students choose their own business rather than working for others, then, for college students who have entrepreneurial projects? Want to start their own college students, this is to understand the specific understanding!

suitable for college students venture: open a car wash

the car wash industry is a small investment, quick industry, as long as 2-3 million yuan of funds will be able to start the business, but due to the low requirement of washing technology, equipment is not complex, as long as there is a hard-working spirit, will soon be able to enter the state, it is an ideal way to ordinary citizens and laid-off workers venture investment.

wash the selected place of business around don’t have the same industry management, place of business must facilitate traffic, extending in all directions, to go straight, be located in the area, intensive family cars such as: gas station, parking lot in high-end residential etc.. The surrounding environment and facilities are also very important, such as the legality of the location of the operation, the source of electricity, water pipes, fire safety, parking space, etc..

cleaning cleaning equipment corresponding dealers: in general, 2 guns, 2-3 person, 1 days at least more than and 20 car wash, car wash according to the market, large trucks 25 yuan 1 cars, cars and vans 10 yuan 1 cars, motorcycle 5 yuan 1 vehicles, excluding rent, wages, water and equipment depreciation cost benefit is obvious. Cleaning equipment prices vary widely, a set of automatic car wash line with about about 100000 yuan of funds, high pressure water gun can be obtained under the $3000, as to what kind of purchase, completely depends on your needs.

as for sewage and sludge treatment measures of the investment, but also are very large, you can purchase facilities and precipitation filtration recycling facilities sewage treatment 8000 yuan a set, can only use a special tool for sludge. Rough calculation, the opening of a car wash roughly at least 3000 yuan invested, the maximum investment should reach $150 thousand.

suitable for college students entrepreneurial projects: personalized shop


WAL-MART, Carrefour and other international retail giants have entered the domestic market, but can not change the domestic retail industry is still in the individual retailing reality, also cannot change 23% independent entrepreneurs choose retail facts. Open stores, convenience stores, small profits and quick turnover, many low-cost entrepreneurs to become the mode of operation. < recommended

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