My web site as well as the future keenly aware of

anything needs, there is a market, most people at this stage can not do without web site, convenient and quick to use.

because I usually have to fry stocks, they find that the financial network navigation content insufficient, collect website is old, not what updates in recent years due to the fund, blog shares, stocks and other related stocks rise of mobile phone stuff, financial navigation does not reflect the content of finance, another disadvantage is that the navigation can not take into account the comprehensive web site, if there are people in the financial web site to find and stock something very difficult, must find a comprehensive web site, so it will be more trouble.

based on the above considerations, I began planning and navigation in my mind, and probably spent more than half a year, each sector shares one by one study, song: finally arrived, can be said to find everything fresh and new.

and before any financial navigation are not the same, the first increase in a Baidu search, Baidu search is the banner of the Internet will be more convenient to use, something not too clear, search to understand, this must be more eye-catching banner.

Next I added

securities (financial standing before navigation there, but the location is not obvious, the contents of the old), the station is also included in the website of the stock by category row, the station basically covers the entire field of financial securities.

The first line of

is the most famous professional financial website in China. It is a professional financial website, and it is more influential in china.

second line is the major portals of the financial sector and the two exchanges, why is this row? I think they are not professional financial websites after all.

The third elements of the

are the press and information disclosure websites designated by the CSRC, and the content authority. In this way, investors are more convenient to use, timely and authoritative disclosure of information, investors make the right decision plays a major role.

fourth is mainly some authoritative domestic financial media, can timely give investors analysis of important domestic and foreign financial news and economic trends, has important reference value for investors.

fifth lines is the most common stock software we stock, and good stock, there is a good software is essential, with comfortable, you can get twice the result with half the effort.

sixth is mainly included some famous fund website, no stocks do fund can also use stock song navigation browsing market, check the net value of the fund, to see what the recent new funds available and many other content is also very convenient.

seventh is mainly outside the mainland Chinese financial websites, stocks look more more information and listen to the sea and some different views, different information impact on the interpretation of economic trends and the stock market continues to be of great help, especially included a English website "Bloomberg" (>

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