Tips to open a cosmetics shop

many businesses want to open a cosmetics store through the successful acquisition of wealth, if you want to successfully set up shop, you need to learn a lot of shop knowledge, to master more business knowledge. Xiaobian today to share some of the professional advice, I hope to help you shop.


has many years of sales experience in cosmetics, and cosmetics sales have been on the cosmetics shop owner Zhao Tian Lu national beauty and heavenly fragrance said: " in Zhengzhou, selling more fine tobacco Shangqiu, selling cosmetics is Nanyang people, other people in this business basically is to rely on relatives and friends with them do more than two years of promotion, and guide, salesman, beauty tutor people in the cosmetics company, the success of investment shop will be slightly large enough for several. "

by agent brand profit

in foreign countries, international brands have been large department store sales, roughly the same as in Zhengzhou, but the Zhengzhou department store not only sells international brands, sales of local international line products, the extrusion. Store living space, so the true sense of the store in Zhengzhou is not much.

the collective operators in terms of many people are choosing the integrated product opening and cosmetics shop, with low price and high sales volume to win. Zhao Tianlu said: " cosmetics shops can drive sales to the high-end brand two or three brand, but the brand profit is relatively low, investors can best represent one or some brand shop as the main product, to guarantee profits. "

, the best soldiers near the community bus

> in the bus station

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