Wang Zhentang Why did a German take charge of Acer China



pictured Acer chairman Wang Zhentang


is Acer, general manager of China,

April 8th morning news, Acer chairman Wang Zhentang on the morning of 8 told Sina Technology, he chose the German Ai Rensi Chinese district is responsible for Acer, because Acer is very familiar with AI kind thoughts, understand the mode of operation of Acer, Acer and Chinese is one of the most important strategic market.

April 8th, Acer held in Beijing global press conference, released its multi brand strategy and independent operation launched new Aspire Timeline notebook series, Acer chairman Wang Zhentang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Wang Zhentang in an interview on the sidelines of the meeting, as to why the Germans responsible for Acer Chinese enabled AI kind thoughts, etc. Wang AI said, kind thoughts has 10 years of experience in Acer, Acer is very familiar with, he understand the mode of operation of Acer, and he knows how to do marketing, Acer global CEO, the Italian Samaranch is very familiar with, communication and cooperation to tacit understanding.

In addition to the

mode of operation of the familiar Acer AI kind thoughts, he thinks the important position China market also asked them to take the most capable forces to take China. Acer, now China, Japan and the United States as its three strategic market, has a strong European market and has trained many managers who are familiar with Acer’s operations. German Ahrens previously responsible for Acer’s computer peripheral products in Europe, but also served as chairman of Acer’s German company.

AI told Sina Technology with kind thoughts not very skilled Chinese at the meeting site, now he every week to learn Chinese. After two or three simple Chinese, she switched to fluent english. AI kind thoughts are very interested in Chinese culture, he also married a wife Chinese.

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