The development of my website after the nternet turbulence

time passed quickly, my travel network in Shenyang, after no record number, broken network, today record number finally came down. A little happy, a little nervous, a little disappointed, a little headache.

happy is my website, after 45 days, the record number finally came down. I have collected a lot of original, waiting for the website to be released after on-line. Tension is the thing is also clever, I just submitted to Baidu included, second days was included, very happy, but bad is third days was broken nets. Thirtieth days later, 10 Fen of Baidu’s K remained, listening to the friends around them saying the harm. I’m really nervous now. I don’t know if Baidu has taken me in or not.

disappointed because all my plans were ruined because of a broken line. In order to promote websites, newspapers, advertisements, road signs and advertisements, tens of thousands of dollars have been spent, but people can not display the page when they open the web address. I looked at a page every day sad sad. And expressed disappointment at the action.

headache is because all plans are ruined. Because of the interruption of the network, I think I have felt the end of my website. Find a new job. But now the record number is out, and I don’t have the time to manage the website every day.

I know my experience is not just me. But I still hope that the best thing will happen to me.

Shenyang tourism network opened (, we can go to see my station. I hope good masters plus my QQ:345812551, give me some suggestions and opinions.

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