nternet cafes desktop advertising business opportunities you ignore

our life is full of advertising, advertising is also a variety of forms. Rely on advertising to make money, few people want to. Today, we have entered the information age, the advertising industry, there is no business opportunities, but also can not send a fortune, tell you, can be!

Internet desktop advertising to set the wallpaper in the Internet client desktop and IE in the top display advertising content advertising platform. As the Internet cafes have gathered more young consumer groups, similar personality, similar hobbies, willing to accept new things, but the influence of each other is relatively strong. In addition, the relatively closed business places, people stay longer, the arrival rate of information dissemination is high, the level of deep. Secondly, it is restricted by the nature of the business, and other advertising information is less. Therefore, the minimum degree of interference in advertising, public acceptance of information naturally high.

Analysis of

1. more targeted audience groups:

select Internet advertising can help directly hit the most likely potential users.

2.100% advertising effective service rate:

Full investigation of

3. a greater number of audiences, the target audience size:

Mandatory, repetitive, anti-jamming

4. more effective advertising memory.

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