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when writing this article, I do not know the title should be called "rookie – blog – local portal webmaster Wangzhuan or should be called the" rookie "out of place" on their own portal webmaster, everyone to understand my thoughts!

has unwittingly been in touch with the Internet for over 2 years. The taste is bitter and sweet, and the reason is that I can feel the joy of a sense of accomplishment at every point of progress, and believe what I say. This is my 2 year in the first online article written, for a long time to write your own things, but always feel not what to write, because: 1. I have not succeeded, here that success can be divided into money and not earn money two (I think the success of success is not to make money, but how much beyond their own success). 2., I feel that the understanding of the network is not enough, there is no opinion of the qualifications, may not qualify now. But two years later, I just want to say how I feel.

should begin from 2006 of that year, I just stepped into the society to do something, what the hands do not have extra money, but also want to do business, 1 of the 2, to live up to the family 3., I believe that society can give me a role. There are other young temper, is unyielding, believe you will make a career, I was a witness to the people recognized by everyone. I went to Beijing with only a few of my money, because I had seen a lot of promotional ads on TV before I left. I saw about 10 items and sent all the information. After going to the result, with 1 months of regret to return home, of course, very discouraged, because after more than 1 months, the money spent a lot, but the entrepreneurial project has not brought back one. To tell the truth really is not willingly, because I heard more information on the Internet, I found a friend taught me to surf the Internet, the beginning is very stupid, even chat very slow, but fortunately, I was browsing the web and typing 2 days to learn typing, slowly. After the Internet, I opened my eyes and saw all kinds of information and business projects. I would like to simply network so developed, I buy a computer, broadband, at home to see what the Internet is doing good projects. So I thought I did it right away. I bought a computer and got broadband, so I got on the Internet at home.

imperceptibly over time more than 2 months, during which I spent most of my time into previous work, to gradually give up continue to find the online project decision, at this time, one day I find some information on the Internet according to the Convention, open a monthly income of 10000 yuan is not a dream "title" in my eyes, there is a brief introduction of the project, and then required to publicize 10 people to this page to see a detailed tutorial, so I sent some web site in accordance with the requirements of promotion, after a day that "really open, but asked me to add a group, after joining, which probably has dozens of people in, I learned a Wangzhuan project, in accordance with the requirements of the main group, I spent 100 yuan to buy a domain name space (in fact.

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