No resources nothing how to quickly accumulate resources and fans

everyone knows it’s the hardest to do a project without resources, such as opening a new public number, no other resources to take, and it’s hard to suck. You just do micro business, there is no resource is also very difficult to develop. What is a resource? Something that can help your project grow faster and make money faster. For example, you have a fan, a lot of connections, or a lot of useful software, which can be your resources.

everyone has a general idea that if there’s no resources, then I’ll look for resources. In fact, such an idea is very wrong. Because you don’t have anything and have nothing to do with people. Who cares about you, right?. In fact, resources are exchanged, so you are going to change resources. When you change resources, you must think so: what can I offer him? What can he help me with?. A lot of hands why the party has been mixed bad, that is what you want, of course, to ask. As a result, people do not bird him. And he’s gonna play down this guy, what’s that bad?. In fact, what do people give you resources, such as a lot of small white plus me, and then ask me if I can help push his micro signal, or ask what you are doing, can take me also do?. A lot of people don’t even know who I am, just as I owe him. I like to make friends, but that’s what friends don’t do. At least you should be polite or tell me who you are first. If you talk about it and feel like you can, it’s worth the big deal. Maybe I can share some of the resources for you, right? At least you’ll have to wait for me to get familiar with it. I’ll be free to help you, will you?


well, if you have little or no resources, I’ll share how to quickly accumulate it into resources:

1, looking for areas where fewer people can do it and do it quickly.

a lot of masters of the network than ordinary people have more insight, such as the public number is not yet a fire when you can feel that this thing will fire, so early done, and soon will be able to accumulate resources. If it’s something that everyone knows when you want to accumulate resources through this, it can be difficult to estimate. Then you can find something else that is not very difficult to do through other channels, and quickly make the resources available. Another is that you have a good method, so you can do it. For example, now the public number of powder difficult to smoke, and advertising you have no money. Well, you can study some places that are easy to suck (such as QQ’s interest tribe), where fewer people do it quickly and make their fans bigger. Then slowly guide the fans. Or you can trade these resources with others, and your resources will grow, and you’ll have to find these places every day.

2, trumpet strategy

my public number has been running for about 20 days, and there are already thousands of fans, and each one of these articles now has 700 to 1200 readings. Why so soon? I didn’t do anything to suck the powder. The root cause is my micro signal powder

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