Why professional webmaster success probability higher than amateur webmaster

drama Knight statistics, the number of domestic amateur webmaster greatly more than the number of professional webmaster. In the vast number of amateur webmaster, there is very little success is expected.

what is amateur webmaster, I believe everyone can understand: work while doing web site, while reading and doing web site, you can call amateur webmaster. The professional webmaster spends his time on the Internet every day and spends his time on his website.

from the time and energy point of view, professional webmaster why the high probability of success,

?One of the reasons for

: time and energy.

professional webmaster spend 10 hours a day to maintain their own websites (including Links, add links and update the content, function and so on, and add) amateur webmaster spend time may have 1/10, or even a week to maintain a website, not to mention a ten day professional station time 1/10. According to the time to get to the success of other professional amateur webmaster webmaster of more than ten times the time, three years of successful professional webmaster, amateur webmaster estimated to wait 30 years, so it is often difficult to successful amateur webmaster.

two reasons: professional quality level.

professional webmaster because spend more time in the Internet, they know how to learn knowledge, know how to learn technology, to their own practice and research. And amateur webmaster because it is spare time to do the station, even the site maintenance has spent every day, not to mention learning technology, to practice some methods and principles. If the amateur webmaster to learn technology, he will give up the site on the same day updates and maintenance.

Three reasons for

: search engine testing.

professional webmaster is all-around talent, so the website editor is his work on the editor of the website is very responsible, if I do not, they will modify, in order to adapt to the search engine’s originality, they will own reasonable to modify the title or content of the article. Therefore, the search engine treats such websites weight to rise easily. Face amateur webmaster, because they are amateur, they do not have time to review the quality of each article, nor to analyze the size of the article competition, as long as that good article on their own web site. Slowly losing search, any websites that are K or drop right.

Four reasons for

: acquisition and non acquisition.

professional Adsense, most of them are not collected, of course, some of the professional garbage master, they may be used to collect content methods. However, they collect articles to make reasonable changes to the title and content, so the search weight may not be bad. Instead of professional amateur webmaster to do collection station, they collected the content is irresponsible, may be the whole station on another channel or station, so that the Internet content of great duplication and redundancy. Baidu loves sites like K. So the development of amateur webmaster will be quite difficult.

amateur webmaster success is very low, very low, and if any amateur webmaster in three years lucky success, can report

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