SEO factors need to be noticed in website design

1. Readability of search engines

use text instead of flash, pictures, large pictures, JS, etc. to display important content or links.

2. If you have to use Flash to make a web page, it is recommended to create a text version for the search engine, and use the text link on the home page to point to the text version. For example:


(although the page provides a wealth of information, but because the information is in the falsh, the search engine can not be extracted, for the search engine, the page does not have any content)

, Ajax, and other search engines can not identify the technology, only in the user needs to exchange places, do not want the search engine to "see" the navigation and text content into the Ajax.

Ajax: the search engine can not read the contents of the Ajax, there is a suggestion: use the HTML link in web navigation, ensure the site in some not open javascripti browser to read, use real Ajax in the link, such as

< a href=" ajax.htm; Foo=32" onclick=" navigate (‘ajax.html#foo=32’); return; false" > foo; 32

does not use the frame and iframe framework, and the content displayed through iframe may be discarded by the search engines.

through the CSS style of web page style unified customization, and then placed in the external CSS file, and then call in the web page. Or move the lengthy Javascript code to the end of the page by linking it.

the longer the JS file contained in the document.

and remove unnecessary notes, notes too much will increase the volume of the page, the rational use of notes is web design requirements. (Baidu home size: 7.25K, Google home size: 14.9K).


Meat label

a, when designing Title, follows the following

1, just put 1~2 keywords.

2, no more than 25 characters, 50 English letters. (because the search engine has limited Title space.)

3, the more core keyword emissions position, the more forward.

4, no special punctuation on the "_" or "-" separated,

5, integration >

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