Re run what does the guest want to do

for the fourth quarter of last year to achieve profitability this year, where the customer, where the customer is still great pressure, in addition to the completion of the initial moment of reasonable positioning, but also to ensure that the annual profit in 2013, is a test where the customer operation strategy for a year. In the recent industry, there is no less information about every guest, of which the most eye-catching is the introduction of Lining where the introduction of promotional activities.

April 7th, micro-blog released "VANCL founder Vintage 11 points tonight, look forward to" Lining announced the start of sales promotion activities. And in this "Lining and every guest together" low promotional activities, "Lining FORVANCL, not only limited when buying 19 yuan," slogan caused a strong response. The event in everyone’s active participation, even sooner than expected, 3 hours later, people can not help but sigh, the goods are too little.

about the marketing activities, in addition to the necessary to enhance the performance of Lining, we can feel from the customer regarding the platform development strategy up again. Although the previous Vintage has been emphasized in "platform", where the product is where the customer V+ occupy a lot of seats, but careful friends can still be found in the sales platform for the first moment, Lining, NBA and other brands, in addition to the first moment is where the customer has just acquired the sub brand, Lining and NBA are foreign brands, or their intervention can make us feel like actually on the platform and not give up.

platform in the end is not appropriate,

?In fact,

and his old customer platform for unresigned is understandable, after all, in a fight resource China electrical business, what are on their own to do is really too expensive, the introduction of other brands in such a situation is not only a supplement to their own resources, but also a good way to attract traffic the vast, like the Lining and Eric’s activities, we derive the absolute flow effect and want, and this is the marketing.

and at the beginning of 2013, aged to senior executives must be issued earnings indicators at the same time again to adjust the company’s strategic roadmap, will own brand + retail channel marketing model has risen to a new level. And every guest and Lining cooperation, I personally feel more like every guest for this route depth exploration. Because the market has proved that’s flash sales model is very successful, but also want to do retail channels where the customer must learn from this successful experience, therefore the use of its brand effect and benefit chain brand to increase the degree of concern and enrich the form of sales is not hard to understand.

but here to remind the guest, the platform can not do, but to be in the new year to ensure the overall profitability of their own, how to coordinate its own brand and purchase flash mode will be particularly important, in addition to the internal structure and adjustment is an important move. Because in the recent customer’s strategy, mobile and overseas markets have been mentioned in the main strategic territory. So, coordinate this seemingly redundant list of platforms

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