On the establishment of new brand

business, will experience this stage to create a new brand, it can be said that this is challenging business link, how to make a new brand "from zero to one, is well known by more people, need certain methods and techniques.


established brand, from the beginning to the brand name. There is a saying: marketing is the core of the brand, is the core of the brand name, sometimes known by many names! The boss to do a new product, do not know how to name, do not even know the name is good or bad, today, to tell you a brand name of the formula, we you can check your brand name is excellent, the formula is:

+20% has the desire to buy the brand name of =80%

has adhesion is the key to a successful brand name, because it would have said it is equal to ten thousand times the effect that. Without the name of adhesion, even if others say to you 100 times, you may not remember. For example, Shenzhen some time ago the collapse of a restaurant, called gluttonous, to tell the truth, so the name is not with the consumer, also think is very cool, very content, if consumers even read can’t read, you let the consumer how to remember the name? Remember one thing: good communication, good the idea of

is equal to zero!

1. advertising language nomenclature. You know, a lot of people to the brand name, is the first to have a name, then this name around the design of advertisement, this order brought a huge problem: advertising language will be the brand name restrictions, advertising communication is equivalent to the future on a yoke. For example, a friend of mine, is to do cowboy clothing, the brand named Ying Yan Bin cowboy, he thought of an ad is particularly difficult.

2. leveraging nomenclature. Leveraging the name, is to help people familiar with things, such as names, place names, historical allusions, cartoon characters, and so on, the product and these super symbols associated with, so as to help people to recommend

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