Put your eggs in different baskets spread the risk and do more websites

why do the risk diversification, a weight of 100 pounds of station, 1 people and 10 people will carry carry what is the concept that, everybody will count this account, of course I mentioned here to spread the risk, do stand, not suitable for large companies, even for the very many small and medium-sized companies, only suitable for personal webmaster can also.

into our happy moment: "99399 friends together, to experience the wonderful life, happy you and me", a naked woman with a naked girl who ran into a taxi, the driver body at her, the girl scolded: "what, haven’t seen naked a woman?!!" the driver said: "I see that your money is out there!"


says here is to do more wind stations, not to say to want to build station group, also be not the website of big company interior. The establishment of stations is do search engine optimization of the commonly used gimmick, they control a large number of related related website, when a website to do the promotion, use these sites do connection, rapidly improve the site’s ranking, this is a violation of the principle of technique is the search engine, so once found that not only hurt other sites, your site will be blocked, it is recommended not to use, not to mention the novice.

personal web site is very vulnerable,

both have good personal webmaster planning carefully, run how well, or webmaster is an excellent marketing master, but in fact most of the personal website is still very fragile, hard business profitable looked promising, because the outside factors may be destroyed on one day, personal ability is incapable of action.

, for example, has more and more websites using e-mail, but there are more and more spam. All the ISP are becoming more and more strict with spam filtering and blocking large amounts of mail. Previously widely accepted methods of promotion are now mistaken for a pile of junk mail, and the chances of opening and reading are getting smaller and smaller. What’s more, the trend is not getting better, but it’s getting more and more serious. What about the email marketing website,


keeps replicating your successful website,

said here that the copy of your success is not to say, just copy your site first is: Based on your success, copy is your experience and strength, more than those in addition to flexible, is to do more of a few stations, if you feel a good operating station the profit, and almost anticipated even beyond the original expectations, so you can put aside the website (note not in maintenance is not in operation) and then use your successful experience to do a website to do a website, do not do the same as before. Do you try different products, different industries, the promotion strategy is not the same.

if you say your first web site is paid for by search engine traffic, then you’re second

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