Review of the new era talk about the establishment of things

before that day, always thought that the website is a mystery, is very complex, very profound things. Each site behind a meticulous division of labor, solidarity and cooperation of the team. After meeting jakin, before we know the concept of personal webmaster, website construction is not a mystery.

was 04 years, just a sophomore, love playing on the Warcraft 3 games, often do is to Baidu search " ", then the world of Warcraft map; row in front of the station one point into the open, to see what good new download. For a long time, found a station the map is quite complete, but advertising is not much, neither game portal a column that abuse of taro sucks, did not actually map, nor those large information stand as complex world of Warcraft, find a long time can not be found in the download link. This station is fresh, simple, friendly and hide him. To become a.

station. Go

because it is love, after a period of time with the station jakin, jakin less than me, when he read college. Major in architecture, he said that he is a person responsible for the station, renewal, construction, operation safety, he is a person. I was very impressed. The original this is personal webmaster. Can say very seriously, if you do not know jakin, now the road may have to be rewritten. Before jakin, I was very confused, don’t know where to go. The development is probably not the webmaster way, jakin pointed out to me this way, I don’t I know the road is correct, is sustainable, but at least let me have a position to a certain extent, has been affected so far, the future will continue.


03,04, really do stand will be able to make money in the 1990s, jakin has had a more ambitious goal, he said he was going to do a new source. There is no energy what manage the nine tour. I was standing Warcraft map out of interest in the game, to support him to do so, so I asked him, with updates, so I became familiar with. Some steps of site construction. Then jakin says to be able to stand completely in the hands of my management, he was only three months ago on GG advertising, if you can receive it. In fact, when we do not stand or focus on interest. Like many webmaster now. It is to make money. Then I talk to jakin into a cooperation agreement. I give 800 yuan, he put the station to me. This station will certainly continue to do so, while still a student, not what economic sources, looking for students to borrow some money to pay. After the jakin., the station belongs to me. Of course, before the advertising fee income to him,.Jakin is a very nice guy, he also promised to receive GG money, I part of.

since then, I am also personal webmaster, then, this site is all I just sat in front of the computer, is engaged in the station. I may be some time enough, maybe my major is electronic commerce, the website promotion is.

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