Share my station how to earn 1W by web games for two months

first introduce my little station, my station is to do animation class, for online friends to watch comics. It should be said that there are still some popularity, we should remember is that whether you are the direction of development, must be able to gather a certain number of users, the number of users, will be able to make money, here is how I rely on web game two months to earn 1W, of course 1W in many eyes are not many prawns but, for us it is a very good income

before my station is mainly rely on advertising to make money, including "Google AdSense advertising alliance" and "Baidu theme promotion" and so on, these people will do, I will not say, the most important thing is I talk about how to rely on web games to earn 1W.

networks are aware of the most profitable game, but many owners suffer from strength is not enough, only jealous big Internet companies rely on the game to earn a lot of money. In fact, I am also a small webmaster, fortunately, I found a combination of my station and web game shortcut.

exactly, "the game is not short of time, I did not start, because I think my own station’s strength is not enough, but later I found out that I was wrong. Web games and online games have one of the biggest differences, that is, web game platform, I do not know if we have heard of this.

is the joint operation of web game platform I understand, not necessarily comprehensive, take me to join the bubbles play web game platform to explain: is a small webmaster alliance platform, there is no threshold, the webmaster can join in whenever and wherever possible. For your web site, you can add a web game in his station on the channel, operation, development and improvement of the game to the platform to do the webmaster to do is promotion, promotion, promotion, and this is often the owners strengths, as long as the user enters the game, there is money the chance is very high and the percentage of profit opportunities.

of course, I can make 1W for two months and have my own advantage in it.

first of all, my station is more popular, because it provides free anime online watch, so every day I come to the station to browse, communicate more people, if not even people, it is difficult to make money.

second, my station’s customers love to play the game, on the one hand I used my web game users are settling down, gathered in a circle, everyone in a game, but I still play in the establishment of a union, called on everyone to play together, leveling, so users I want to leave the station is not easy; on the other hand, I think that I stand users love to play games, very addicted to them, and my expectations are also different, I had one of them did not have much time to play games, do not go to recharge, it seems I was wrong.

again, I’ve been making great efforts to promote my game channels on my own, anyway

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