Talk about the nternet in Dalian

2008 is an eventful year, this not to say too much, just something, before the Olympic Games wanted to write this article, some xiamang. Here and talk about the Internet in Dalian these years through the road.

1, the first "portal"

now than at the time of the Tianjian net, portal website as a personal website, but at that time, was very great. You can see the local news and literature in Dalian, especially the stock market, and the mailbox is also very good. This is the first batch of Dalian contact the network up, but also set up this group based network, then called Dalian Bureau of statistics; these people have now in the telecom company as a manager, some abroad, to foreign companies, or a smile. Unfortunately, this site, due to the reform of the country’s system, the Telecommunications Bureau became Netcom Company, in a few days and become Unicom, and the site has become barren, with regret in mind. Now, perhaps you remember, and if you can’t remember, let me tell you, who wants to be in the net.

, the first portal in Dalian — the star of Dalian!

2, the first ISP and the first company to make web pages,

saw the introduction of the above you may think I is the first batch of the net, but I am not ashamed of them, but for some reason I know these people, but I don’t understand network programming, spare a little white boy head feeling. Now only thanks to someone had advised me into the network in the tide, Sun Jun (colt?)! A person I admire, especially 97 years of network development, perhaps Dalian relatively early Internet users remember a cyber network company, ISP business. At that time, the Internet is dial-up, two yuan per hour, ten million, you do not remember his company disorderly charge your phone bill, the earliest exploitation of the Internet in Dalian blank, there must be some sweet and sour, even today’s successful people Ma Yun. I remember the company rented office and the harbour line in the harbor building, walk like education network, a few people, whether it is large or the graduate graduates have to embrace the Internet super dream, help people ", the construction site. He said on the side, if I can study how good the network, but unfortunately I was ignorant, the network bubble is too large, of course, money is a problem, it flashed. This is my only chance to be a little programming editor. I’d better study it in my spare time. Around 2000, the development of broadband, small Netcom, the Great Wall broadband, Juyou network these ISP emerge, the company disappeared. But in any case in Dalian today website, should remember the cyber network, it is your "bird"; on the other hand today Dalian network environment is not good, because the lead was not very successful, closed, did not set a good benchmark for


3, Dalian’s first formal forum,

there are many forums in Dalian, but there are few really legal ones. Let’s see if there are any approvals at the bottom of the page. We know that the port of information has just applied last year. Tonge >

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