What is the development direction and profit characteristics of local stations

think of yourself online guild website now do local site failure from the 07 years, there are more than 3 years, have been greatly small during several different types of sites, most just for fun, little real money, I think the webmaster also and I almost got it, now I do not know what kind of website, and I think it has been since the local web site is the first target of many normal station grassroots webmaster really began to want to do, is also the site of a larger, relatively competitive. We often can see, the spelling COM domain in certain areas to sell what price, then there are many local stations are related to the domain name was registered by a space. Have to say, we are optimistic about this piece, I believe that the local website is real gold. Let me talk about the development direction and profit characteristics of the local station today.

roughly I summed up, the local web site has the following kinds:

1. Local government portal

sites like this are just a little bit. This site is usually in the head of the government. It’s hard to imagine for someone else, but I found that some places are government packages to the media. But even if you have greater influence, you have to ask the government to do it. So, this kind of station can be ignored for most people.

two, local news portal

before the record is not very strict, the personal website to do this kind of website grew up, someone in. Later, in the background of the reorganization, the news website run more and more difficult, because these stations need pre-approval, but even if you don’t have the time or by pre-approval, no record to ICP only the domain name operation there is a considerable risk, it is proposed that the personal webmaster don’t get involved in this kind of website.

but some places have the strength of the media in the local news portal this piece will have inherent advantages, newspapers, radio and television or organ Propaganda Department has a richly endowed by nature conditions, simple approval, news sources, well-equipped staff. Naturally, most of the local news portals are concentrated in these enterprises and institutions. Of course, some local network studios use its various aspects of human resources, as well as its popularity through other sites or to provide related services accumulated, can compete with the above mentioned media industry. But this kind of competition can be very wrong at some point.

three, local forums, community

believes this type of website is the most popular of local websites?. With the development of network 2 mode, network interaction has become more and more necessary. And even the forum and community of large websites still can not meet the needs of local people’s communication, and this needs to be translated into popularity, and you can not imagine. I’ve also looked at some local forums with around 30000 registered people. In general, the number of people online is 2000, left

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