Talking about community cultivation and common solutions from community common sense

      this article is not profound; it speaks only of the community’s common sense. Although it is common, when the operation may miss some things, I have recently found a loophole in the self check. Be ashamed。

first talks about what is "community," and there is no accepted definition on the internet. In my opinion, where the content of the interpersonal relationship products, while the domain users have a strong sense of identity of the entire user base, which is the community. It has three typical features, the first is the user output content, and the second is to enhance the interaction and output of the content through user relations; third, there is a conventional community culture.

, such as watercress, at the same time meet these three points. NetEase thread to meet 1/3 points, Sina, micro-blog meets 1/2 points. Therefore, the community characteristics of watercress is more typical.


has three major problems for the community, first of all, how to attract users to publish content, common solution is as follows:

1, traffic drivers, can be a lot of attention after publication, including the number of visitors / forwarding, and so on, for low-end users and business users particularly effective.

2, AC drive, published after the quality of comments, of course, the definition of "quality" is also different from person to person.

3, the sense of belonging, driven by the personal home page as their own small home, willing to publish content at home, decorate personal space.

4, identity driven, because there is something I like, a special aura of content / users / information, hoping to join them, usually need a strong public display area to support.

‘s best solution, of course, is 1/2/3/4, but it’s hard. The four must be quite good. If only one of them can be realized, the ceiling is quite limited.

secondly, from the establishment of community relations, how can we help users understand each other and pay attention to each other? The common solution is as follows:

1, the content of the public display area, the classic such as forums, and watercress in Book audio and video items under the review exchange area is another type.

2, the implementation of the content distribution mechanism, which requires two elements, one is used to access to newsfeed users, two of the content of the forwarding habits, the former belongs to the product architecture, which is part of community culture.

3, embedded personalized groups, to help like-minded users to find each other, unfortunately operating success rate is very low.

more than three elements, is the only watercress community can do, but not the full effect of strong interaction techniques, the best – Sina micro-blog strong forward, the whole experience extremely smooth. In contrast, watercress between newsfeed/ public display area / personalized discussion area jump around, go around, and then fall downwind.

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