Shandong college students e commerce entrepreneurship will find the next ma

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has become a cultural phenomenon, there will be more young people to achieve their ideal wealth through e-commerce. Recently held in Shandong, Career Academy, University of urban construction business e-commerce entrepreneurship lectures, many corporate executives and electricity supplier mentors and students face to face, the electricity supplier entrepreneurship preaching.

2016 in the afternoon of January 12th, jointly organized by the Shandong city construction of Career Academy admissions office of the Communist Youth League, "looking for the next Ma e-commerce business lectures will be held in the lecture hall of academic exchange center. Lectures will be invited to the general manager of Ji’nan multi-creation mall, noble business mentor Li Yufeng training school in Shandong Province, brocade Co., assistant chairman Wang Zhengxia, the administrative headquarters of general manager Ren Dandan, personnel manager Meng Qun four brocade "find next Ma" entrepreneurship to preach the delegation participants. Each department is responsible for the recruitment of students and teachers and more than 400 students participated in the lecture will be held, the Communist Youth League Wang Wenxia presided over the lecture.

preaching meeting, Shandong brocade Limited personnel manager Meng Qun introduced the basic situation of the company business, general manager of noble mall; Ji’nan multi-creation training school business mentor Mr. Li Yufeng with examples of entrepreneurship are wonderful explanation; live interactive links for students to ask questions, answer guests, a warm atmosphere.

the lectures will be held successfully and electricity supplier training held later, will further heighten the atmosphere of innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students’ innovative spirit, shaping and awareness of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship and innovation to improve the ability to play a role in promoting, believe in 2016, double a college will strive for further improvement.

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