Research on network marketing of machinery industry

in the Internet today, no matter what kind of career people have, can not do without the support of the Internet, people rely more and more on the internet. The mechanical industry’s dependence on the Internet is also growing, usually people in the machinery encountered problems will be searched through the internet. Through market research, it is found that many mechanical users in the way of network marketing is often relatively single choice. But we can’t say a single way is wrong, the new competitive network marketing consultant after an investigation found that there are two main ways of marketing machinery industry customers generally choose: one is to put the keywords, the other one is to buy PU industry platform.

1. puts keywords advertising. The keyword advertising is the fastest increase site rankings, whose price is high who can be ranked in the top few, so they are not more than the effect of site but the price, moreover, we will timely your business website row to the top, browse the site is mostly some competitors in the same industry. Moreover, the ranking of enterprises is only temporary, and after the payment expires, the ranking of the websites will decline obviously. The new competitive network marketing consultant is put forward in the website optimization design idea mentioned, one of the principles of website optimization is: website optimization is not only the search engine optimization, should adhere to the user oriented rather than search engine oriented.

2. industry platform purchase shop. Through the development of the industry platform in recent years more and more, we choose a single industry promotion platform will lead to our limitations, and most of the user access industry platform is the business, so the customer conversion rate is not very high. If we understand the network marketing promotion will know that there are many ways, we either choose keywords or industry platform Wang Pu, are likely to cause our spread such limitations, the coverage of customers can not reach the demand of the enterprise.

new competitiveness network marketing consultant through the investigation of the machinery industry, analysis of characteristics, solve enterprise problems, and put forward effective network services.

1. customer search volume, conversion rate is small. Whether businesses or users in the event of problems, often through the network to solve, so customers rely on the network is relatively large. Therefore, the new competitiveness of network marketing consultant for the site for a comprehensive analysis and summary, investigate the exposure of each keyword in the industry. Analysis of key words in the industry, so that the conversion rate of customers has greatly improved.

2. enterprise products, promotion single. The mechanical website can not satisfy the demand only in a single way, and needs a variety of promotion. New competitiveness, network marketing consultants rely on a variety of promotional methods, so that the coverage of enterprise websites wider, higher exposure, whether it is industry platform or search engine can be covered.

3. website on-line long time, the effect is not ideal. The general mechanical kind of website rarely pay attention to their own design problems, so lead to the site’s collection is not ideal, the user is difficult to browse to the enterprise website. Enterprise >

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