The most famous 1024 website why can’t seal off the old driver must see

the evil tale begins like this.

one afternoon, Lei Feng’s little buddy was talking about a website security check, and suddenly my old driver was going to put an odd picture in an article like this:


editor Mike naive although know this is a magical and special website, but never thought, it is thousands of boys (possibly girl) a famous website — CL

‘s community!

Lei Feng network here are serious editing, so the topic soon from Xiao Li popular science CL community how much fire turn, why some pornographic websites can not be sealed,


is not intimate, without truth.


editors Lei Feng network for example, proficient in the address bar enter a URL, proudly told Mike: "private stock, but the permanent site of the CL community, before a lot of temporary are blocked." Xiao Li, trembling like a treasure, confirmed the site’s authenticity and effectiveness, decided to seriously and seriously continue to explore this topic – why some pornographic websites can not be sealed?

first science, why CL community before so many temporary domain name, different domain name point to the same thing,


here relates to DNS (domain name system), a distributed database on the Internet as a domain name and IP address mapping to each other, making it easier for users to access the Internet, without having to remember can be read directly on the number of IP machines. The process of obtaining the IP address corresponding to the host name through the hostname is called domain name resolution (or host name resolution).

In order to better explain the

, first briefly explain the

diagram for a xueyibujing


the three URLs are pointing to the same IP address, because may be more difficult to remember (what, you can’t say that you try hard to remember? 192.1236.745.012? Here is a IP editor, not about the CL community, without excitement), so these three simple URLs can take you to it.

here is a good friend and a wolf – Senior Internet practitioners told the editor of W, now this kind of website against tough, pornographic websites only shot for a web site, but it is difficult to wolf friends in this circle, everyone will love, share the latest web site each other, but these URL to the same IP address or multiple IP addresses, then need a demo map.


, IP1, IP2, IP3, and IP4 may all be temporary URLs pointing to temporary URLs

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