Typhoon NEPARTAK stopped for more than the next province still has strong rainfall

after the storm, a lot of places just cleared, there are typhoons, people worried about. Fortunately, the typhoon NEPARTAK effect gradually reduced, the first typhoon this year, "NEPARTAK" already yesterday (10 days) 14 PM officially stopped, but affected by the external cloud, today tomorrow many East China is still heavy rain, the Taihu basin water level has been close to the highest value, should pay attention to the flood control.

the first typhoon this year, "NEPARTAK" 9 days to visit Fujian, Jiangxi, Fujian and other areas to heavy rainfall, causing the disaster. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs statistics as of July 10th 17, typhoon rainstorm resulting in Fujian, Jiangxi province 2 449 thousand people were affected, 6 people were killed, 8 missing, 203 thousand people evacuated, more than 2100 people need emergency relief life; nearly 1900 houses collapsed, 11 thousand different degrees of damage; crops affected area of 15 thousand and 800 hectares, of which crops 1 thousand and 600 hectares; 860 million yuan in direct economic losses.

yesterday, typhoon NEPARTAK "weakened further, the central meteorological station has 14 PM to stop number. Although the intensity is weakened, but "NEPARTAK" is still based on residual clouds in its periphery, to Eastern Southern China, South East and other areas to the rain. Monitoring shows that 10, 5 to 11, 5, the eastern part of Sichuan, Hubei local, Western and Eastern Western Guizhou, northern Yunnan, Northeastern Guangxi, Eastern Guangdong, and most of Western Jiangxi and Eastern Fujian, northern Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places there is a heavy rain, local heavy rain or heavy rain down. Among them, Guangxi Guilin agricultural test station rainfall 141 mm, Jiangxi, Jishui, 111 mm, Guangdong, mm, for the magnitude of heavy rain.

central meteorological station is expected today, the western parts of Fujian, Southeast of Jiangxi, northeast and Southeast Guangdong, southeastern Jiangsu, the eastern coast of Zhejiang there is heavy rain, local heavy rain (100 to 110 mm); some of these areas with strong convective strong precipitation or thunderstorms and other weather. Eastern coastal areas of Zhejiang and other places have 5 ~ 6 winds, the local level of 7 ~ 8 winds. The central and southern the Yellow Sea, most of the East China Sea, Ocean east of Taiwan is 6 ~ 7, 8 ~ 9 wind gust. Tomorrow, the rain area decreased significantly, mainly in small to moderate rain.

due to the heavy rainfall has caused a very serious impact on many areas, the rain is undoubtedly worse. Heavy rainfall will cause great pressure on the Taihu River Basin flood. 10, 2009, Taihu, the average water level of 4.85 meters, the warning level of more than 1.02 meters, to ensure that the water level of 0.19 meters, the average water level in Taihu is still the highest water level in the history of meteorological risk. Is expected to start tonight, Taihu rainfall will gradually weaken, but still need to do the monitoring of rainfall, flood warning and inspection work.

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