Hui lung wedding to provide micro film services

Hui Long wedding service company to provide a large number of projects, can help people to shoot micro film. This is one of our major service items. In the past just eleven during the new surprises to provide professional services for many people, much public praise, it is worth joining the attention of business advantages.

without any film technology, only need to operate the machine, Hellon micro film production system can through the virtual background, characters and background template synthesis of MTV intelligent HD, photo film, film, art film, wedding art, art films, children’s Micro film advertising and other forms of more people! Amazing is that it can achieve side performance, while the camera, while burning! A MTV, a micro film, 30 minutes, fast aging really make people as the acme of perfection.

this is the technology brings change, the film of large investment, complex process, whether actors or props is one place, making a movie, from the script, to two or three years to the end of the clip, time-consuming, ordinary people simply can not afford to consume. The exchange of micro film production system with its low investment, easy operation, fast return, much sought after by small and medium investors and individual film enthusiasts, creating a large number of civilian actors, but also created a large number of civilian directors.

and the traditional micro film, in the venture Hellon virtual studio shooting MV, cast and crew without frequent travel in multiple locations, a few hours can be taken in the switching more distant and different seasons of the scene, we usually take 3 hours to 15 minutes. Production cost and time cost saving micro film.

long wedding company to join the technical services provided by the market is very welcome, to bring consumers more surprises. As soon as we experience it, we will be impressed. If you want to invest in a business, it is good to choose to work with this company. Come and join us, do more secure investment business.

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