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in many of the franchise brand casserole, Kang Ji is a relatively fast development of investment projects, since the establishment of brand investment, actively join the agency work, at present all progress smoothly, now casserole shop franchise China Merchants has covered Heilongjiang, Harbin, Liaoning, Shenyang, Jilin, Changchun. Inner Mongolia, China Merchants join the casserole shop is a small venture capital, from 50 thousand yuan to 100 thousand yuan, can store Zhitu casserole catering business, Catering Management Limited, years of experience in food and beverage management, for your dedicated service, dedication to your business, welcome to visit and join.

How much do you need to join the


Kang Ji to "beef casserole, ancestral formula," the characteristics of the casserole fast food brands. Selection of natural, healthy organic ingredients, the pursuit of modern people’s taste and health needs, strong gluten bone, nourishing the body, so that consumers in the busy work to eat healthy food.

in the transmission of "only for good beef casserole" concept at the same time, is committed to the dissemination of "health casserole" brand value, starting from the nature of the responsibility to the restaurant, Zuxun "integrity building, Yorke Liye" as the fundamental objectives of the operation, to bring the fast food market reform change


join fee


franchise period: 3 years

store area: 40~50m


, join management fee

join fee: 30 thousand yuan

management fee: 3 thousand and 600 yuan

total: 33 thousand and 600 yuan

two, margin

join margin: 3 thousand yuan

pre mating Gold: 2 thousand yuan

total: 5 thousand yuan

three, total: 38 thousand and 600 yuan

standard store

franchise period: 3 years

store area: 80~1000m


, join management fee

join fee: 50 thousand yuan

management fee: 0.7>

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