To the joint how to locate the traditional enterprise in the nternet Era

nearly ten years, the Internet model has become an important means of transformation of traditional industries. Don’t move that out, the traditional enterprise development trend of the times, the corresponding national call a "ship Internet plus" to the new economic development area.

to traditional business people ‘home’, Hangzhou Baixiong chairman to think so: "the traditional enterprise transformation to the Internet is imperative step, while the traditional enterprise entrepreneurship not only is the response to the call of the national policy is to promote the development of the Internet economy in the process of China’s help, and hope that through the Internet economy finally drive the development of the real economy."

to the joint of reporters, science and technology is bear their first "Internet business", before he spent more than and 20 years engaged in traditional industries.

"I was born in August 1968 in Anhui city of Xuancheng in remote rural areas, 91 years after graduation was assigned to the Anhui provincial Civil Affairs Bureau of Xuanzhou City, after being appointed to the Organization Department, working is more than and 10 years." The work of the system, he recalls to the United Nations, honed his patience and perseverance, and made him more eager to change. So in April 2005, he resigned from the Xuanzhou District, China Merchants bureau responsible person, began his career in Anhui.

to the United said he has a total of four business experience as a senior "entrepreneurial people.". He founded Xuancheng Guangye senior middle school, human resources occupation Nihon group company, Xuancheng Naier socks company have achieved good results, and the implementation of the sunshine project was awarded the advanced unit in Anhui province and Anhui province employment training advanced units, small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang province human resources transportation base, Zhejiang the province of outstanding contribution to enterprise honorary title.

2010, united with the Zhejiang Nell group co founded Xuancheng Naier socks company, the company has now become a Adidas one of the world’s five major production bases around the world each year for the supply of the Adidas brand 40 million pairs of socks.

understanding to the United’s past record, it seems hard to imagine such a formal "traditional enterprise" and the Internet will produce what relationship, but did not think to the united. He believes that, regardless of how the business model and product attributes update, but in the final analysis, the most fundamental thing is to do business or service.

"traditional enterprise is the best service, we know how to make the customer satisfied from all the minor details." To the United Nations said, it is because of his more than twenty years of traditional industry background, let him in the first step into the wave of the Internet immediately pinpoint their location, namely "temperature of Internet companies to transfer heat to society.".

2015 in June, to formally enter the Internet plus smart products in the field, the founder of the Hangzhou science and technology company bear. The company is mainly engaged in the development and design of indoor intelligent hardware and sales services, with a new sun recommended

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