Talking about the experience of local talent network operation

with the search for the police to Taobao customers cleaning up, I firmly believe that many webmaster do station idea has changed, blindly to others work (do CPA, CPS), after all, not long. Especially the full-time webmaster, still rely on the website to support search engine in the whole family, old and young, the real problem for algorithm K station, the record and so on, more and more full-time webmaster has become increasingly restless, some have chosen south to work. I would like to imagine, of course, we encounter a variety of webmaster, really want to cry without tears.

today with this platform station network, is to share some real experience and told the local talent net friend, I was running the Zhumadian talent network ( station, on personnel cable operation experience I summarize ten points.

1. Increase public awareness and ensure brand status

no brand Web site is not long, because online operation must improve their website popularity, so that can be long, even if search cited police K out of your station, net friend will remember you.

1, in the bus and bus stop sign advertising, "free job recruitment, on the XX website", the bus is a relatively large flow of people, and publicity effect is better.

2, sponsored local university recruitment meeting, every year the university will organize employers to school recruitment meeting, such as at the recruitment meeting pull banners, "find a job" to the XX website, free resume resume job".

3, to the local talent market to the recruitment of enterprises issued leaflets, which has some effect, but the condition is that you must not let talent market people found that good, otherwise, be expelled out of the pretty.

4, and when the DM newspaper recruitment column contract, all published in the DM newspaper recruitment information, we talent network free publication, the condition is DM enterprises in the newspaper for free to help propaganda, on our web site.

two, be proactive and ready to take the initiative,

the fruits of victory are always given to those who are prepared, because it is the key to actively prepare and actively go out online. There’s no way to wait and see, but it’s a minority. What does that need to be done,


1, prepare the relevant program

talent contract – when talking to a customer, if at that time on, should be timely before the signing of contract personnel, to prevent other changes.

receipt: please keep it with you. When you collect it later, please give it to your customer. The receipt should be sealed (if not the company can burn the studio). This will make it more formal.

business card: business card is a good method of publicity, with business cards, business cards on the web site, it seems very formal. Now riding three rounds of the waste will be issued business cards, the webmaster should learn Oh,


2, active visiting customers, those >

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