Share new sites on the home page of one and a half months of experience

today is the 2011 New Year’s holiday in 2011, the first day of the new year Baidu is awesome, I have a new one of Baidu keywords ranking sixth, the first 99 keywords from Baidu rose to 59, after the construction of a half site today a brief summary.

, my domain name was originally applied in September, and the record has not been down until November 17th, so I can upload it to the space and update several times. Here I made a mistake, should be in the local content to do almost, and then upload, so that Baidu’s collection and optimization are better.

second days, Baidu included an article. Next is a few days of familiar with the program, in the process of familiar with the process, but also insist on updating every day a few articles. Because the industry is doing the station, and he is not doing this, so the possibility of originality is relatively small, so I update the article is taken pseudo original approach. Here also can provide an original method, go to the library to borrow related books, the book content published, general books on the article, the Internet has not been a large number of spread.

then, Baidu ignored me, and never added. This is Baidu’s inspection of new sites, so must not slack. I still insist on updating the article, at the same time the construction of the chain. Finally, Baidu in about 25 days began to continue to include articles and update snapshot.

people say "content is king, the chain is emperor", so I talk about some of my experience in the construction of the chain. There are many ways to build the chain, and I use a combination of a variety of methods, and is a daily insistence. Your hair every day 3, Links platform every day about 3, webmaster BBS advertising area day 2 forum, there are some weight high BBS advertising area 2, Q & a platform (mainly Search ask) answer 3, classified information platform 3 a day, can take the signature of the forum every day 3, the 3 industry Forum Forum every day, so every day can send the chain number is 3+3+2+2+3+3+3+3=22, every day there may be 1-2 different, but not too big, and to persevere.

finally in a brief summary of their new station site experience:

1 content construction, must be original for better, at least to pseudo original, Baidu for new sites have a long period of inspection, must not loose, adhere to content based.

2 outside the chain, the first half of the month can do less, appropriate to do some bait can be, when Baidu continues to update, you must adhere to the daily stability and efficient construction of the chain, this is also quite critical.


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