Suitable for women to open a good shop recommended items

21 century, the China women realize the true liberation, at the same time, some female friends after marriage also chose to venture out of the house, in fact, in real life, there are a lot of very good business projects are very suitable for the majority of women choose.

women for open shop


women for open shop flower shop


women for open what shop? Juice house

the sale of fresh squeezed juice is to meet this demand of urban people. The customer came, the juice is squeezed to sell now, that is, drink go, like what kind of fruit on what kind of fruit. Open fruit juice house, you just need more than a dozen square meters of indoor area, but the decoration must be chic chic, it is best to set the room into a fruit shape. Then put a meter long inside the bar, try to squeeze some of the fruit as much as possible to do everything.

counter placed a cup of yellow orange juice, milk white coconut juice, pink, red Fresh Carrot Juice Watermelon Juice, how beautiful, how attractive! Fruit juice house not to set the table, as long as enough stools, thus temporarily for customers to use, it also can accelerate the traffic transfer. It is estimated that the creation of such a small investment of 30 thousand yuan, you generally need to be in business with a small capital, the principle of small profits, the cost can be recovered soon.

women for open shop personalized T-shirt shop


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