Share two months of new station PR from 0 to 5 personal summary

the first text written specifically for the release, is this article posted on the website in addition to their own site outside, I can speak, in addition to share experiences, to the site’s attention can improve a little. Hey hey, the original intention of doing web site is to learn SEO, but toss this new station for more than two months, and found themselves on the SEO thing still know nothing about, this is regarded as relatively failed. Of course, not to say that I don’t know the concept of SEO and some technology, keywords, chain and so on these things made the website should know some people, but awful is impossible to connect these concepts, a complete operating process, this may mean that I am not a SEOER.

‘s search rankings are even more of a mystery. I’m still not sure why Google or Baidu will put your site in a certain location of the search results. So far, I only know using my website name and "Fuzhou SEO", which can be searched on Baidu. I’ve been watching friends who have been optimized to talk about how to optimize and get ranked, and I’ll just wait and see when my website will be able to search. A group of friends in the SEO site online time and almost mine, and now his station every day from search to IP has nearly 1000 (tool station, Baidu included 12 pages), to tell the truth, quite envious.

may have some advantages in terms of technology, because I’m working on Web development. The front page of the site revision to do a revision of relatively large, are you a person doing, because there is no art, no website design, the theme is not very beautiful, this is flawed. The site’s code is written by itself, only to do what you think you need, the overall structure is very simple, which is friendly for search engines, and at the same time, URL made a simple pseudo static processing.

previous website content is generally reproduced some, occasionally write a few of their own, the original component should be said to be relatively low. But the April decision in addition to their original text, some main interest in the translation of foreign English technology, IT website on the article, of course, for the valuable and interesting, but also may hold a small amount of reprint, will follow the premise of attribution non commercial purposes – consistent "under the agreement. I think this model can guarantee the quality and value of the content.

finally, talk about PR. In April 3rd, when the PR update, found that their website PR rose to 5, can not say not excited. This is also to insist on their two months of hard work, but as Matt Cutts said in reply to the users in the "Google PR is only one value, no value for your site", although PR can reflect the quality of the website from some angles, but is not appropriate to evaluate a website full value. So far, PR has brought me the advantage of exchanging links

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