How to use your talents to start a business

business is not what people can, for example, many people learn how efforts are likely to have the discipline of defects, which is a genius, venture on the road too, so if you want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, this talent should own how to use the?

Q1. what is your definition of success?

is actually work with your talent, and your work itself from your talent. When you find your talent, or you can give special contribution to the world, and you spend all your time in this respect, not what the time is spent in the areas you are not good at, this is considered a success Kidder. In some ways, you have to stop perfecting yourself, and really you are 100 percent focused on what you were born to accomplish. It will also have a huge impact on the people of the world.

Q2. how do you advise people to identify this talent?

Kidder likes to quote MarkCuban, "don’t follow your passion, but follow your efforts." You need to see where your time is spent, and it’s time to point out what you’re good at. You can see that you’re a brand or a coach. If you make a thing, can you follow this path, and could you create a company based on it? Once you begin to believe, let your valuable gifts, and commitment to follow it, things will start smoothly.

Q3. if you have a challenge, the challenge will make you more successful, not only financially, but also in other ways, but you can’t use your talent

Q4. what do you think of your talents and your main focus areas?

Kidder believes that their talents are the framework, and the opportunity to simplify the complex, so that it can be understood as an intention, and then create an operating system to achieve this intention. It’s easy to make things complicated. It’s hard to boil things down for a purpose. This goal needs to be important and can be more in line with the needs of customers, which in turn makes it more important. It goes beyond the competitiveness of your products. In K>

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