On the 15 day of rapid recovery by Baidu K off the home portal

, it’s been more than two months since the last time I posted a technical article on A5. It’s another weekend. I don’t mind. I just stressed that next weekend is a good day.


share a 3 months of new sites, due to changes to the home page TITLE, and frequent changes to the layout, Baidu K out page (here is not the K, but site is not in the home) and snapshot 3 times within 15 days, how to recover quickly dropped by Baidu K home gateway station.

put a graph first so that it looks more intuitive.


my site is a medical industry portal site, focus on content, at the end of 9 due to various factors, frequent changes in home layout, although so far there will be no change to the satisfaction of the portal site of the visual experience, but now we tasted the consequences of changes to the layout. In early October, due to violations of the medical network code provisions, we changed the home page of the title, China removed, replaced by psychiatric network. To October 16th when our website started not included content, snapshot stay in October 15th, and around the keywords of insomnia is also fall, almost 50 pages can’t find my station, of course it is one of the top five ranked in the home position.

, I realized that Baidu was punishing, and this time I started thinking about how to quickly restore the portal where Baidu K dropped its home page,

I asked the editor to continue to maintain a caring heart to write articles at the patient’s point of view, but only to increase the ratio of the original and to deal with the problem of updating frequency. In fact, by 23, the snapshot had been restored to the next day.


is visible only from the diagram, although the site is still on the home page, but the title is not the real title. For the time being. This shows that I did not fully reply to the weight of my website. I began to check links, in fact, in early October, my site linked to 3 IP sites were sealed, but I did not find out in time, resulting in implicated in the right to drop. Finally Baidu temper up in October 28th, my site snapshot again retreated, into October 13th, and the home is k, site is not in the home.

how fast recovery dropped by Baidu K home gateway station? After tossing it two or three times, do not care about, we update the article editor as in the past, really help each IP (not a through search into my web site), I started my blog.

a medical station, care about the conversion rate, 10 IP9 effective, far better than the 1000 IP1 is much stronger.

maybe it is precisely because we always stand in the patient’s point of view to edit the content of the website, and sincerely hope that each article has its value, so <

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