Why other people’s mobile mall website operation than your success

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, especially the development of WeChat and other social and self media platforms, the great business opportunities brought by mobile websites have been paid more and more attention and utilization. A large number of mobile phone mall website also came into being, but different websites operating conditions are also different. Well, what are the operating skills of those mobile mall websites? Here is a summary of the small businesses.


wants to be good at it, and must benefit from its

site opens speed. With the development of the Internet, there are so many websites in the mall. When your website is open faster than five seconds, many visitors will be forced to turn it off directly. Therefore, whether mobile mall, website or other types of Web sites, you need to speed up and down the web site efforts. For example, users use micro enterprises to help build sites, you can free CDN web pages to accelerate, web pages open very fast.

Security of

transactions. Mobile mall website in the process of dealing with customers will inevitably involve money, so it is necessary to ensure its safety, this is the mobile mall system construction needs to be considered factors. Because mobile terminals have less computing power and storage capacity than PC terminals, the most sensible choice is to work with a highly qualified, system stable developer to ensure security in their transactions.

pays attention to your website navigation. Mobile owners are aware of the mobile terminal and PC terminal, the mobile terminal page space is limited, therefore, in the construction of the mobile mall system must consider key columns and contents of priority display, search function, and the design of fixed navigation. At the same time, to ensure that the entire mobile mall structure to be enough concise, can not be disorganized, let users look comfortable.

doesn’t know how to socialize, it’s not a good operation,

do business, learn social first. In this era of social marketing is king, only know marketing, do not understand social networking, sooner or later will be eliminated, especially mobile mall website operations need mobile social. If you can understand the user’s needs before pushing the product, and through online customer service software and consumer exchanges, you can close and distance consumers, so that marketing results to achieve the best.

is the true opinion leader. Mobile terminal social platform activity is not worse than the PC side, operating mobile sites, naturally use these mobile social platforms, in order to obtain the hearts of users. The so-called real opinion leaders, is to cultivate customer loyalty, which will be accumulated from the usual share content, so that users can actively reproduced and spread your content, that is to publish content has certain influence.

respect the people who judge you,

pays attention and replies in time. Mobile sites from the social point of view, the focus is always on the user experience, for users on the platform comments, messages and so on

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