Under the credit crisis the choice of access providers should be more cautious

IDC industry frequent attack, a large number of owners and infringed the interests of agents. Often this happens, who will protect the interests of the vast numbers of users, this problem deserves our deep thought.

IDC as the most basic part of the Internet industry, the entry threshold is relatively low, the market disorder. From the international domain name alone, the price from dozens to hundreds of blocks, space rental and server hosting prices are multifarious. It is the price factor that blinds the eyes of some users, but ignores the importance of service and quality.

China E network (www.edong.com) chairman Zhang Jieping believes that the Internet industry has a high requirement of continuity of service, must ensure that the services and web site 7× 24 hours of opening, if the service interruption or site temporary closure will lead to rapid loss of customers. The majority of users in the selection of access providers, should be the first to see whether the other party integrity, and legal norms, whether can continue to operate, can provide a stable, safe and smooth for the customer’s network environment, even in the economic environment, but also can not price as the only choice standard access providers.

Zhang Jieping pointed out that the choice of access providers should be from the scale, service, cost performance three levels of comprehensive consideration:

first of all, the larger the size of the access provider, the more stable the service will be. In general large access providers are more in the capital, technology, experience, contacts advantage, able to cope with emergencies, ensure that even if there is an emergency, but also to ensure the solution in the shortest time, effectively protect the interests of users.

secondly, the access provider must be able to provide 7× 24 hours of uninterrupted room service on-site. Although many access providers now open 7× 24 hours of service banner, but failed to really implement. Zhang Jieping pointed out that the Chinese E network are all rooms equipped with professional management personnel, is the first proposed 7× 24 hours of service access providers, some famous software developers is raided end telecommunications room, found that only the E staff in their posts, to be assured of the server are all E managed to. Therefore, it is suggested that the user should have a thorough understanding of the environment and service time of the computer before selecting the access provider.

third, in the current economic environment, users should give full consideration to the cost-effective products. Large access providers generally have special products every month, such as China E mobile network, mobile two wire in July, the hosting price is only 3980 yuan, XEON3040 dual core server, the annual rental price as long as 6999 yuan. Users pay more attention to relevant promotional information, and timely release often saves a lot of expenses.

in the current situation, the majority of users need to be more careful choice of Internet access providers.

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