User experience analysis summary of home page revision of Alibaba international station

Alibaba international station ( is the world’s largest and most influential B2B e-commerce platform, Alibaba group’s Admiral Company. For a long time, the visual style of Alibaba international station has not changed with the rapid development of the business, but it is still a little outdated design style. With the pressures of user demand and the company’s business, the visual reconstruction of the website is a pressing thing. It’s time for an exciting change!


one. Current online version analysis:


revised before Alibaba international station home page

is the current online version, compared with the 2009 version, and there is not much variation in the overall design, style, and information structure:

home page does not convey the business direction and core value of;

cannot meet the business needs as the business direction;


design style is outdated and the design style is not uniform.

two. User requirements analysis:

analysis of user demand before, together with a look at the foreign trade, B2B business, from the factory to the delivery of important links, Alibaba corresponding to these links what related services?.


through user research and analysis, the current awareness of several core services provided on the site is relatively low, so the primary goal of this revision home is to carry out the education of users and core service delivery sites.

three. Information deduction — frame structure

William Strunk and E. B. White The Elements of Style wrote: "the more streamlined the more powerful the text.". There should be no extra word in a sentence, no unnecessary words in the sentence. Similarly, there should be no superfluous lines in a painting, and a machine should not have spare parts." Re sort of home information, to remove the redundant information of long-term operation of no one; re adjust the information structure, the core position of the core value of information transfer website; only those users need most attention function, with 20% basic functions to meet the needs of 80% users.


new home final block diagram main function area, total station buyer main function entrance (top navigation, category, search);


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