Webmaster colleagues please integrate your website into e commerce as soon as possible

although we don’t work in the same company, we have the same title "webmaster", so we can call each other "colleagues". Website promotion colleagues diligently, round the clock in editing text, perhaps, the income level is uneven, but we all contribute to the cause of Chinese information, so we should be proud of that.

after contact website has continued for nearly two years, is not a bird, but also do some station, of course, a garbage station, also have their own love station. The site is basically maintained by AdSense and her mother, Ali, who have not tried so far. Perhaps for many skilled webmaster speaking, every day tens of dollars, hundreds of dollars in revenue terms is not very difficult, because any industry is the first entrants will gain the greatest benefits. Well, for those who just joined the ranks of the team concerned, combined with my two years of experience, will be their own web site into e-commerce, in order to obtain more revenue. Simply listing a few points:

1, first of all to recognize that the birth of the Internet is simply for the convenience of information transmission.

2, and secondly, to do the original intention of the station, about 80% of the people in order to obtain economic benefits, of course, the sense of accomplishment is the latter. Advertising and e-commerce should be the two direct source site gains, as ordinary people, access to advertising revenue is not a very easy thing, even if there is, in the absence of efforts to pay the same, compared with the traditional industry should be far worse. And with personal power it’s hard (almost impossible) to make good industry websites. So the electronic commerce should be a direction to consider, because the electronic commerce can be combined with physical products, this will be an integration of resources, the integration of Internet and traditional industries, in the process of integration of resources to create the profit space, it is beyond doubt.

3, from the longer life planning, when young and perhaps you will have a good energy to do, but when after 10 years 8 years, think oneself can accumulate to what? Maybe a few tens of thousands of skilled IP station? Do stand? A pile of hard disk data at that time? You may have to do is stand. In recent days, some colleagues have published "stand for 7 years, just get 400 thousand" article. But according to the electronic commerce terms may be a good development, you may use the Internet to better promote their products, such as emsun system custom furniture chain store, is a very good concept; also, there are more popular in Guangzhou and network, specializing in specialty snacks stores in Guangzhou, the owners should be more understanding and network, because the network stores eat in each area is widely distributed, the development momentum is very strong. Declare a little, I did not give them the meaning of advertising, but the two I know, is better at using the network to expand their traditional business enterprise, the webmaster can carefully study. For personal stations >

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