Fujian 20 island development do a cozy daozhu chance

The development of

tourism has played an important role in promoting economic development in many places. In the process of economic development, we need to continue to combine the advantages of local, play their own strengths, and further promote the local economic development. Fujian 20 island development, make a pleasant "daozhu" chance.

the next five years, our province will increase the development and utilization of non residents of the island, and the pilot in some conditions of the island, the government will actively and encourage social capital to participate in the construction of the island (600515, shares). This reporter learned yesterday from the 2016 Pingtan International Forum on the island.

the forum by the Chinese Academy of the Pacific, China Ocean Engineering Consulting Association, the State Oceanic Administration Island Research Center, Pingtan comprehensive experimentation area management committee, the Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department Co sponsored.

broad prospects

guide the orderly development of uninhabited islands

Fujian has rich island resources. According to statistics, a total of 2214 islands in the province, the number of the country’s total of second, of which there are residents of the island of the island, the island has no residents of the 2114 100. Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Department official said, the island has great potential for development and broad prospects for development, is the advantage of the development of the marine economy in Fujian.

next, the province plans to increase the intensity of market allocation of island resources, increase investment in infrastructure investment in the island, to guide the effective protection and orderly development of uninhabited islands. Our province plans to choose Changle Dongluo island and other conditions of the island, uninhabited island exploitation pilot to carry out.

, however, due to non residents of the island lack of fresh water resources, electric power, transportation, communications and other infrastructure is weak, some of the islands from the mainland, large investment, high cost, slow, difficult exploitation of uninhabited islands.

step by step

pilot islands will be marked with a personalized

for the future development of the island, the marine sector out of step by step, prescription, that is, from the island on the condition of the first pilot, to be fully spread after the experience. Not only that, the development of all the island will be marked by the development of personality and characteristics of the label.

it is understood that the province plans to strengthen the island’s economic development plan on the basis of the establishment of ecological, low-carbon island development model. The province has identified the uninhabited islands Guandao Dongluo Island yellow, promote the first batch of 20, the tourism development of these islands will be in full swing in the "13th Five-Year" period, Zhangzhou province has 3 islands in Quanzhou, there are 2 islands selected. < recommended

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